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The latest version of PlugPack is PlugPackv18.

PlugPackv18 contains the following individual Plugins:

  1. ExtraOutfits v18 Part 1: Adds an excessive amount of new outfits. Some are crew (officers). Many are only purchasable at a new station, the Tektaara Station in the Obatta system.
  2. ExtraOutfits v18 Part 2: Adds an Old Shipyard to the Spica system where you can build and sell your own ships. Adds a new ship, the SSC Corvette.
  3. NewCharacters v8: Adds new starting characters.
  4. NewMissions v4: Adds racing missions to the planet Las Vegas.
  5. NewTargets v3: Changes the targets of Nova and PlugPack ships to be shipyard pictures, including gradients.
  6. PaintStation v1: Adds a station that sells paint outfits to the Zel system.
  7. ReturnToS7evyn v2: Adds a pair of Stargates linking Obatta and S7evyn. Access is given through a cron that activates after b9995 is set.
  8. ShieldBubbles v1: Adds shields to all Nova and PlugPack ships.
  9. ShipVariants v2: Presumably this is a PlugPack compatible version of ShipVariants. Allows variants to be purchased at shipyards and hired at bars, though random chance still plays a role in whether or not they appear.
  10. TechnicalData v1: Adds stats to the descriptions of all Nova and PlugPack outfits.

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