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Open Source Total Conversion, also tentatively titled Destination: Unknown, was a collaborative project between various members of the Escape Velocity Nova community on the Ambrosia Software Webboards led by JoshTigerheart, who came up with the idea and was selected to oversee the project by the other participants. The TC was open to anyone who wished to participate, though it had several guidelines all participants must follow. For those who did not wish to work directly on the project, donations of graphics and resources were also accepted, as well as the suggestion of various ideas.

Presently, the exact nature of the universe wasn't entirely decided. However, it would have featured a true three-way war between three different governments as the main focus and there had been talks of the storylines having a few branches, some random, some player chosen. Discussion had also indicated that the universe will be designed in a way to encourage exploration. Some unique concepts that were previously under consideration for usage include pirates who disguise themselves as merchants, police ships able to identify and hunt said pirates, and bigger ships relying on higher recharge values as opposed to simply more shields to maintain superiority.

Current active developers are: JoshTigerheart, Qaanol, Werhner, Nonconventionally Creative, 0101181920, GrayShirtNinja, and Of Doom.

Current donors are: EVWeb.

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