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EV Nova's patch notes, sourced from PlugPack's documentation.


Engine changes[]

  1. made ncb parser fully reentrant
  2. asteroids should no longer accidentally change appearance
  3. floating hyperspace map size is proportional to game window size
  4. added a checkbox to disable hyperspace gamma effect
  5. fixed possible crash when buying an ID outfit item
  6. reduced speed at which player can advance through combat rating labels
  7. fixed possible crash when opening pilot files with certain escort configurations
  8. player no longer gets combat points for destroying derelict ships
  9. escorts that get disabled are properly able to be repaired
  10. two pirates trying to board the same disabled ship should no longer get confused
  11. minimum screen size warning dialog no longer appears when the screen is faded
  12. slightly lightened color of hyperspace links on map
  13. floating map can be zoomed in and out with +/- keys
  14. random mission destinations can no longer be hypergates
  15. multi-jump outfits no longer clear the hyper route when jumping
  16. multi-jump outfits no longer allow one extra jump
  17. changed monitor tool usage to prevent switching to 640x480 when it's not required
  18. changed the way legal status is handled for multiple co-located systems
  19. stellar defense ships are no longer so confused by cloaking devices
  20. AI ships are less reluctant to attack players who smuggle illegal cargo
  21. fixed problem that would sometimes prevent fighter bays from being sold
  22. changed the way self-destruct works
  23. onscreen rule for observe-ships missions is only enforced for ships that can cloak
  24. player's escorts no longer fire at nearby ships when ordered to maintain formation
  25. slightly modified the way lethal bomb outfits' notification text is displayed
  26. demanding tribute multiple times no longer causes the defense fleet to grow in size
  27. fixed problem that could cause "renew darts" mission to be offered at wrong time
  28. made capture odds when unregistered more apparent
  29. fixed fuel regeneration for AI ships
  30. reduced AI ships' tolerance for stray shots from the player
  31. made weapon deviation apply to point defense shots
  32. map, mission info dialog, and player info dialog can be accessed from bar
  33. missions that can't be accepted due to lack of cargo space aren't immediately made unavailable
  34. cargo for non-abortable missions can't be jettisoned
  35. cargo can be jettisoned at any time via the player info dialog
  36. increased probability of AI ships detecting illegal cargo and outfit items
  37. lowered large ship explosion blast radius/damage
  38. escorts can't be upgraded if the upgraded ship type's Availability evaluates to false
  39. holding down Y key when hailing a ship to get a mission no longer immediately accepts the mission
  40. mission resource OnAbort field works as intended
  41. clr resource button colors are loaded properly
  42. fixed obscure problem that would prevent some beams from hitting asteroid miners
  43. plunder dialog buttons are disabled as necessary
  44. fixed bug that would cause hostile Krypt pods to speak English
  45. ships with zero crew can capture escorts (but not to use as the player's ship)
  46. AI ships no longer emerge from wormholes that are very far from the center of the system
  47. AI ships can use escape ships
  48. AI ships can use self-destroying weapons
  49. changed the way the chπr resource popup menu is loaded
  50. normal weapon blast damage no longer applies to planet type ships and vice-versa
  51. ship types that share the same sprite can have different preview images
  52. fixed problem with icon cache for very long outfit lists
  53. added internet version checking support
  54. AI ships will no longer board crewless ships
  55. fixed minimum fuel requirement for fuel-using weapons
  56. prolonged time between burst reloads for multiple weapons of the same type that don't all fire together
  57. implemented better calculation of damage for multiple fast-firing beams
  58. submunitions of point-defense weapons should track targets properly
  59. fixed incompatability with Radeon 8500 video card
  60. screen is unfaded before invalid code notice is shown
  61. removed conflicting preview images from Quicktime movie files
  62. status bar background is redrawn immediately after buying a new ship
  63. fixed upward scrolling in outfit dialog
  64. restored use of govt resource CommName field
  65. Hector is no longer fooled by cloaking devices
  66. corrected misaligned turreted beam aiming for certain ship configurations
  67. ship field OnRetire and OnPurchase fields are evaluated when player uses escape pod

Scenario changes[]

