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The Pirate Starbridge is a pirate ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"The Starbridge commonly in pirate service is relatively unaltered from its base design. There are a few reasons for this, but the primary one is that the Starbridge makes an excellent pirate ship as it is! Also, a good many... <ahem> 'privateers' were consulted about the vessel's design during the planning stage, and they feel that their comments have in some way helped shape this graceful keel. Most Starbridges used by pirates haven't had their engines tweaked much, but they do have more powerful guns than normal." ― Buying a Pirate Starbridge
"After waiting a while for the captain of this ship to sober up, you get him to take you on a tour of his trim little ship. "I've had many a free trader on the run from this baby," he slurs proudly. "Fools like them deserve to be ripped off," says he with a loud belch, "...excepting yer honor's presence, of course."" ― Hiring a Pirate Starbridge
The Pirate Starbridge is Greyshoulders Dockyards' take on Sigma Shipyards' popular Starbridge. This ship is hardly any different from the stock Class A Starbridge, but a good eye can pick out slight differences in performance. 

Gameplay Analysis

"Fast and furious, the Pirate Starbridge is a formidable foe, and a great ship to fly. Fast enough to be a serious contender against fighters (in speed -- in firepower it is just too good), that same speed makes it a major thorn in the sides of capital ships." ― EVula Survival Guide
The Pirate Starbridge is quite a bit more expensive than the stock Starbridge, as it comes with a host of both major and minor upgrades to the original design. Even the class C is an excellent escort, and the class D is a murderous beauty to fly around in. The only big hit the Starbridge takes from being slapped with a Pirate upgrade is cargo space; and while the A.I for the escort is 'Warship', the limit to ten tons or less for a cargo mission can hurt badly. If possible, because of the inferior defenses of the Pirate Starbridge, avoid the C variant. Go for either the A, which has reasonable stats but will also be only reasonably difficult to capture, or go directly for the D variant. With its twin ion cannons and hellhound missiles, the D is capable of being a major threat to most capital ships. When fighting with the D varient, it's best to attack larger ships with the Hellhound missiles first, to bring down or soften up the enemy shields. With fighters and other small craft, simply moving in for a swift ion cannon kill will make them easy prey. Unfortunately, the only way to get hold of class C and D variants (short of using a plugin) is to capture them - which of course requires disabling them - as the "stock" version sold at Pirate shipyards is the B variant.

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