Thunderhead Pirate Rebellion

The pirate Thunderhead is a pirate ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"Never underestimate the abilities of pirates to hot up ships that are already way too overpowered. The Pirate Thunderhead gets around the problem of trying to soup up its engines by simply adding one more. Speed and acceleration both benefit from this procedure, and the Pirate Thunderhead is an awesome vessel. Good value for money." ― Buying a Pirate Thunderhead
"An old, grizzled pirate is running a polishing cloth over his Pirate Thunderhead as you take in the pristine lines of the ship. Marred only by the bulk of its third engine, this vehicle is one of the finest (and lowest cost) protective escorts money can hire." ― Hiring a Pirate Thunderhead

Gameplay Analysis

"The very definition of a heavy fighter, the Pirate Thunderhead is a dangerous adversary in close combat, and the various variants' missiles can do some serious damage as well." ― EVula Survival Guide
A good purchase to begin with, the Pirate Thunderhead is a highly effective heavy fighter. The Rebel variant of this is upgraded, and makes a very effective fighter escort if captured.

It is possible to mount an ion cannon onto a Pirate Thunderhead if you sell some of the stock weapons. If you do it is recommended that you replace the lances as the ion cannon will repel anything within its range. Once you do this and upgrade the armor of the ship, you will have an extremely fast fighter which can take down manticores and carriers.

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