  1. Ship descs now use the P30 operator, not the P operator
  2. Mars now only has a 1-jump map (like Earth)
  3. Added a reminder mission to let player know they need to register to go further in the storylines
  4. Made Gefjon a little more rowdy
  5. Re-ordered ncb OnSuccess field of 'Invade Polaris Space' misn (id 413) to see if I can get the clearing of ncb 424 to work (to unenslave the Vell-os)
  6. 'Capture Vell-os' misn (id 183) now has its special ships appear in the correct system
  7. IDA Frigate now has an inherent AI of 2
  8. Drop Bear Repellent can now be sold
  9. Drop Bear Repellent is now removed on being attacked by a drop bear
  10. Without repellent, player will only be attacked once by drop bears
  11. With repellent, the player will now be attacked once per repellent outfit bought
  12. Fixed a small error with handing over the 'Knight of the Red Branch' rank
  13. The link mission to head to the Merrol DockMaster now clears the players record with the Rebellion (thereby allowing him/her to land subsequently)
  14. The Federation resupply missions no longer call on the 'Feds in Auroran clothing' dude
  15. Polaron Cannon is now fired by second trigger
  16. Mission id 473 (Destroy Raven) should no longer have a problem finding a ship to display
  17. The second offer of the Auroran storyline no longer sets ncb 515 on accepting
  18. Dart outfit is no longer persistent
  19. 'Duel with Moash Thurokiir' no longer shares an ncb with Polaris storyline
  20. Moash, Aurora and Heraan system now use a independent ncb for visibility (not a Polaris one)
  21. Reduced the number of ships called in the 'Observe Bureau' so that the mission is a little easier to comprehend
  22. Increased number of ships that attack player in Polaris Storyline
  23. Increased number of ships that attack the player in the Vell-os storyline
  24. Did a global search for 'immanent' and replaced it with 'imminent'
  25. Misn id 690 is now available from a spob that exists
  26. Misns are now harder to get - reduced the probabilities of random basic misns being offered - all major storylines (excepting Vell-os) now require greater combat ratings to be offered, Vell-os has only a 5% chance of being offered at any spob
  27. Reduced the price of many junks
  28. Find Vell-os misn is now more interesting
  29. Made many more missions combat-centric
  30. The generic rebel missions should now proceed a little quicker
  31. The descs for the fighter bay outfits now tell the player the correct max number of fighters
  32. Report Mu'hari misns should no longer remain available once the player has moved past them in the Vell-os storyline
  33. The EMP torpedo desc now correctly quotes the number of torps carried by Pir Carriers
  34. Rimerta bar desc no longer mentions the Moash House as first house
  35. The Rebel Lightning is no longer upgradable to a thunderhead
  36. Bureau bomb outfit now has empty LCname and LCPluralName fields
  37. The Thorium reactor - bomb should now call upon the correct desc
  38. Find Krypt-tokh and Travel to Ar'za Iusia misns should now mention that the player is carrying passengers as cargo
  39. Player can now purchase Hellhound missiles and launchers from Rebel planets
  40. Kel'ar Iy now has zero mincool required
  41. The Dragon variant that has a shan of 347 no longer has a wild value in one of its beam exit fields
  42. Ships that have a buy and hire random of 0, no longer have an availability of b9999
  43. OnAccept field is used less
  44. Last Polaris mission clears players record with the Federation
  45. Merrol should now update to Federation ownership at the end of the Pol storyline
  46. Tekel SS I no longer uses the Polaris Massive Multi-torp as it's weapon
  47. The Fed Patrol Boat is a little more capable
  48. Outfits not requiring a license that are Federation in origin are now available in the Vell-os storyline
  49. Ships not requiring a license that are Fed on origin are now available in Vell-os storyline
  50. Vell-os storyline slightly modified to show this
  51. Only 'mental', and 'non-mechanical/biological' outfs can be bought whilst flying a Vell-os ship
  52. The player now has a way out of the Vell-os storyline (into the Polaris one, but doesn't limit the players involvement in other storylines)
  53. There are now 'Blow-Stuff-up' misns to occupy the player after completing the various storylines
  54. Ravens that say they have cloaks, now actually have cloaking outfits
  55. Turned down fpc stats a little
  56. Shield Buffers and Shield Organelles are slightly more effective
  57. Player can have one more mass for cargo transfers (mass retools etc)
  58. Last Polaris misn now sends the player into a significant battle against either the Federation or the Aurorans
  59. The Wild Geese ending in which the player receives the Red Branch now allows the player to start other storylines
  60. Link is now at 250, 250
  61. Outfit 339 is no longer available to buy
  62. IDA Frigate now requires Capital Warships License, and says so too
  63. Vipers are now a little cheaper
  64. Degraded Carbon Fibre (id 378) now actually has an armour modtype
  65. Added a Qxxxx message to OnShipDone for 'Observe Wraith; Polaris 6b' misn
  66. 'Take P'Jeena to Ver'a Se' and 'Observe Cloak Ship' misns now use the b6666 generic misn delay cron.
  67. Slightly reduced Strikers armour recharge
  68. Disabled ships which give the players passenger missions now deliver to Fed planets
  69. Polaron torps are now massless
  70. Slightly cleaned up the Wild Geese entry specific Auroran storyline misns
  71. Large Bulk Deliveries will no longer exceed the carrying capacity of the Leviathan
  72. Reduced the amount of money given out by Bulk and Large Bulk delivery misns
  73. Made the number of outfits in the Scarab ship resource agree with the numbers talked about in its desc
  74. The player should now be sent to S7evyn at the end of the Polaris storyline
  75. Slightly reduced the number of escort ships for the final chapter of the Polaris storyline
  76. The Fed reaction to refusing the second Vell-os mission has been toned down somewhat
  77. The Fed reaction to refusing the second Vell-os mission now occurs when the player refuses, rather than accepts the misn
  78. Added a '.' character to the front of the name of the Trader char
  79. The 'Pick Up Cargo;Pirate Offshoot2b' misn is now available 100% of the time (not 50%)
  80. The Auroran mission to speak with Eamon Flannigan now goes to a spob that exists, and is hopefully the right one...
  81. Misn 863 now points to the right dude, and they are now available in the right system
  82. Fixed a couple of gender issues towards the end of the Polaris storyline
  83. First UN Shipping Long Delivery is now available in the bar, not the Main Spaceport
  84. Slightly genderized players dealings with Jennifer Deally (in the UN Shipping storyline)
  85. Variant Fighter bays and fighters now have a tech level of 999 (hence they will neve be shown in any outfitting area
  86. Storm Chaingun and Quad Light Blaster now are more explicitly stated to be PD weapons, and what that entails...
  87. Dr Ralph and Rodger's pers subtitle is now w00tWare, rather than R&R Software
  88. Added Will Oram to the beta credits
  89. ATTN: Ory'hara (the Polaris ActionMan misn) now has a shorter Offer text
  90. The second offering of the first Auroran misn no longer sets ncb b515 upon refusal
  91. Misn 781 (Vell-os 2 Fed Refusal) is now invisible
  92. Tunneling Organ availability cron no longer sets an ncb that interferes with the availability of many Auroran spobs
  93. Rearranged the ncbs of the various Polaris outfits affected by the above cron to use the correct ncb's
  94. New 'Head to Earth' misn should now head to the right version of Earth
  95. Having the kestrel should no longer make the Starbridge upgrades available
  96. Generic Bounty Hunter misns should no longer be available after the Player joins the rebellion
  97. RAGE Gunboats at the end of the Polaris storyline are no longer brain-dead asteroid miners
  98. Rebel planets should now accept bribes
  99. Fixed a number of gender discrepancies in the Rebel storyline
  100. Variation ship bays should no longer be available for sale anywhere
  101. Misn 461 is no longer refusable
  102. Take Cargo to Misfire misn should now pay the player on arrival at Misfire rather than on return to Viking
  103. Numerous minor spelling, grammar and gender issues too tedious to log separately
  104. Generic rebel delivery missions no longer have any availrecord requirements
  105. Reduced the pre-hold off duration of the penultimate pirate misn cron to 10 days
  106. The players record with the Federation is cleared a couple of times during the Pirate storyline
  107. There is now a misn to remind the player to keep checking by the bar of Rebel I to see if the cron mentioned above has completed
  108. There is now a silent auto-aborting mission to clean the players record with the Feds that is called at the start of the steal polaron cannon misn
  109. The 'Test RAGE Gunboat' Gli-tech misn now has a mission goal of disabling the special ships
  110. Argosy and Enterprise will now use the Auroran status bar
  111. misn 882 no longer points to a nonexistent spob
  112. Asteroid Miner now has 6 gun slots and is more expandable
  113. Removed abbreviations from govt comm names


