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Escape Velocity Nova Polaris Storyline Main Story Transcribed

Transport Mu'Randa

You are quietly sipping your drink when you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn to see a pretty young lady with deep auburn hair smiling at you a little uncertainly.

"You are <PN>, Captain of the <PSN>?" she asks and you nod. "Oh good! I have heard that you are a very capable pilot. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mu'Randa, and I need to get to <RST> in the <RSY> system so that I can conduct a business transaction with the Wild Geese. I am prepared to pay you 20,000 credits for passage.

"Can you help me?"

{b818 "You agree rapidly, more than happy to help out someone seeking a contract with Eamon. You abbreviate your normal pre-flight routine in order to get going as quickly as you can." "After agreeing to help her you ask about these 'Wild Geese'.

\"They are very highly-trained mercenaries based on <RST>,\" she tells you in a hushed tone leaning forward. \"I can't talk about the nature of my business with them, but I can tell you that their skills and capabilities are impressive.

\"Now,\" she continues brightly, \"when do we leave?\""}

Mission Log Entry
Take Mu'Randa to <RST> in the <RSY> system so that she can conduct her business with the Wild Geese.
Mu'Randa is met by {b818 "upon landing by Flannigan" "an enormously muscular man with almost horrific tattooing all over the exposed areas of his face and arms"}. They greet each other in a lyrical language you cannot understand and shake hands in the fashion of warriors{b818 ". Flannigan then turns to you and, with a huge smile on his face, grabs you in a crushing bear-hug before both of you catch up on each others news.

\"You've managed to hire yourself a fine pilot here,\" Flannigan beams, \"and a fine warrior to boot.\"" "."}

{b818 "\"Look for me in the bar here,\" she says, in a very respectful tone, obviously impressed by Flannigans' praise." "\"Look for me in the bar here,\" she says after turning back to you."} "My business may take some time, but I will be needing further transport when I am finished."

You nod in acknowledgment and watch the young lady walk off with {b818 "Flannigan" "the savagely tattooed giant of a man"}.

Take Mu'Randa to Sol

You spot Mu'Randa's deep auburn hair almost immediately when you step into the bar. Like most of the rest of the patrons, she looks up to check out the newcomer to the bar and she waves you over with a smile.

"I'm glad you showed up, Captain <PN>," she smiles happily, "as I have finished my business here and I need someone to take me to Sol, as I want to tie up a few loose ends there. The payment will be the same as for when you brought me here. Are you and your ship available for hire?"

"If you can just get me to <RST> in the <RSY> system in one piece," she tells you freely, "and preferably without being scanned by anyone, that would be great. I'm sure you can understand that, as I am making dealings with forces that are not particularly well-liked within the Federation, I need to be a little circumspect.

"Still," she continues with a smile, "it shouldn't be too difficult, especially for a talented pilot such as yourself.

"So," she asks cheerfully, "how long until you are ready to leave?"

Mission Log Entry
Take Mu'Randa to <RST> in the <RSY> system so she can 'tie up some loose ends'.
You quickly run through your post-flight routine before cycling your hatch open and letting Mu'Randa off your ship.

"Thanks for the lift," she tells you sincerely. "You have been of greater help to me than you know.

"I've made sure that the money has been transferred into your account," she informs you with a mischievous smile, "so don't go spending it all at once.

"Keep dropping by the spaceport bar here," she finishes quietly. "I'm not sure exactly how long it will take me to complete my business here, but as soon as I am done, I will be requiring another ride, and I would rather deal with a familiar face than a complete stranger."

See Vell-os Remains

You see a waving hand out of the corner of your eye when you walk into this establishment. You turn to see the pretty Mu'Randa sitting at a table by herself waving you over. Not for the first time you find yourself wondering about her unique name. You have never heard a name quite like it, although it is strangely lyrical in an exotic way.

"Well, it seems that I have completed all my business here faster than expected," she informs you with a grin, "so I have a little time to myself before I have to perform my next mission. I have always wanted to view some of the Vell-os/human sculptures that remain on <RST> in the <RSY> system.

"Would you be interested in ferrying me there?"

"Oh, thank you!" she exclaims happily. "I have always dreamed of seeing something left behind by the Vell-os of old! The mystery and wonder of their ancient civilization always fascinated me when I was young, and I suppose some of it still remains in me, even though I am no longer innocent, and even less worthy."

You are a little surprised at the last reference, but you shrug it off as something to do with her work.

