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The Sigma Shipyards Mod Starbridge is a civilian ship in Escape Velocity Nova. This craft is unavailable for most of the Vell-os Storyline or if your shareware trial passes 30 days.

"The Starbridge was the state of the art when it was first released nearly two decades ago, but the latest version leaves it for dead. Improved engines and turning capabilities, as well as vastly increased offensive and defensive systems, ensure that this ship is on the wish-list of nearly every freighter captain in the galaxy." ― Buying a Mod Starbridge

The S-25 MSB is a set of modifications to make the new commercial craft more capable as a warship. It was nicknamed the Chrome Valkyrie for reasons known only to its creators

It can be yours for only fifty thousand credits if you buy the upgrade on Earth, which is available just 250 days after the start of your piloting career. Early access versions are also available in the Tuatha system.


For this base model only, stat changes are relative to the Starbridge, Class A.

Class C (#165)[]

  • Purchase/Hire Appearance %: 50%/0%
  • Purchase Cost: 750k (+150k)
  • Hire Cost: 75k/upfront 7.5k/day
  • Upgrade: Class D
  • Upgrade Cost: 70k
  • Nova pict 6070 thumb Speed: 450 (+50)
  • Nova pict 6069 thumb Acceleration: 620 (+70)
  • Nova pict 6072 thumb Turning: 55 (+5)
  • Nova pict 6067 thumb Shields: 465 (+35)
  • Nova pict 6065 thumb Shield Regen: 68 (+4)
  • Nova pict 6065 thumb Shield Recharge per second: 2.04
  • Nova pict 6065 thumb Minutes to recharge Shields: 3.8
  • Nova pict 6052 thumb Armor: 185 (+50)
  • Nova pict 6309 thumb Disabled at Armor %: 10%
  • Nova pict 6309 thumb Pre-disabled Armor: 166
  • Nova pict 6309 thumb Total Fighting HP: 631
  • Nova pict 6134 thumb Max Ion: 230 (+30)
  • Nova pict 6134 thumb Deionize: 40 (+10)
  • Nova pict 6062 thumb Total Outfits Space: 77t (+11)
  • Nova pict 6062 thumb Free Outfit Space: 30t
  • Nova pict 6061 thumb Cargo Space: 20t (-10)
  • Nova pict 6001 thumb Max Guns: 6 (+2)
  • Nova pict 6001 thumb Guns: 3 Medium Blasters, 2 Light Blasters
  • Nova pict 6003 thumb Max Turrets: 2
  • Nova pict 6008 thumb Missiles: 2 Radar Missile Launchers (20 ammo)
  • Nova pict 6056 thumb Outfits: 1 Civilian IR Jammer, 1 Civilian Radar Jammer
  • Nova pict 6128 thumb Energy: 700 (7 jumps) (+200)
  • Nova pict 6074 thumb Jump Time: 2 days (+1 day)
  • Nova pict 6073 thumb Jump Speed: 150% (+50%)
  • Targetable by PD?: Yes
  • Strength: 280
  • AI Type: Brave Trader

Unlike the standard Starbridge, the MSB does not require a Protective Technologies License.

Wild Variants[]

The following shipvariants are unavailable in the shipyard and must be captured in the field.

Stat changes are relative to the stats of the basic model. The basic model is Mod Starbridge, Class C.

Class D (#331)[]


The Class D features light Railguns and PD turrets, topped off with a pointless quartet of Light Blasters.

Class E (#332)[]


The Class E MSB is one of the most desirable corvettes in the game; it has capital-strength shielding and armor, impressive speed and agility (it turns like a top) and plenty of expansion room once it's stripped of its inefficient loadout. It is the craft of choice for the leader of the Wild Geese, Eamon Flannigan but one should not covet his Class E...

It's worth noting that the Class E only comes with 3 tons of cargo space, so you'll have to buy Cargo Expansions or Retools if you plan on doing storylines or missions in it. This decreases its payload by 12 to 30 tons, somewhat eroding the value of obtaining the Class E in the first place.

Completing storylines in a Class E
Storyline Cargo Expansions (reversible) Cargo Retool
(20 tons needed)
2 (-30t) 2 (-24t)
Association and Rebellion
(15 tons needed)
2 (-30t) 2 (-24t)
Polaris, Heraan, Vell-os and Wild Geese
(10 tons needed)
1 (-15t) 1 (-12t)

Gameplay Analysis[]

Mod Starbridge Shipyard

"It's a Starbridge, but better. Not only does this ship just plain look meaner, what with the big friggin' guns on the side, but it is also enhanced in practically every way. The Mod Starbridge Class E is the most powerful civillian ship you can get in the game." ― EVula Survival Guide

The Mod Starbridge is a more combat-capable version of the Starbridge. It comes with more energy, equipment space, protection and a stronger loadout. Many pilots recommend this ship as it is fast, durable and a competent warship.

Sell all of the outfits on your Starbridge before you buy the upgrade — you can make the price of the upgrade back; and more. A good place to do this is the Sirrusa station in the nearby Archenar system. Once you buy the upgrade, it comes with its own outfits regardless of what you've already sold.

Master Blaster[]

One strategy for using this ship is to deck it out with as many Medium Blasters as possible. The MSB can equip the maximal number of Medium Blasters by default. With a Sigma Mount Reinforcement, you can also mount 4 additional Illegal Medium Blasters. The resulting barrage is not particularly effective.

The storm that is approaching[]

Another strategy involves the use of four Thunderhead Lances as primary weapons and an Afterburner to rapidly close with heavier ships. Although weaker against swarms of smaller ships (there are just so many of them to one-shot so you're bound to take some damage), a MSB with four Lances can take out carriers by itself. The fighter issue can be solved with an Ion Cannon or a Hellhound Missile Launcher.

Light Artillery[]

An effective but dull strategy is to strip all of the stock weapons and replace them with four 100mm Railguns. This configuration can take out a Pirate Carrier without having its own shields dropped, as long as you tape your fire key down.

Explorer reporting[]

The MSB comes with 7 jumps standard range; if you add 4 Battery Packs and get the Sigma Engine Tune-up you have one fine 12-jump exploration ship. Note that unlike the Starbridge, the MSB takes two days per hyperspace jump, due to having consumed 27 tons of lead paint. This decreases its effectiveness as a United Shipping courier greatly.


The Mod Starbridge was modelled by Scott Vardy, torn back to individual polygons and put back together by Dave Williams for Lightwave, then remodelled by Dave with textures by either Philip Chick or Dave.


As the Starbridge but with two Medium Blasters on the wingtips.

Ship Spins[]

This ship has 36 frames per set and 3 sets for 108 frames in total. It banks when turning in one direction for a certain amount of time.

  • Ship: 48x48
  • Engine: 72x72

Representative Images[]

Additional Images[]

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