Version 1.0.1gm[]


  1. restored use of govt resource CommName field
  2. Hector is no longer fooled by cloaking devices
  3. corrected misaligned turreted beam aiming for certain ship configurations
  4. ship field OnRetire and OnPurchase fields are evaluated when player uses escape pod

Version 1.0.2b1[]


  1. fixed problem that would prevent certain ships from hitting with turreted beams
  2. names of opened data and plugin files are written to log file at startup
  3. negative anti interference outfit values can increase system interference
  4. slightly changed behavior of gövt resource Flags2 0x0008 bit
  5. B and S buttons work in outfit dialog when caps lock is on
  6. fixed problem that would prevent outfit ModType 27 from working in all cases
  7. fixed problem that would sometimes add too much to player's combat rating
  8. mission OnAbort fields are evaluated when the player uses an escape pod
  9. adjusted position of player info dialog jettison cargo button
  10. improved fighter docking/capturing
  11. deployed fighters are sold along with the player's old ship
  12. pirate warships no longer have the ability to see cloaked ships when they shouldn't
  13. fixed behavior of cloaking device flags 0x0004 and 0x0008
  14. improved behavior and performance of looping shipyard movies
  15. screen is properly refreshed after using an escape pod and ending up in a system with a colored background

Version 1.0.2b2[]


  1. "Waiting" is displayed instead of "Disabled" for ships that are waiting for fuel
  2. removed unused font resources
  3. long mission names in mission BBS window are truncated

Version 1.0.2b3[]


  1. fixed outfit button display
  2. escape ships can no longer start disabled
  3. mass expansions are no longer prohibited from consuming all available cargo space
  4. fixed problem that would confuse some pirate ships
  5. mission-related escort ships follow the player closer when hyperspacing

Version 1.0.2fc1[]


  1. fixed error that would cause weapons' "immune to point defense" flag to be ignored
  2. fixed error that would cause negative murk values to be ignored
  3. reduced combat rating requirements for dominating planets
  4. corrected evaluation of mission resource OnAbort field


Version 1.0.3b1[]


  1. fixed problem that would not add combat points for ships with very low strength values
  2. planets no longer fire at ships while they are entering the system
  3. fixed problem that would cause looping some Quicktime movies to crash under OS X

Version 1.0.3b2[]


  1. any known pirated code will cause license file to be deleted
  2. fixed position of gambling movies
  3. improved display of Jettison Cargo button
  4. fixed behavior of keyboard shortcuts when communicating with certain ship types
  5. removed rare loophole which would allow more than six escorts
  6. Background popup menu in New Pilot dialog is hidden when all available chär resources are invisible
  7. corrected behavior of "starts destroyed" flag in spöb resource

Version 1.0.3fc1[]


  1. No engine changes

Version 1.0.3gm[]


  1. fixed bug that would sometimes cause Captain Hector to appear for registered users


Version 1.0.4b1[]