"The pay shall be the same as last time," she informs you more seriously, "and I will be needing transport from <RST> to a further destination not long after we land. So if you wait around for a few days, I will have another mission for you."

Mission Log Entry
Take Mu'Randa to <RST> in the <RSY> system so she can look around at some of the ancient Vell-os relics there.
As soon as you let her off your ship, Mu'Randa immediately heads off in search of ancient Vell-os artifacts. Out of curiosity you decide to tag along.

She takes a tour out to an ancient site where the Vell-os used to showcase their athletic, artistic and telepathic skills to the humans of the Colonial Council in a weekly carnival. When you arrive you are surprised and more than a little impressed by the enormous stone blocks that are so intricately carved and fitted that they have survived the hostile elements of <RST> for so long intact.

"This is the debt we must repay above all others," murmurs Mu'Randa to herself quietly. "This atrocity can not be allowed to go on."

You are taken aback to hear such somber words from the normally cheerful young woman. Obviously there are depths to her persona you are only now becoming aware of.

"Wait for me in the bar," she tells you quietly without moving to face you at all, her eyes on the Vell-os sculpture. "I need to wander for a while."

Pick up Bis Andreya

As you wait in the bar sipping your drink you see a somewhat rejuvenated Mu'Randa walk in the door. She quickly spots you, and makes her way over sporting a happy smile.

"I have to thank you for bringing me here," she begins sincerely, "this is a life-long dream come true. Thank you so much.

"But now I must return to business," she continues more seriously. "I need to get to <DST> in the <DSY> system to make contact with a colleague of mine. I am prepared to offer you another 20,000 credits for your troubles, and in all likelihood there will be another mission waiting for you within a few hours of our arrival.

"Are you willing to help me out again?" she asks hopefully.

"My colleague's name is Bis Andreya, and she should be waiting for us on <DST> when we arrive," Mu'Randa continues cheerfully. "She will be directing our travels from there. That is, of course, if you are prepared to help us further."

You are starting to get more than a little curious about Mu'Randa's background. Her name is clearly not Federation in origin, and the name Bis Andreya is even more foreign.

"Well," Mu'Randa informs you with a happy smile, "I am ready to go when you are."

Mission Log Entry
Go to <RST> in the <RSY> system to pick up Mu'Randa's colleague Bis Andreya.

Take Bis Andreya to Nil'a Mjolnir

When you land you see an elderly looking brown-cloaked lady with gray hair hurry up your ramp and onto your ship. Two gray-cloaked men who were flanking her stand at the bottom of the ramp as if guarding it.

"Bis Andreya!" exclaims Mu'Randa almost reverently, which causes you to look at her suspiciously. "What has happened?"

"I am being followed by Federation troops," the old lady informs you both, "and I have no wish to be detained by them."

At that moment you see a number of Federation soldiers begin entering the spaceport running towards your ship, and the two men in gray snap into action. Within seconds they decimate the Federation forces in the most awesomely skilled and stunning display of martial arts you have ever seen. When they finish with the soldiers they run back up the ramp and enter your ship.

"Young {G"man" "lady"}, I suggest that we get out of here before more of them turn up!" suggests Bis Andreya gently. "Make for <RST> in the <RSY> system."

Mission Log Entry
Take Bis Andreya to <RST> in the <RSY> system.
Dropping Cargo
You realize that your passengers are all members of the mysterious Polaris civilization, and although you want to ask many questions of them, the casual stares of the two men in gray keep your curiosity in check.

As soon as you land Bis Andreya is greeted by a man garbed in an all-green outfit who lays his hands on the head of the elderly woman. After a few short moments he nods his head and allows Bis Andreya to step off your ramp.

"By now you know that we are of the Polaris," says the elderly woman over her shoulder at you, "but you may not know the enormity of your actions over the last few days. To help you understand, know that my full name is only Andreya. Bis is the title given to the leader of the Polaris Ruling Council."

After a few moments the enormity of her words begins to sink in. You have just saved the leader of the Polaris from being detained by the Federation. And you begin to ask several questions, like: 'why was the Federation, given Bis Andreya's position, trying to detain her?'

"I will not answer all your questions at this time," she informs you quietly, as if reading your thoughts, "but I can convey our gratitude."

You shift uncomfortably under her piercing gaze.

"You were offered 20,000 credits for your services," Bis Andreya continues, "but I will make sure that you receive five times that amount in thanks for your deeds. I will also allow you access to the docking computers where my people lodge their travel requirements. You will be the first non-Polaran ever to be allowed to ferry my people from place to place."

