Enterprise Pirate

The pirate Enterprise is a pirate ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"The Enterprise has been a favorite of pirates for a hundred years or more. With a modular framework based so closely along the lines of the IDA Frigate (note the drive-train), the Enterprise is a joy to hotrod. This model sports several improvements, including both Federation-style shielding and Auroran railguns. Truly a must-have for the privateer on the move." ― Buying a Pirate Enterprise
"The huge Enterprise-class vessel that towers above you is an awesome sight. You get a feel for what the Auroran shipwrights really had in mind when they were constructing this cargo ship. "Best ship I've ever mastered, and that's a fact." The small captain leans back on a crate, resting her stocky form. "Half my crew is Auroran, too. I tell you, I'll never hear a wrong word spoken about them people, neither. More honorable than me, that's for sure," she says with a grin." ― Hiring a Pirate Enterprise
The Pirate Enterprise is an upgraded version of the familiar Enterprise cargo ship, which features better armor, performance and weaponry than the original (at the cost of some cargo space). As with all the Olaf Greyshoulders-designed Pirate upgrades, it is available from the shipyard on Viking

Gameplay Analysis

"Want a good heavy-duty freight vessel that can hold it's own in a battle? You got it. Perfect for exploiting trade routes through dangerous areas, the Pirate Enterprise is also, of course, an excellent pirate ship due to it's railguns." ― EVula Survival Guide
The Pirate Enterprise is a medium freighter that can hold its own in battle. With its ample base weapons loadout and generous cargo capacity, this is a reasonably good all-around ship that is especially adept at exploiting dangerous trade routes. It also makes a good stand-alone pirate vessel, as it can steal significant amounts of cargo without necessitating freighter escorts.

If its cargo room is converted to weapons space, it makes a formidable foe. However, its paltry speed and maneuverability make it vulnerable to nimble ships unless it is augmented with turret upgrades and/or fighter escorts.

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