  1. hailing enemy mission ships no longer causes them to become escorts
  2. corrected obscure problems involving multiple hypergates or wormholes in the same system
  3. corrected cause of rare crash when capturing ships
  4. corrected problems using multi-jump to travel through certain systems
  5. corrected problems using map to explore certain systems

Version 1.0.4b2[]


  1. no changes from 1.0.4b1

Version 1.0.4fc1[]


  1. option-clicking on Buy button when purchasing fighters will display the correct default amount

Version 1.0.4fc2[]


  1. corrected behavior of "run in a window" checkbox
  2. plundering ammunition from disabled ships no longer allows the player to exceed item quantity limits
  3. cleaned up the syntax of the various bit selects in desc 5139


Engine changes[]

  1. corrected error that would occasionally prevent player from getting credit for kills
  2. corrected functioning of outf resource ModType 27
  3. corrected functioning of Mxxx and Nxxx ncb operators used while landed on a planet
  4. corrected error that would sometimes cause Quicktime movies to play when they shouldn't
  5. corrected problem that could cause mission ships to stop responding when the player is cloaked
  6. corrected problems that could be caused by plugins that create wormholes with no exits
  7. corrected problems that could occur with Auroran Drop Bear missions
  8. player can no longer be scanned by other ships while jumping into hyperspace
  9. AI ships will no longer board and capture Wraith and other ships with zero crew values
  10. corrected small problem with submunition weapon types
  11. improved behavior of wëap resource burst options
  12. derelict ships display zero capture odds
  13. fixed display of weapon cicn smoke trails
  14. destroyed planets/stations no longer fire their weapons
  15. corrected printing of pilotlog ScanMask field
  16. added game version and list of plugins to pilotlog output
  17. corrected turreted weapon blind spot evaluation
  18. resolved esoteric issues related to simultaneously-available, mutually exclusive missions
  19. added icons for Nova movie files
  20. fixed problem in pirate warship AI that would cause pirates to stop responding
  21. AI ships properly calculate effective ranges of submunitioning weapons

Scenario changes[]

