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MissionComputer is a software application developed by David Arthur for Mac OS 9 and X. It provides plug-in developers with a convenient tool to create and modify Nova resource files in both the Npïf and .rez file formats and can handle all standard Nova resource types. MissionComputer incorporates two other tools by the author: Mac Plug-in Convertor and EV Nova Target Generator. By using a standard, modern user interface and focusing on Nova-specific resources, MC is far more convenient for plug-in development than general-purpose tools such as ResEdit.

MissionComputer can be downloaded free of charge from Guy's EVstuff website.

Mission Computer on Mac OS X (Tiger)
MC screen
Nova ModdingMod Releases by year
Novaverse Mods PlugPack (2003) • ARPIA2 (2007) • Anathema (2007) • Brave New Void (2022)
Novaverse Total Conversion: White Dwarf (2023)
In Development You're Not Special, Haiku
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Windows: EVNEWRezEditor
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Blank Slate: Absolute Minimum
Released Incomplete: Acheron, Starfleet Adventures
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