Terrapin Pegasus Leviathan

The civilian Pegasus is a civilian ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"In the war against the Vell-os, many of the old cargo carriers were wrecked beyond repair, and the shipping houses whose livelihood depended on them faced financial ruin. A solution was found by a young engineer named Eyeya Soyahc, who realized that a Leviathan was too big to be destroyed utterly. Thus he organized teams to salvage the enormous cargo rings from the floating hulks. These rings were repaired and retrofitted with engines. The design was such a commercial success that it was adopted in its own right, and is now manufactured by many worlds." ― Buying a Pegasus
"Pegasi are more common than Leviathans, but they are still an awesome sight. The captain is proud of his ungainly ship, boasting of its superior turn rates and sublight speed compared to most freight vessels of its size. He neglects to mention that he can't carry as much cargo as some, either." ― Hiring a Pegasus

Gameplay Analysis

"This a great ship to have as an escort, as it's 1000 tons can help turn a huge profit with commodity trading. I wouldn't want it as my own ship, however, as it's painfully slow, and is just begging to be pirated." ― EVula Survival Guide
The name of this craft is rather misleading, as it is slow and plodding. It does feature some expandability, and can be configured to be somewhat less vulnerable to attackers. As with most standard designs, Pirates have adapted the Pegasus to their purposes and you will occasionally encounter a more heavily armed variant flying the black flag. Veteran players recognize any such encounter as an excellent opportunity to obtain a useful freighter without the usual bother of buying and equipping one.

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