  1. Changed the availbits of misn 707 to "(P0 & b605) & !b606" for the sake of consistency only
  2. Changed the AvailBits field of misn 826 to "b605 & !(P0 | b606)" so that there should no longer be any problems with registration reminders popping up for registered players
  3. b509 is no longer set in the OnSuccess field of misn 450, its set in the OnAccept field of misn 590 so that no player will now get locked out of the Federation storyline
  4. Misn 782 now sets b511 in the OnAccept field to avoid a multi-storyline loophole
  5. Misns 592, 593, 594 are now set to be available on any govt id 128 spob rather than in a spob adjacent to system 128
  6. All Fed Viper variants now have an onboard Military IR jammer, not a civvie one
  7. Ship 373 now has a pricetag of 2500000
  8. Fixed system linking problems in systs 599, 600, 601 & 602
  9. Misn 153 now cleans the players record with the Nil'kemorya govt
  10. spob 174 no longer has a default pict id with buildings in it
  11. Split the pirate storyline mission 'Investigate Incidents' into two missions to allow the Quick Brief desc to be modified as the actual mission changes
  12. Fixed small error in desc 3103
  13. Changed the default spob pict for Rebel I after the rebel the rebellion finishes
  14. Misn 331, 332 and 333 are no longer available if b500 set
  15. Misn 331 now sets b127 in its OnAccept field
  16. Misn 611 is now requires b60 to be set to be available and sets b64 on successful completion not b63
  17. Misn 611 now sends the player to spob 171 not 421
  18. Misn 611 now sets b500 in its OnAccept field
  19. Fixed a gender issue with desk 8193
  20. Deleted an unnecessary {bnnn "s1" "s2"} operator from desc 5139
  21. Fixed a / type problem with descs 5285, 6285 and 9285
  22. Misn 132 special ship is now set to appear randomly in system
  23. Desc 4778 and 4706 now specifically tells the player to head back to Earth rather than 'here'
  24. Fixed small grammatical glitch with desc 4706
  25. Deleted the odd data in the movie filed of desc 4778
  26. Fixed a small typo in descs 4707 and few in 4779
  27. Fixed grammatical error in desc 20787
  28. The number of drifting derelicts should be reduced in a number of inhabited systems
  29. The number of pers asking for refuelling in inhabited systems should also be reduced
  30. Slightly increased the speed and slightly decreased the price of the pirate thunderhead
  31. Slightly increased the price of the Valkyrie
  32. Slightly increased the price of the Pirate Valkyrie (and variants)
  33. The disabling FPC turret now has a mass of 20 tons
  34. Misns 638 and 6444 now set b6666 on success
  35. Reduced the length of time required for the Brass variation crons to take effect
  36. Fixed a gender issue with desc 9808
  37. Fixed small grammatical error with desc 8533
  38. The Polaris Cloaking Organ should no longer be available on rebel spobs
  39. Fixed a gender issue with desc 9319
  40. Misn 845 now shows a green arrow before player accepts it
  41. Fixed a grammatical error in desc 4471
  42. Made desc 5275 more compatible with the WG storyline
  43. Made desc 9275 more compatible with the WG storyline
  44. Fixed grammatical error with desc 4656
  45. Systs 288, 289, 290 and spob 318 now have govt 170
  46. Fed Scout ship now requires the player to have a missile weapons licence
  47. Fed Scout ship desc now tells the player that they require the missile weapons licence
  48. Reduced length of terraforming mission crons by two thirds
  49. Reduced length of Polaris tech crons significantly
  50. Chrome Valk cron and RAGE availability cron both reduced significantly
  51. The 'Distract Moash House' misn (Vellos and Fed) should now call more ships to attack player (via misn 606)
  52. My pers is no longer inertialess
  53. Fixed a gender issue with desc 8292
  54. Reduced the amount the sigma ship-specific misns pay by half
  55. Removed the Gefjon run altogether and reduced the base price of the opals junk
  56. Star Liner now costs 500000 credits, has a little more free space, and is slightly better shielded and armoured
  57. Light Blaster now has slightly longer range, and you can buy a few more of them
  58. Player can now buy 6 Light Cannons
  59. Hail Chaingun is a bit lighter, does slightly more damage (to armour), has a slightly longer range, decays slightly less and is slightly cheaper
  60. Smaller railguns should now fire faster, have slightly longer range and are lighter
  61. All variants of auroran fusion weaponry now do slightly less damage, have slightly less range and cost a little more
  62. Heavy Blaster Turret now takes less time to reload, does slightly more damage against shields and has a slightly longer range
  63. Fed Patrol Boat is a far more fearsome ship
  64. Fed Scoutship has far more fuel, has more space and is a bit faster
  65. RAGE Gunboat is a little faster, a little better shielded and armoured and has a fair bit more space
  66. Created a 'Rebel IDA Frigate' which is somewhat hotted up from normal
  67. Created new Rebel IDA Frigate rle8, rleD, shan, 200.200 and 600.400 graphics
  68. Created Upgrade path for Rebel IDA Frigate
  69. Added Rebel IDA Frigate (and variations) to dudes and made sure dudes were called by systs
  70. Abomination is more comparable to Valk and Fed Scout Ship
  71. Gave all fighters slightly more cargo space and slightly more fuel
  72. Increased the number of opportunities for combat in Polaris storyline
  73. Slightly increased the number of opportunites for combat in Fed storyline
  74. Fixed slight Australianism in descs 4707 and 4779
  75. Fixed a grammatical error in desc 9779
  76. Misn 693 should now carry Data Crystals not Data Crystal
  77. The Quick brief of misn 695 now more accurately reflects the nature of the misn
  78. Fixed grammatical errors in desc 9605
  79. Fixed gender issue with desc 4700
  80. Cleared up some text in desc 9812
  81. Fixed gender issue in desc 5228 and cleaned up some of the rest of the text
  82. Cleaned up some text in desc 9231
  83. If the player has done the WG storyline and ended up in the Auroran storyline, the player should now be given misn 690 instead of 684
  84. Fixed a grammatical error in desc 9207
  85. Fixed grammatical error in desc 9156
  86. Fixed a gender issue with desc 5157
  87. Fixed spelling error in desc 9214
  88. Cleaned up the text a little in desc 4543
