Pirate Carrier

The Pirate Carrier is a pirate ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"Hrunyir Greyshoulders, father of Olaf, crafted the Pirate Carrier 60 years ago as a tool to aid in the suppression of worlds for ransom. This terrifying weapon mounts tubes for EMP torpedos, the most devastating explosive known (and banned by all space treaties, even between the Aurorans and the Federation). Olaf started work on a second carrier 20 years ago, and it is now reaching completion. He is still hunting for a buyer with enough cash and few enough scruples to buy it." ― Buying a Pirate Carrier
"The dockyards around you are absolutely frantic with activity as the finishing touches are put on this Pirate Carrier. "Careful with that nuke, blockheads!" yells Olaf from the top of the observation platform. "Sorry about that," he says later, "but you can't be too careful around here. I'll introduce you to the buyer in a minute; I'm just finishing some last-minute checks before launch."" ― Hiring a Pirate Carrier

Gameplay Analysis

"If you thought that the Manticore was something to be weary of, you'll flip when you see an angry Pirate Carrier come down heavy on you. All of the variants are insanely dangerous. Thankfully, these ships aren't quite that fast, but with their fighters and wide range of missile weapons and railguns, keeping a safe distance is rather hard to do." ― EVula Survival Guide
The Pirate Carrier is only available from the shipyard of Olaf Greyshoulders on Tichel. It is considered one of the best non-unique ships in the game by most players.

Paul Pentecost flies a heavily modified Pirate Carrier that includes a large number of Thunderheads, among other extra weaponry.

Would-be Pirate Carrier captains should be aware that both the EMP Torpedoes and the Pirate Viper Bays on Pirate Carriers are illegal outfits.

The Pirate Carrier is a great weapons platform, properly upgraded. It is almost twice as fast as the Federation Carrier and has longer range guns.

The Heavy Weapons Platform Pirate Carrier variant, when purchased using the Ship Variants plug-in, can be stripped down to have an immense 1070 tons of free mass. When equipped with 4 of each type of Viper bay, you can just engulf your enemies with your swarm of 48 Vipers.

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