A mission string (a.k.a. thread or storyline) is a series of missions offered to a pilot by one of the governments, corporations, or other entities in the game. Typically, mission strings will begin with simple tasks such as pickup and delivery, then progress to more difficult and dangerous undertakings such as capture or destruction of ships. Mission strings are generally divided into major or minor categories, depending on the number and nature of tasks required. A player may undertake a number of minor strings, often simultaneously, but acceptance of a major string prevents that pilot from undertaking any other major string.

Major Strings

Minor Strings

These minor mission strings do not lead to the end of the game, but they may lead into a major string.

Side Strings

These mission strings have no effect on major storylines, but may be affected by them.

Gameplay Tips

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There might be plug-ins that allow you to choose which major mission string you want to play.

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