With that Bis Andreya, the green cloaked man and the two men in gray turn and walk away, seemingly in unison.

"I cannot thank you enough for what you have done," Mu'Randa tells you as she too exits your ship. "You have done us a great service. If you wish to continue helping us, I will be making myself useful on the planet Mu'ar Haro, and if you drop by I will make sure that you get some more work."

Find Mu'ar Haro

Mission Log Entry
To get more work with the Polaris find the planet Mu'ar Haro and speak with Mu'Randa.

Go to P'ar Aed

Out of the corner of your eye you catch a waving motion, and you turn to see the auburn hair and cheerful smile of Mu'Randa.

"How are you, Captain <PN>?" she asks happily. "What do you think of the Polaris now that you have had a chance to look around?"

You mutter a few vague comments about being very impressed about it all.

"Come now!" she exclaims, pretending to be cross. "Surely you can do better than that!"

You smile sheepishly and she laughs kindly.

"Now that you are here," she continues more seriously, "the P'aedt (the Polaris name for the scientist caste) could use the help of an independent ship captain to perform some experiments and retrieve some data for their various scientific endeavors. We got a message a few days ago when they heard that one of us Mu'hari had been in contact with you, to ask if you would be willing to help out. Are you?"

"Our scientists will be pleased," comments Mu'Randa with a smile. "Go to <RST> in the <RSY> system and they will explain their needs further. I believe that they want you to help them out with their studies of the Wraith."

You give Mu'Randa a puzzled look at the mention of the word 'Wraith'.

"They are some sort of space-based life-form," she informs you. "For some reason they attack all Polaris ships on sight, and they are very dangerous.

"Just be careful," she tells you with a smile. "If you keep your wits about you, everything should work out. Just remember that a large number of Polarans are watching you carefully because they are not sure whether or not to trust you. Not all of them have worked with you before like Bis Andreya and I have done, so they are a little suspicious. Something like this would go a long way towards gaining you acceptance amongst us.

"Regardless," she finishes with a grin, "I wish you the best of luck out there."

Mission Log Entry
Go to <RST> in the <RSY> system to talk with the P'aedt about helping out with their scientific endeavors.
You are met by a youthful-looking man dressed all in blue, which you notice seems to be the norm for most of the people on this planet.

"Allow me to introduce myself," he begins formally. "I am P'Jeena, and I will be your contact with the P'aedt until you have learned our language."

You nod, realizing that it makes more sense for you to learn the Polaris tongue, than it does for all the Polaris to learn yours.

"Take some time to freshen up," he tells you politely, "and meet me in the bar in two hours and I shall give you the outline of your first mission with us."

He bows before turning away and leaving you standing alone. You shake your head and go to see about getting your ship serviced.

Diplomacy/Technology Split

50% chance 50% chance
Pursue Peace with Wraith Develop New Technology

ATTN: Captain

We have uncovered a piece of information suggesting that the Federation may be mounting a probe on our defenses soon - we would like you to go and learn more.
Message to: <PN>

Message from: Mu'Randa

We have recently intercepted some radio traffic which suggests that the Federation may be looking into launching a raid on our defenses in an effort to gain some intelligence on our capabilities. We would like you to head over to the Kania system and see if there is any buildup of forces there, before returning to <RST> in the <RSY> system with any intelligence you might have.

Good luck!

Mission Log Entry
Head over to the Kania system to see if the Federation are indeed building up their forces in a precursor to a raid.

Defend Nil'a Mjolnir

As soon as you land your hatch is opened and a gray-cloaked Nil'kemorya warrior bursts into your ship.

"It appears that the reports of the Federation probe were accurate," he begins seriously. "Apparently they either saw you and tailed you to this system or they were coming here and left not long after you did. Regardless, they are about to jump into this system.

"We could certainly use your help, Captain <PN>," he informs you quietly. "Are you prepared to help defend the Polaris people?"

"Somehow," he nods approvingly, "you begin to fit the legend more closely the longer you stay amongst us.

"Meet us in orbit," he finishes, leaving you with a thousand unanswered questions, "and together we will show the Federation that we will not be treated in this manner. If you survive, return here and you will be recompensed."

Mission Log Entry
Chase off the Federation raiding task force before landing on <RST> once again.
After completing your post-flight routine you head out to see if you can find a few answers. You are met by the same warrior who talked with you before the battle.

"Do you realize," he asks rhetorically, "that you are the first outsider in around six centuries who has helped us defend our borders? Maybe what they are beginning to say about you is true.