  89. Deleted first sentence of desc 4547
  90. Fixed grammatical error in desc 4614
  91. Cleared up text in desc 5162
  92. Altered misns 742 and 743 to make the fleet from misn 743 appear at the right time
  93. Altered desc 6162 to reflect the changes to misns 742 and 743
  94. Fixed grammatical error in desc 5163
  95. Fixed grammatical error in desc 9163
  96. Fixed grammatical error in desc 4617
  97. Cleaned up text of desc 4618
  98. Fixed spelling error in desc 9229
  99. Fixed grammatical error in desc 5232
  100. Fixed grammatical error in descs 9234 and 9235
  101. Cleaned up the text in desc 4557
  102. Misns 635, 636, 637, 638, 639, 642, 643, 644, 645, 646, 647 and 648 now clear b511 on abort
  103. Fixed spelling error in desc 6762
  104. All sigma missions are now unavailable if the player does not have enough cargo space to complete them
  105. Fixed a couple of grammatical errors in desc 9607
  106. Split 'Set and Launch Trap' misn into two misns, and adjusted all descs accordingly
  107. Fixed a grammatical error in desc 4591
  108. Fixed spelling error in desc 7609
  109. Misn 808 should no longer complete at spob 421
  110. Misn 842 now aborts misn 808 upon completion
  111. Fixed grammatical error in desc 9432
  112. Fixed grammatical error in desc 9611
  113. Misn 712 now aborts misns 711, 713, 714 and 715 upon successful completion
  114. Syst 472 now never calls upon any dudes
  115. Destroy Bureau Cell misns should now only be available on Fed, Auroran and Moash spobs
  116. Civilian jammers now have a tech level of 6
  117. Fixed grammatical error in desc 9347
  118. Fixed grammatical eror in desc 9295
  119. Made desc 5292 more compatible with players who have gone through the WG storyline
  120. Misns 165, 166 and 167 should all now produce green arrows on the map before player accepts them
  121. Fixed grammatical error with desc 4059
  122. Fixed grammatical error with desc 4602
  123. Fixed spelling error with desc 7445
  124. Split misn 730 into 2 misns to make the attacking fleet occur at the right moment
  125. Fixed spelling error in desc 9443
  126. Fixed vers resource for Data 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Ships 7, 8
  127. Normal version of the argosy now costs less than the pirate version, has more cargo space and is slightly faster (changed all variants)
  128. Pirate argosy is now correspondingly better than the normal argosy (but has less cargo space)
  129. Fed Carrier has more shield and armour, it's shield recharge rate has been increased and has more free mass (changed all variants)
  130. Aur Carrier has slightly more shields, more armour and has much more free mass (changed all variants)
  131. Frandall should now only grant ranks from the Fed government
  132. Fixed OnDominate and OnDestroy fields of spob 267
  133. Spob 453 no longer has any tech level
  134. There is no longer an impossible msin reference for pers 375
  135. Pers 131 should now appear more often in syst 132
  136. Pers 132 should now appear more often in syst 133
  137. Pers 133 should now appear more often in syst 133
  138. Pers 131, 132 & 133 should no longer still be able to appear if b8 is set
  139. Cheap military jammers should no longer morph into degraded carbon fibre if the player has cheap carbon fibre as well
  140. Corrected a small naming error in desc 16011
  141. Cron 129 actually does something (it sets b9998 onEnd)
  142. Misn 539 now takes advantage of cron 129
  143. Reduced length of cron 212 significantly
  144. Misn 257 now takes advantage of cron 212
  145. Misns 276 & 717 no longer set b503
  146. Wraiths should no longer attack the player if they do the 'technology' part of the Polaris string (unless they start shooting at them)
  147. The player can now buy a max of two cloak-firing polaron torpedo tubes
  148. The player can now buy a max of two cloak-firing polaron multi-torp tubes
  149. The cloak firing versions of the two above weapons have two tons more mass than their non-cloak firing versions
  150. Reduced the number of Interceptor pers
  151. Misn 600 should now correctly display the dropcarg text
  152. Deborah Chick now has a pers
  153. Hannah Chick's pers is now in a Scarab
  154. The hire desc, ship desc, 200.200 pict and the targeting pict of the Reb IDA Frigate should now be correct
  155. The ATMOS govt should now respond to hails
  156. Timothy "Pikeman" Wright is now listed as a beta-tester
  157. Fixed a gender issue with desc 4306
  158. Fixed a gender issue with desc 9006
  159. Fixed a gender issue with desc 4307
  160. Fixed a gender issue with desc 9007
  161. Fixed a gender issue with desc 4308
  162. Fixed a gender issue with desc 4309
  163. Fixed a gender issue with desc 4310
  164. Fixed a gender issue with desc 9009
  165. Fixed a gender issue with desc 8141
  166. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 5353
  167. De-genderised the trader govt comm-quotes
  168. Fixed grammatical error with hail quote id 7
  169. Fixed a gender issue with desc 9364
  170. Fixed a gender issue with desc 9366
  171. Fixed a gender issue with desc 4233
  172. Misn 607 now refers to dude 171 (not 1171)
  173. Removed a mechanical reference in desc 9362
  174. The Med Blaster Turret has a decreased reload
  175. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 5005
  176. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 9005
  177. Outf 437 has been renamed 'Repair Droids'
  178. Reduced the number of pirates in the Gefjon syst
  179. The Fed Destroyer and Carrier will now be available in the shipyard if the require bits are not met
  180. All terraforming string misns available from the Mission BBS now have a green arrow
  181. The first and second missions of the BH string should no longer be capable of being done simultaneously
  182. Desc 4220 is now more compatible for players who have completed the WG storyline
  183. Misn 150 is now entitled 'Transport Mu'Randa'
  184. Fixed a {bnnn"s1" "s2"} error in desc 9275
  185. Misn 845 will now have a fleet sitting around to assist the player
  186. Fixed a gender issue with desc 5285
  187. Misn 466 should now display the dropcarg desc correctly
  188. On ShipDone in misn 469 now launches misn 913 to add an arrow to the return trip to New England
  189. Fixed grammatical error in desc 4469
  190. Fixed two spelling errors in desck 5700
  191. Increased the free mass and the manoeuvrability of Rebel Destroyer
