The Nil'kemorya is the Polaris warrior caste. The Nil'kemorya think of themselves as warriors whose lives are forfeit, and fondly await the day that they fall in combat.

The translation of their name in the Polaran language is "Falling Leaf." This is symbolic of the Nil'kemorya philosophy in that they consider themselves already dead, already detached from the tree and falling, so to say, with the destination and trajectory of the fall the only decision left to them.

They wear gray cloaks and are headquartered on the planet Nil'ar Kemorya in the Nil'kemorya System. Their leader always takes the name Iuso, meaning "Disciple of Iusia." Iuso appears in-game flying a unique Raven. Unlike most Polaran ships, this Raven carries non-Polaran weapons such as EMP torpedoes and Etheric Wake Missiles, as well as more heavy Polaran armaments than any other non-ATMOS ship in the game. .

They have a dedicated hospital and shipyard on the planet Ver'ar Sho in the Ver'ashan system.