"Regardless," he continues, speaking more directly, "the Polaris give generously to those who help them. Your account has had a total of 100,000 credits transferred into it in payment for your courageous service."

With that he bows and begins to move away, but turns back after taking a few steps.

"I am honored to have met you," he says, almost nervously. "If you do become the one spoken of in the legends, I will be a glad man, for you have a good heart."

As he walks away, you find yourself left with more unanswered questions than ever.

Defend Nil'a Mjolnir

We have uncovered a piece of information suggesting that the Federation may be mounting a probe on our defenses soon, and we would like you to help defend our borders again.
Message to: <PN>

Message from: Mu'Randa

We have recently intercepted some radio traffic which suggests that the Federation will be launching a raid on our defenses in an effort to gain some intelligence on our capabilities. The Nil'kemorya are more than happy that you have decided to help. Land on <RST> in the <RSY> system after helping the warriors there chase off any Federation ships in orbit.

Good luck!

Mission Log Entry
Land on <RST> in the <RSY> system after helping the Nil'kemorya defend against a Federation raid there.
You are met by a young gray-cloaked warrior upon landing.

"I wanted to meet the {G "man" "woman"} who is becoming the legend," he smiles in the quiet manner all the Nil'kemorya seem to have, "so I offered to pass on to you our thanks for your services, and inform you that 100,000 credits have been transferred into your account."

Once again, as this warrior walks away, you are left standing there with the same unanswered questions as before.

Diplomacy/Technology Split, Again

Back to work To whichever you had before
Pursue Peace with Wraith Develop New Technology

Scout Wraith Space

You spot the deep auburn hair and slender figure of Mu'Randa as soon as you leave your ship, and you make your way over.

"Oh! You surprised me," she jumps a little when you tap her on the shoulder. "But I'm glad you did, I've been trying to track you down for some time.

"Now that Wraith space is open to exploration," she explains, her cheerful grin returning, "the P'aedt are beginning to send ships out to the nearest systems to begin researching the area. Unfortunately, they believe in slow steady progress, which makes good scientific sense, but is not necessarily so good in terms of politics or security. The Council and the Nil'kemorya want to know more about the further reaches of the region to see if there is anything they need to know about, in case they have to deal with it. Because while it is wonderful that Wraith space is now open to us, we have also opened our space up to the Wraith, and we don't know if that will cause any problems.

"Are you interested in going on a scouting mission?"

"Thank you, Captain <PN>," she tells you gratefully, "we have been a little worried about this ever since our talks with the Wraith. We really need to know if there is anything out there that might affect us in any way, so that we can prepare ourselves for it.

"If you could explore the far Western edges of Wraith space," Mu'Randa continues, "and perhaps even a little beyond, it would give us a large amount of information about the outside universe. We are actually less interested in what lies within Wraith space as in what lies beyond it. So much of space north of the Federation is unknown to us. If you find anything that needs our attention, report back to us on Mu'ar Haro as soon as possible.

"Well, good luck," she finishes, with {G"a devastating smile" "an enormous grin"}. "I hope to hear from you in a few months."

Mission Log Entry
Scout past the Western edge of Wraith space, looking for anything that might be either of interest or a threat to the Polaris, before returning to Mu'ar Haro to be debriefed.
You are greeted by several armed guards when you land, and a vaguely familiar man wearing a general's uniform.

"I am General Cade Smart," he introduces himself. "We have scanned your vessel repeatedly, and I believe that at least some of your technology is Polaris in origin?"

You nod, careful not to move overly much, as the soldiers with their weapons trained on you look ready to fire at even the smallest untoward twitch.

"If you are a friend of the Polaris then we have no argument with you," he continues quietly, "but I must ask you to leave. This station is an outpost of the Rebellion against the Bureau of Internal Investigation, and although we have no desire to start any other conflict, we must maintain our security. I apologize for treating you in this way, but I'm afraid that if we are to succeed in our war with the Bureau, we have little choice."

You are bundled back onboard your ship and left alone. It does not take much deduction to realize that the Polaris will want to hear about this.

As you wait in the bar sipping your drink you see a somewhat rejuvenated Mu'Randa walk in the door. She quickly spots you, and makes her way over sporting a happy smile.

"I have to thank you for bringing me here," she begins sincerely, "this is a life-long dream come true. Thank you so much.

"But now I must return to business," she continues more seriously. "I need to get to <DST> in the <DSY> system to make contact with a colleague of mine. I am prepared to offer you another 20,000 credits for your troubles, and in all likelihood there will be another mission waiting for you within a few hours of our arrival.