  192. UHP-002 changes a few more times as a result of its terraforming in the terraforming string
  193. Added two missions to fix problems with desc 5139 because of nested {bnnn"s1" "s2} statements that are not possible
  194. Fixed Deborah Chicks hail and comm Quotes
  195. Fixed a problem with nested operators in desc 8292
  196. Fixed a biological reference with desc 9761
  197. Fixed a gender issue with desc 5301
  198. Fixed a gender issue with desc 9306
  199. Fixed a gender issue with desc 9307
  200. Fixed a gender issue with desc 4059
  201. Changed the order in which the player receives a clean record with various govts at the end of the Rebel storyline to allow the player better access to various parts of the universe
  202. Fixed a grammatical error in desc 9151
  203. Fixed an error with the Rebel IDA's escort AI type
  204. The two Reb IDA variants now have correct weapon loadouts
  205. Fixed a desc/ship outf conflict in desc 4620
  206. Reduced the length of the accept/refuse buttons for misn 748
  207. The Thunderforge should now use Aurorann sidebars, but not have an inherent combat govt
  208. Fixed a grammatical error in desc 4515
  209. Fixed a grammatical error in desc 5807
  210. Fixed a gender issue with desc 4520
  211. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 4520
  212. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 4713
  213. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 5609
  214. Fixed grammatical errors with desc 4569
  215. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 8818
  216. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 8600
  217. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 9604
  218. Made the Bazara missions more WG friendly
  219. Made the Auroran mission to battle against the WG more friendly to players who have gone through the WG storyline
  220. Added a few 'Meet With Eamon Flannigan' misns so that the player will always be able to go to the right version of Tuatha
  221. Misns 353 & 382 now have their special ships selected at the start of the mission
  222. Fixed a grammatical error with descs 4014, 4200, 4202, 4313 and 4570 (all similar descs)
  223. Cleaned up desc 4578 somewhat
  224. Cleaned up desc 4591 somewhat
  225. Cleaned up desc 5442 somewhat
  226. Fixed obsolete / references in desc 7609
  227. Misn 716 is now available if b850 is set (not b810)
  228. Misn 912 now has an AvailRandom of 0
  229. Slightly de-genderised desc 8800
  230. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 4513
  231. Made desc 4530 more compatible with players who have gone through the WG storyline
  232. Fixed a spelling error with desc 8156
  233. Cleaned up the text in desc 5221 somewhat
  234. Misn 671 is now titled "Make a Name for 'The Pack'"
  235. Cleaned up the text in desc 5230 somewhat
  236. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 4553
  237. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 4555
  238. Fixed a grammatical error in Str# 7100 line 4
  239. Fixed a grammatical error in Str# 7100 line 14
  240. Fixed a grammatical error in Str# 7101 line 36
  241. Fixed a grammatical error in Str# 7007 line 9
  242. Fixed a grammatical error in desc 19007
  243. The Mod Starbridge sale desc now details what licences are required to buy it
  244. Added Russell Quintero as a tester
  245. Added Adam "Gage Stryker" Burwash as a tester
  246. Misn 783 now has massless cargo
  247. Misn 727 is now invisible and aborts itself as soon as its ship-goal is done
  248. Syst 1125 now calls upon spob 516
  249. Govt 150 is now only a member of class 0 (not class 1 as well)
  250. Fixed a spelling error with desc 9373
  251. Fixed a spelling error with desc 409
  252. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 5310
  253. Fixed a grammatical error in desc 4014
  254. Fixed a grammatical error in desc 4289
  255. Fixed a gender error in desc 19010
  256. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 10267
  257. Misn 694 is no longer refusable
  258. Player can now only buy a max of 1 map at a time
  259. The various duel misns now grant player a rank to protect them from govt of area in which they are fighting the duel for the duration of the misn
  260. The light cannon sound now loops
  261. Ship 141 now has a max of 4 turrets
  262. Slightly changed the weapon loadout of ship 142
  263. Ships 193 and 194 now have a max of 3 turrets and a max of 3 guns
  264. Ship 208 now has a max of 3 turrets
  265. Ship 211 now has a max of 6 turrets and 3 guns
  266. Ships 212, 213 and 214 now have a max of 4 turrets
  267. Ships 216 and 217 now have a max of 3 turrets
  268. Ship 218 now has a max of 6 turrets
  269. Ship 227 now has a slightly changed weapon loadout and a max of 6 turrets
  270. Ship 229 now has a max of 10 guns
  271. Slightly changed weapon loadout of ship 240
  272. Ship 246 now has a max of 5 turrets and 1 gun
  273. Ship 247 now has a max of 6 turrets
  274. Ship 250 now has a max of 8 guns
  275. Ship 252 now has a max of 6 guns and 2 turrets
  276. Ship 254 now has a max of 6 guns and 4 turrets
  277. Ship 255 now has a max of 7 guns and 5 turrets
  278. Ships 286 and 287 now have a max of 5 turrets and a slightly changed weapon loadout
  279. Ship 295 now has a max of 8 turrets
  280. Ship 297 now has a max of 7 turrets
  281. Ship 302 now has a max of 10 turrets and 6 guns
  282. Ship 313 now has a max of 2 turrets
  283. Ship 315 now has a max of 2 guns
  284. Ship 320 now has a max of 2 turrets
  285. Ship 327 now has a max of 2 turrets
  286. Ship 389 now has a max of 3 turrets
  287. Ship 390 now has a max of 2 turrets and 1 gun
  288. Ship 395 now has a max of 5 turrets and 5 guns and has a slightly changed weapon loadout
  289. Ship 409 now has a max of 2 turrets
  290. Ship 412 now has a max of 6 guns
  291. Ship 413 now has a max of 8 guns
  292. Ship 414 now has a max of 10 guns
  293. Slightly reduced the range of weap 229
  294. Slightly reduced the range of weap 148
  295. Misn 692 is now only available if b200 is set (and ignores b2)
  296. Misn 782 is now entitled: 'Transport Mu'Randa'
  297. Ship 186 now only appears when b319 is set (as opposed to b318)
  298. Ship 375 now only appears when b319 is set (as opposed to b318)
  299. Cron 145's Enable On field now reads thus: 'b279 & !b1306'
  300. misn 276 should no longer appear when b6 is set


