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This is a list of post-Ambrosia add-on page mods, sorted by year of their release. Updated Ambrosia-era mods count.



White Dwarf[]

White Dwarf is a Nova sequel total conversion (TCequel) that shows the Novaverse struggling to survive in the wake of a second galactic calamity.

Nova Community Edition[]

  • Author: andrews05
  • Release: 06/10/2023
  • Game: Any
  • Permalink: Github

Using FunkyFr3sh's patch system, andrews05 was able to combine many different fixes into windows EV Nova's binary. This patch was combined with cnc-ddraw.

  1. Registration requirement has been removed.
  2. Game resolution can be set in the ddraw.ini file. By default it will match your desktop resolution.
  3. Game scale can be set with ui_scale in the ddraw.ini file. min_font_size can be set as well, though font size will be scaled up with ui_scale. For example, x1.3 scale will increase font size to 12 automatically.
  4. Radar interference works again.
  5. Asteroids will always work regardless of the resolution. No extra plug-ins required.
  6. Opening a pilot no longer switches to windowed mode temporarily.
  7. Windows keys are no longer disabled while playing.
  8. Forced font substitution has been disabled, allowing original Mac fonts such as Geneva to work when installed.
  9. Certain non-ascii characters are now displayed correctly (e.g. in The Frozen Heart plug-in).
  10. The "Run in a window" setting will immediately switch mode, functioning the same as alt-F.
  11. Odd width resolutions are now semi-supported (by leaving a blank column on the right edge).
  12. Dialogs are no longer forced to even dimensions. This prevents scaling the background image unnecessarily, resolving a performance issue on Apple Silicon.
  13. Additional keyboard shortcuts from Mac Nova 1.1 have been added:
    1. Spacebar to open (and close) ship info in the shipyard
    2. B to show/hide borders in the map
    3. C to clear route in the map (previously centered map, but Spacebar still does this)



  • Author: FunkyFr3sh
  • Release: 01/17/2023
  • Game: Any
  • Permalink: Github

CNC-ddraw is a Graphics system override for old Windows games that ensures smooth gameplay and provides a minimum font size.



Better Jullin[]

  • Author: Darthkev
  • Release: 30/07/2022
  • Game: ARPIA2
  • Permalink: Discord

The companion Jullin from ARPIA2 is now significantly stronger at every stage, and much easier to keep alive.

Argosy Sprite Mod[]

This mod alters the EVN Argosy's sprite sets so that the Argosy flies around with its nacelles out.


Fighters Relaunched[]

  • Author: JoshTigerheart
  • Release: 30/05/2022
  • Game: EV Nova

This mod re-balances Nova's fighters so that they can be a factor in gameplay without being overpowered.


Hold Your Fire[]

  • Author: DrFiveMinusMinus
  • Release: 06/02/2022
  • Game: EV Nova
  • Permalink: Discord

This mod makes the AI restrain their missile usage until the target is closer.


Brave New Void[]

This is an expansion to Nova's scenario that adds content to each of the main storylines.



EV Noverride[]

This is a mod for the EVO port for Nova that re-themes Override's universe around Nova ships, graphics and weapons.


ROTUE for Nova[]

This is a mod that continues the United Earth storyline and sees them pursue a complete dismantling of the Voinian Empire.


Tigerheart Land[]

  • Author: JoshTigerheart
  • Release: 30/06/2021
  • Game: EV Nova
  • Permalink: Dropbox


Polycon Mod[]

Polycon fan edit/patch mod for andrews05's unofficial repackaging of Polycon (that removes the Void resources and changes it to a standalone TC rather than a Nova override).


  1. Widespread copy-editing.
  2. David's World mugging mission set to 0 chance.
  3. Osiris Fighter renamed to Sekhmet Fighter.
  4. Genocide Cruiser renamed to Isis Cruiser.
  5. New ranks for Neo Industries and Meridia.
  6. Ending of Neo Industries string made permanent.
  7. Increases Top Speed and Acceleration of the Takari Cruiser.

Polycon Edit[]

  • Author: Zedeich, DarthKev
  • Release: 11/06/2021
  • Game: Polycon EV
  • Version: 2
  • This is a distinctly developed edit to the Polycon Mod.
  • Permalink: Dropbox

Polycon fan edit/patch mod for the original version of Polycon.


  1. Zedeich corrected spelling errors, broken quotation marks and inconsistent terminology with RezEdit over a period of 6 months.
  2. DarthKev added a small but significant edit to the David world mugging mission, removing the offensive gender tags and changing the event to a shootout, forcing the player off the planet instead.
  3. Includes an optional plugin with extra content by Zedeich (ship variants, weapons and systems). It is mostly set-dressing and was made to simply add more variety to the game.

EVO Gender Fix[]

This mod adds a gender option and gender tags for the 3 descriptions in the EVO port for Nova that mention the player's gender.


Supernova Graphical Overhaul[]

This is a comprehensive graphics mod for EV Nova.

Supernova Shipyard[]

This is a total conversion that contains 100 ships and 100 variants and has them all fight in a selection of 8 systems.



This is a mod that lets you pick a sexuality and optionally, a third gender in EV Nova and changes all the descriptions in the game to match your choice. Your player character will react to different characters in the same way ATMOS wrote it, but based on your choice.



Association Prelude[]

This mod lets the Association (Pirate) storyline serve as a prelude to the Rebel storyline. Now you can continue what the Pirate protagonist left for another day or someone else, and save the universe.



EVO Expanded[]

A mod that blends in and expands the EVO scenario. There are more missions, outfits, pilot starts and altered balance.


IDA Courier[]

This mod adds a corvette sized, IDA Frigate inspired ship to the Nova scenario.


The Balance of Fate[]

  • Author: Unwovensymmetry
  • Updated: 21/08/2017
  • Version: 1.20
  • Game: EV Nova
  • Permalink: Discord

Good guy Fed main string for Nova.




Colosseum is a challenging arena battle TC which features a variety of unique weapons and a engine, armor and reactor outfit system.



The Best Plug-in[]

  • Author: JoshTigerheart
  • Release: 04/01/2007
  • Game: EV Nova

While Tigerheart Land is the most exciting EV Nova mod, The Best Plug-in is the best.

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