"Are you willing to help me out again?" she asks hopefully.

Mission Log Entry
Scout past the Western edge of Wraith space, looking for anything that might be either of interest or a threat to the Polaris, before returning to Mu'ar Haro to be debriefed.
Dropping Cargo
You are greeted by the auburn-haired Mu'Randa in what looks like her official black-robes when you land.

"We inducted twenty new Mu'Hari today," she explains almost sadly when she sees you eyeing her robes quizzically. "Now they too must begin to try to wipe aside our shame."

You eye her askance, wondering what could cause such a happy, ebullient person to become so melancholy.

"The Mu'hari caste is the most shameful of castes," she tells you in response to your unspoken question. "We were born as a result of a civil war, we enter our caste because we cannot make it into any other, we must serve all other Polaris wherever we can, but we have the overwhelming duty of standing in judgement over our fellow citizens if necessary. We are the faithless servants who must betray our masters for a perceived greater good. That is why we wear black, as a mark of our shame and to remind us that despite any powers we might have, we are not worthy to call ourselves Polarans."

"But enough about us!" she explains, her smile returning to her face again. "What did you find out in the nether regions of the universe?"

You quickly recount the events of your landing on a station called 'Rebel II' in the 'Koria' system off to the West of Wraith space. Mu'Randa listens intently to your report without interruption until you finish.

"This is interesting," she muses thoughtfully. "You have discovered something that could affect us greatly. Anything that might destabilize the Federation would have an enormous effect on all Known Space.

"I will download your sensor data from your ship," she continues seriously, "and transmit it to the Council on Kel'ar Iy for them to have a look at. Once they have viewed it they will come up with some sort of decision regarding a plan of action, and then we may have to get things rolling pretty quickly. Keep an eye out around the place, as I may need to urgently make contact with you at some stage."

Meet With Rebels

As you step off your ship you catch a glimpse of deep auburn hair out of the corner of your eye and you turn to see Mu'Randa step into the bar. As if she could somehow sense you looking, her eyes turn to meet yours and she makes her way over with a smile.

"I'm glad I caught you!" she exclaims, waggling her finger at you in mock anger. "Otherwise I would have had to chase you all over the place to chat with you.

"The Council has decided," she informs you more seriously, "that they will send an envoy to meet with these 'Rebels', as they call themselves, as in recent years the Federation behavior has become increasingly disturbing. If nothing else, we might be able to learn of a few places to go and find out more about what is actually going on inside the Federation hierarchy.

"And there are no prizes for guessing who's the new ambassador," she continues, waving her finger at you again. "Unfortunately, this ambassador needs a lift, and she was wondering if you would be kind enough to offer her one."

"Oh, thank you!" she gushes with a sincere smile. "If you had said no I would have been forced to try to get another pilot who had never been there before to help me out, and that could have turned into a VERY long trip.

"All we have to do," she explains simply, "is go to <RST> in the <RSY> system, and the 'Rebel' leaders should meet us there as we have already sent a message to them telling them to expect us.

"From there the plan gets a little more vague," she chuckles slightly. "Since we know next to nothing about them, we will have to play it by ear a little and see what we can find out.

"Anyway, that's quite enough talk," she decides firmly. "When do we leave?"

Mission Log Entry
Take Mu'Randa to <RST> in the <RSY> system to make diplomatic contact with the Rebels there.
Dropping Cargo
As soon as you exit your ship, General Smart steps forward and introduces himself and the rest of the Rebel leaders alongside him. You suddenly remember where you have seen him before, recalling back to the early days of the last Auroran War when the Federation was getting massacred due to the incompetence of its military leadership. It was only when General Smart took over the reins that the tide turned, and with some brilliant leadership he saved the Federation from a potentially cataclysmic defeat.

You are equally impressed by the men he introduces as the rest of the Rebel leadership. In short order you have shaken hands with Mr. Donald Chick, the former head of Sigma Shipyards - the largest corporation in Known Space; Professor Barri Williams, former Vice-Chancellor and lecturer in political history at the prestigious Kane University; Cardinal Vardy de Valera, the Monseigneur for Theological Studies in the Church of Krim-Hwa; and Dr. Oriallo Pentecost, a former Federation Councillor representing Port Kane.

After all the introductions are made you are led into a large board room with a table surrounded by eight chairs. In one of them sits a man operating a small computer terminal. He introduces himself as Geoff Daniels and explains that it is his job to make a recording of the meeting.

