Mod Starbridge
"Light" Capital Class S-25 Starbridge C
General characteristics
Acceleration 620
Turning ability 55
Maximum speed 450
Cost 750,000 credits
Requirements Heavy Weapons License, Missile Weapons License, and Protective Technologies License
Technical specifications
Length 20 meters
Shield capacity 465/68
Armor effectiveness 185
Energy capacity 700 units or 7 jumps
Crew 2
Total mass 125 tons
Free space 30 tons
Cargo space 20 tons
Gun hard-points 6 (total)
Turret hard-points 2 (total)
Standard armament 3 Medium Blasters, 2 Light Blasters, and 2 Radar Missile Launchers with 10 missiles
Included outfits 1 Civilian Radar Jammer and 1 Civilian IR Jammer

The Modified Starbridge is a more combat-capable version of the Starbridge. It comes with more weaponry, energy, weapons space, and more shields and armor. It can be yours for only 50,000 credits more if you buy the upgrade on Earth. Many players recommend this ship as it is fast, durable, and, with upgrades, a competent warship. It is sometimes also known as the Chrome Valkrie, for reasons known only to its creators.



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  • Modified Starbridges can sometimes be found for sale on New Ireland.
  • Sell all of the outfits on your Starbridge before you buy the upgrade — you can make the price of the upgrade back and make some added cash. Once you buy the upgrade, it comes with its own weapons and upgrades, regardless of what you've already sold.
  • One strategy for using this ship is to deck it out with all of the Sigma upgrades, 2 Medium Blaster Turrets, sell the Jammers, buy as many Medium Blasters as possible, and buy Carbon Fiber and Matrix Steel with the remaining space. This combination can be very effective. You may also, instead of buying turrets, focus more on unturreted weaponry for the extra firepower.
  • Another strategy involves the use of four Thunderhead Lances as primary weapons and an afterburner to rapidly close with heavier ships. Although somewhat weak against smaller ships, a mod Starbridge with four Lances can take out entire carriers by itself.
  • The modified Starbridge comes with 7 jumps standard range; if you add 4 Battery Packs, get the Sigma upgrades, and top it off with an afterburner, you have one fine 12-jump trading ship. With weapons/outfits of your choice, the Starbridge can make a very good ship, albeit expensive.
  • Another good strategy is combining the 2nd and 3rd strategies. First capture a class E mod then strip all the stock weapons. Second buy 6 100mm railguns. Third buy a sigma mount reinforcement and sigma mass addition. Fourth buy 4 thunderhead lances and that's it :)
  • It's worth noting that the Class E Mod Starbridge only comes with 3 tons of cargo space, so you'll have to either buy a Cargo Retool or Expansion if you plan on doing missions in it.
  • Note that unlike the unmodified Starbridge, all Modified Starbridges take two days per hyperspace jump.