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Nova Polaris

The Polaris Storyline of EV Nova is quite popular as it sees the player obtaining powerful technology.


In the Polaris intro, you act as chauffeur to a woman named Miranda(?) as she conducts various business meetings in the Federation. In the end she asks you to pick up her colleague from Port Kane, but it turns out that is the leader of the Polaris and the Federation would very much like to arrest her.

In the Diplomacy branch, you collect a sample from a dead Wraith, take a holo-recording of a Wraith Swarm, protect Polaris space from a Fed task force, broadcast a message inviting the Wraith to talks, and escort the eldest Wraith to Kel'ariy.

In the Technology branch, you make a holo-recording of a Wraith in flight then transport a scientist so that he can begin replicating their cloaking capabilities. You observe the prototype cloak-ship in flight, protect Polaris space from a Fed task force and finally observe an improved cloak-ship. Much later, you test a hyperspace drifting improvement by cheekily flying to the Federation and back.

In the Rise of Ory'hara, you discover the Rebels on a scouting mission then ferry Mu'hari all over the place to verify their credibility. Meanwhile, you become the most powerful warrior in the galaxy. After personally opening Rebel-Polaris diplomatic ties, you interview a powerful telepath about the nanite pods in the galactic north. He starts a bar fight with you and only wins by cheating with his telepathic powers. You help defend the Nil'kemorya from massive Auroran fleet attacks. Your scouting mission into the Empire to investigate their suspicious activity turns into a sudden celebrity tour that culminates with defeating the foremost Auroran warrior.

During the Fall of the Polaris, you barely survive an encounter with an inhuman mind, assist in an experiment to free telepaths from enslavement devices and sedate the most powerful telepath for your salty runback. Fortuitously, the Rebels have captured Commander Krane and a mind-reader might come in handy for her trial. Unfortunately, the Bureau remnants have fled to Moash space and the rest of the Aurorans need to be warned. One quick journey with a Rimertan in tow later and the Moash have been discredited and Heraan is the first family. The only thing left to do is help the Vell-os ascend, for which they need a few popsicles released. You ask Krypt kindly to do so. While you were away the Polaris gave the Federation and the Empire their technology and they're preparing for all out war. You suggest that the Nil'kemorya annihilate both factions. Shockingly, they agree. One victory lap later and the Polaris surrender to the disarmed factions so that they have to govern jointly over the Polaris like Germany post-World War II. You immerse yourself in the universe and are never seen again.


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