After talking for several minutes Mu'Randa comes straight out and asks the Rebel leaders what are they rebelling against and why.

"We are upset to the point of rebellion at the actions of the Bureau of Internal Investigation," explains Dr. Pentecost. "They have usurped power away from the democratically elected Council, and they now run the Federation. We could list to you their criminal actions for hours, but I would suggest that you look through our library and go and confirm it all for yourselves."

Mu'Randa nods, and motions you over.

"Meet me in the bar in the morning," she whispers. "I want to find out how sincere these 'Rebels' are, so I'm going to do a little snooping around to see what I can find out."

Return to Kel'ar Iy

You are somewhat surprised to see Mu'Randa wander into the bar looking fresh, because you are fairly sure that she spent most of last night exploring the Rebel station. Once again she seems to react to your gaze and turns to meet your eyes before coming over.

"I want to get back to Kel'ar Iy as soon as we can," she tells you, her voice far more urgent than her smiling face would indicate. "Last night I had a look around and everything I've seen tells me that these 'Rebels' are indeed genuine about their intentions, and about the accusations they have made about this Bureau. If this is all true, we will have to rethink our policies towards the Federation in a hurry.

"So let's take our download of their library," she tells you in a slightly louder voice, "and say our farewells to our new friends."

You are beginning to wonder about Mu'Randa's abilities. She seems to not only be a consummate diplomat, but also a very capable spy. You shake your head and follow her as she leaves the bar.

Mu'Randa leads you to the conference room where you chatted with the Rebel leaders yesterday. You see the five of them and Geoff Daniels sitting in discussion when you walk in.

"What you have told us is very disturbing," Mu'Randa informs them without preamble. "We will be returning to Polaris Space immediately to inform the Council of the events here, and they will no doubt begin investigating your allegations against this 'Bureau of Internal Investigation' and the Federation in general. If, as a result of our investigation, we find that your accusations are justified, we will recontact you, and may offer you our support."

"That is all that we could ever ask of you," replies Dr. Pentecost. "Would you like a copy of our library file on the Bureau to aid you in your research?"

"I have already obtained a copy," Mu'Randa shrugs at their surprise. "Our technology is more advanced than your own."

"Well, in that case," Dr. Pentecost replies politely, "we thank you for taking the time to meet with us."

Mission Log Entry
Return to <RST> so that Mu'Randa can pass on the news to the Polaris Ruling Council regarding the information gained from the 'Rebels'.
Dropping Cargo
You are met by Bis Andreya and the leaders of the four other castes.

"Are they a danger?" asks Iuso without preamble in the musical Polaris tongue which you are starting to get used to.

"I don't believe so," Mu'Randa replies in a slightly deferential tone, "but they may have revealed to us something else that is."

"And just what is this other hazard?" asks Bis Andreya after looking at the leader of the warrior caste in rebuke for his lack of protocol in speaking first. He looks slightly chastened.

"The Federation," Mu'Randa answers in the same deferential tone, "or more specifically, the 'Bureau of Internal Investigation' which, according to the Rebels, have taken over executive power within the Federation. In fact they told us in no uncertain terms that they were not rebelling against the Federation, but against this Bureau specifically."

"And you believe them?" asks Bis Andreya with slightly narrowed eyes.

Mu'Randa nods.

"I will have to call an emergency session of the Council," Bis Andreya continues thoughtfully. "All caste leaders will be asked to attend, and I would suggest that you all make every effort to do so, as we will be deciding on policies which may well affect Polaris society for many centuries to come.

"And of course," she continues after turning to face you, "once again we have to thank you for your role in this affair. You seem to be proving your worth as a friend to the Polaris people with an almost monotonous regularity. It would almost seem that you are somehow always the one who manages to be there when we have need of somebody outside our normal patterns of knowledge."

At this three of the caste leaders jerk their heads slightly in surprise, but both Mu'Randa and Iuso nod their heads, scrutinizing you thoughtfully.

"I have made sure," continues Bis Andreya, "that a sizeable sum of money has been transferred into your account to use as you will. Know that you have my thanks."

Take Mu'Hari to Port Kane

When you step off your ship you are slightly surprised to see Mu'Randa standing not more than thirty meters from you chatting to a similarly sable-garbed man. You again get that eerie feeling when both Mu'Randa and her fellow Mu'hari turn to meet your gaze as if they can somehow sense your eyes on them. Mu'Randa grins and makes her way over.