Engine changes[]

  1. corrected operation of mission briefing SRK and PRK tags
  2. corrected hang on startup when using plugins that feature recursive submunitions
  3. briefing text is correctly shown when mission cargo pickup mode is zero
  4. fixed display of ship sprites loaded from PICT resources
  5. AI ships no longer launch fighters whose weapon resource is marked "AI ships won't use"
  6. added debuglog warning when opening pilot files that refer to missing resources
  7. keyboard shortcuts work properly in bar when caps lock is on
  8. repeated keystrokes are recognized to buy and sell items in the outfit dialog
  9. corrected various issues related to the ammunition loadouts of captured or plundered ships
  10. corrected deceleration of intertialess ships that enter from hyperspace
  11. corrected deceleration of player ship when hit by weapon impacts while using afterburner
  12. fleet generation takes into account ship resource AppearOn fields for AI fleet escort ships
  13. locked plugin and data files are correctly opened
  14. added keyboard shortcuts to escort communication and hiring dialogs

Scenario changes[]

  1. Slightly increased speed and and acceleration of all fighters
  2. Gravimetric Missile is much faster, turns faster and does more damage
  3. Updated all missile speeds
  4. Removed all references to 'Dr Oriallo Pentecost' and replaced them with 'Mr Donald Chick' in desc 7055
  5. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 7209
  6. Fixed a typographical error with desc 5225
  7. Fixed a spelling error with desc 5162
  8. Ship 372 now comes standard with 3 carbon fibre outfits
  9. Misn 134 offer text now asks a question which has a yes/no answer
  10. Fixed a grammatical error with desc 13025
  11. Fixed a grammatical error with descs 28004 and 28005
  12. Misn 649 is now available on any spob that isn?t owned by govt 161
  13. Adjusted inherent government jamming values down by approx a factor of 10 (except some special cases: vell-os, wraith, hyperioid and krypt). Polaris jamming is still to be feared compared to others.
  14. Adjusted jamming vulnerabilities of some guided weapons. These values were pretty much spot on.
  15. Adjusted jamming values of all jamming outfits.
  16. Added an inherent attribs govt ~only~ to some wraith and hyperioids that were missing them (the special wraith adult I left well alone)
  17. Fixed a one character error in dÔsc ID 4530 that caused odd text on screen as a bit swap expression didn't parse correctly.
  18. Corrected an error which made the Rebel Radar Jammer for the 1st Rebel string available in both the 1st and 2nd Rebel strings (thus making two Rebel Radar Jammers available in the 2nd Rebel string).
  19. Corrected the long name, short name and comm name of the Rebel IDA Frigate and it's variants.
  20. Ship 406 now has a cloak outfit
  21. Ship 410 now has a cloak outfit
  22. Fixed a / operator typo in desc ID 6134.
  23. Fixed spelling of lowercase plural field of outf 169
  24. Fixed grammatical error in desc 242
  25. Weap 148 now has a count of 250
  26. The hail chaingun no longer has any decay
  27. The light cannon sound no longer loops
  28. Fixed count of weap 189 in ship 295
  29. misn 276 should no longer appear when b6 is set


Engine changes[]

  1. corrected compatability problems with MacOS X 10.3 Panther
  2. adjusted Mxxx and Nxxx operators to work when not landed

Scenario changes[]

  1. Fixed Bounty Hunter to Auroran crossover mission availability
  2. Fixed a bug with the Wild Geese story that affected the Auroran storyline later
  3. Fixed a number of typos


Engine changes[]

  1. fixed problem that would cause player to be ionized by faraway weapon explosions
  2. fixed problem that would cause planetary defense ships to ignore player's fighters
  3. fixed problem that would cause certain beams to do too much damage
  4. ionization is now applied to all ships within a weapon's blast radius
  5. fixed behavior of weap resource Flags2 field 0x0020 flag
  6. fixed behavior of govt resource ShipColor field
  7. fixed behavior of outfit window when buying multiple items with zero cost
  8. fixed problem that would cause a crash when refusing certain missions
  9. added another known pirated code

Scenario changes[]

  1. Corrected mission "Auroran ActionMan 3 (ID 857) 'Lead Raid on Moash'" so that it "can occur between becoming the Heraan Thurokiir and the Heraan becoming the First House."
  2. Corrected all Wild Geese missions that set b803 and clear b511 (on Refuse, Fail and/or Abort) so that they also clear b515 and b518 at the same time.
  3. Corrected mission "Auroran 4 (ID 656)" to fix an AvailBits problem that can "cause storyline lock if the player has completed the second Bounty Hunter mission before starting the Auroran string in the normal manner (not using the BH -> Auroran crossover)."
  4. Fixed a bug whereby "a player can accept the first Federation mission, pickup the cargo, jettison said cargo, and still be able to pick up the second Fed mission. This has the side effect of allowing that same pilot to then pick up the starting mission for any other major string, and continue onward doing both that second major string as well as the Federation missions."
  5. Corrected the strength values for Cheap Military IR and Radar jammers.
  6. Fixed a bug that prevented the Rebel Cloaking Device from ever being available.
  7. Corrected a bug that allowed one Cunjo-hunting mission to be available while the player was doing the other.
  8. Fixed a number of spelling and grammar errors pointed out by Jon Pearse.


Engine changes[]

  1. corrected problem that could cause a crash when clicking on an empty square in the ship selection window
  2. improved handling of compressed PICT resources in plugin files
  3. changed some beam handling logic so that multiple fast firing beams cause the correct amount of damage
  4. improved collision detection when using rle8/rle16 resources
  5. updated the Windows Register program to address a graphical glitch
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