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It's what saves your game. Dude! Where's my pilot file?

Pilot File locations[]


Your pilot file is located in one of the EV Nova installation folder's sub-folders, called "Pilots".

UAC virtualization[]

Q: I'm playing on Windows and although I can see my pilot files in the "Open Pilot" dialog, I can't find them on drive.

A: Your EV Nova is installed in Program Files, and UAC is preventing EV Nova from writing files there. Your pilot files are being virtualized and are stored in %LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore. Enter that into the Windows Explorer address bar, then enter the Program Files (x86) to find the EV Nova folder and your Pilots.

Some possible solutions to this problem are installing outside Program Files, not using an installer at all and simply unzipping a copy of EV Nova or creating a shortcut to the Pilots folder inside the Virtual Store. (edited)


Your pilot file is located in user/Library/Application Support.

Version 1.1 TC system[]

Q: How do I maintain separate Pilots folders for different EV Nova Total Conversions on Mac 10.14 and earlier?

A: Version 1.1 of EV Nova introduced a new TC system. Your EV Nova folder is now located in user/Library/Application Support. Within that folder, you have your Plug-ins folder and Pilots folder. Some people will also have their Pilotlog and Debuglog in there.

Say you want to play White Dwarf. Make a folder called White Dwarf in your EV Nova folder in Application Support. Within that folder, create a Nova Files folder, a Plug-ins folder and a Pilots folder (the latter two are automatically created if they're not present at launch) and also the pilotlog and debuglog for this TC in particular. Now to play White Dwarf, when you launch Nova, immediately hold the Shift button. A window will pop up, and all you have to do is select the White Dwarf folder in the EV Nova folder under Application Support.

You can install as many TCs as you please with this system.

This version is designed for simplicity, in that you can quickly and easily switch between them rather than only installing one and having the trouble of manually switching files around when you want to play another.

Registration File locations[]


On Windows, the Registration file is located at C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Roaming. or type %appdata% into the Explorer bar. The file is stored loose as EV Nova License.lcs