"How's everything going?" she asks cheerfully. You mutter something noncommittal to which she laughs before turning back to her companion. "I've never met anyone quite so closed-mouthed before.

"This is Mu'Evlin," she continues, indicating her fellow Mu'hari. "Mu'Evlin, this is... hmmm... we'll call you 'Ory'hara' for now."

You cannot help but notice that not only Mu'Evlin, but several members of the worker caste in the area look surprised when Mu'Randa introduces you as 'Ory'hara'.

"Mu'Evlin needs to get to <RST> in the <RSY> system," Mu'Randa tells you without further explanation, "can you get him there?"

"If you haven't already guessed," Mu'Randa explains seriously, "we are sending out feelers into the Federation to see if we can turn up anything on this 'Bureau'. The sooner we can get people in place, the better."

Mu'Randa starts to get up to leave, but you stop her with one word.

"Ory'hara?" you ask quietly.

Mu'Evlin grins slightly and looks away, but Mu'Randa looks at you for a moment, obviously contemplating something.

"If you are going to be moving in and around the Federation," she explains somehow sadly, "you will need to be known by something other than your birth-name, to protect your identity in the event that any of our people are caught. And somehow I think the name will come to fit you better the longer you wear it."

As she walks away you realize that her somewhat cryptic response brought up more questions than it answered.

"So, ah, when do we go?" asks Mu'Evlin, breaking your train of thought and bringing you back to the present.

Mission Log Entry
Take Mu'Evlin to <RST> in the <RSY> system so that he can infiltrate the Federation to look for information about the 'Bureau of Internal Investigation'.
Dropping Cargo
Over the course of the flight you get to know Mu'Evlin quite well, learning a lot about his life and the Mu'hari in general. He tells you that the word 'Mu'hari' literally translates as 'servants of all,' but that the Mu'hari themselves think of it as meaning 'casteless,' as they are the 'casteless caste.' You learn that Mu'Evlin originally trained as a Ver'ash in his youth, but failed the final tests to become a fully-fledged member, and so began his training as a Mu'hari.

You are very surprised to hear that it took him slightly more than five decades to complete the training to finally become a Mu'hari, but when he tells you that he had to train to be conversant in physics, chemistry, laboring, engineering, biology, medicine, all forms of trade, mathematics, soldiery, mechanics, police-work, intelligence and counter intelligence, law, diplomacy and all forms of combat, you begin to realize why. But no Mu'hari ever goes on to master any particular discipline.

Oddly enough, the Mu'hari serve as judges over the Polaris so that disagreements cannot get out of hand, as they did at the start of the Polaris Civil War several centuries ago. It surprises you to hear someone speak so sadly of having to stand in judgement over their peers. It seems to you that the Mu'hari have a deep-seated sense of shame at their shortcomings, and at being placed above other Polarans. Perhaps this, and the fact that any Mu'hari must give aid to any other Polaris if asked (in fact many Mu'hari spend their lives wandering around Polaris space helping out wherever they can), was an intentional effort on the part of the people who originally created the Mu'hari to keep them from ever abusing their position of power within Polaris society.

"Meet me in the bar in a few hours," Mu'Evlin tells you after thanking you for your help in getting him to the Federation. "I need to make contact with other Mu'hari posted here before I can give you a return message to take back to Mu'ar Haro."

Return With Message

After wandering the station for a few hours you enter the bar and after a couple of moments peering around you spot the jet-black hair and light blue eyes of Mu'Evlin sitting at a table not far from the door, wearing casual Federation-style clothes.

"Tell Mu'Randa that I have made contact," he says after you exchange greetings, "and that so far nobody has heard anything detrimental about this Bureau, but plenty about these Rebels. But we will continue looking into the situation more deeply rather than relying on media reports for our intelligence.

"Also, pass on that in all probability," he continues quietly, "I will have to call for further Mu'hari to be brought to the Federation in the future to liaise with Mu'hari in different areas of Federation space.

"And finally," he finishes sincerely, "I wanted to thank you again for your help. You are becoming known throughout Polaris space as someone that can be turned to at any time for help, Ory'hara."

As he shakes your hand you ask him if he can tell you anything about the name Mu'Randa gave you.

"There is something of a legend behind you now," he smiles quietly, rising from his seat, "and there is an even bigger legend behind the word 'Ory'hara'. But I do not think that it is my place to inform you of it, and I doubt that any Polaris will do so for similar reasons.

"Do not worry," he tells you in his reserved manner, "in time the legend of Ory'hara will be revealed to you, and you will understand how much it means, and why you now wear the name you do."

As he walks away you shake your head, realizing that without saying much, Mu'Evlin has raised your curiosity even further about the name you have been given. It appears that there is some sort of story behind the name 'Ory'hara', and that it somehow can be applied to you.

You shake your head again, deciding to ask about it further when you get to your destination.

Mission Log Entry
Travel to <RST> in the <RSY> system to pass on to Mu'Randa the message from Mu'Evlin.
You step off your vessel to be greeted by a young woman wearing the normal black-robes of a Mu'hari, but with a gray collar.

"I am Neela," she introduces herself shyly. You guess that because she does not have the 'Mu' prefix the gray collar signifies that she has not yet finished her training to become a full Mu'hari. "Mu'Randa told me to wait for you when she was called away to serve elsewhere. She told me that you would have a message?"

You look at her for a long moment before passing on the information from Mu'Evlin.

"I will make sure that Mu'Randa receives this information," Neela tells you seriously. "She asked me to pass on her thanks, and said that you should check the Mission BBS's, because if more Mu'hari need to be taken into Federation space, she will post news of it there."

As she walks away, you cannot help but smile at Mu'Randa's absence. You wonder if she somehow arranged to be elsewhere so that she would not have to avoid answering your questions about being called 'Ory'hara'.

ATTN: Ory'hara

More evidence has been uncovered by Mu'Evlin and his team, unfortunately it requires another Mu'hari to be sent to a different part of the Federation to follow it up.
Message to: Ory'hara

Message from: Mu'Randa

Mu'Evlin has managed to pass on some information that I believe requires another Mu'hari to be transported to <RST> in the <RSY> system to follow it up, and I have chosen Mu'Yana to do the job. She is currently located on <DST> in the <DSY> system. She will provide you with any further details you need.

Good luck!

Mission Log Entry
Travel to <DST> in the <DSY> system to pick up Mu'Yana and take her on to <RST> in the <RSY> system to follow up on a lead found by Mu'Evlin.
Loading Cargo
After going through your post-flight routine you head out of your ship to meet this Mu'Yana. You start to worry when 20 minutes pass and she fails to show. After an hour you are about to try calling the port authorities to see if they can locate her when a short, slim woman with messy blond hair walks up dragging a bag full of what appears to be clothes.

"Hi!" she smiles in greeting. "I'm Mu'Yana. Sorry I am late, but a Ver'ash asked me to help him out with an experiment, and it took a bit longer than he anticipated."

You are about to tell her that she should have told the Ver'ash that she was required elsewhere, but then you remember that no Mu'hari can refuse to help if asked. So, although she was probably agonizing over it, her social conditioning as a Mu'hari probably prevented her from saying any such thing.

Instead you just smile and wave it away, telling her that it does not matter. After helping her onboard, you head back up to the cockpit to start prepping your ship for a long flight.

Dropping Cargo
As soon as you land, you head back to help the slightly disorganized Mu'Yana to get ready to infiltrate the Federation. To your surprise, when you reach her room you see her all packed up and dressed in common Federation clothing, ready to go.

"Once I reach a terminal," she tells you with a smile, "I will authorize some money to be transferred into your account; it is the least I can do to repay you for all your help. No outsider has ever done so much for our nation, and very few Polarans have ever done so either.

"A lot of people have been questioning whether Mu'Randa made the right decision," Mu'Yana continues with a small shrewd smile on her face, "when she called you 'Ory'hara', I must admit that I was one of them. But now that I have seen you in person, I can see that she may very well have made the right call. Still, there is much to be done before you can prove yourself worthy of that name, but you may just be able to do it."

"If any further Mu'hari require transport into Federation space," she tells you finally, "Mu'Randa will place a message for you on the various Mission BBS's throughout Polaris space."

As she walks away, you realize that her initial disorganized appearance was some sort of test, one which you somehow passed despite not knowing its exact nature. You have never misjudged someone so completely, and then it dawns on you that this just demonstrates the levels of training that the Mu'hari have achieved.

Still, this question of why you have been named 'Ory'hara' continues to hang over your head. The more comments you receive about it, the more questions it raises. Obviously it is something fairly important, at least to the Polaris as apparently a fair few of them have heard about you receiving the name, and have been discussing whether or not you are 'worthy' of it.

You resolve once again to ask Mu'Randa about it when you next meet her.

ATTN: Ory'hara

More evidence has been uncovered by Mu'Evlin and his team, unfortunately it requires another Mu'hari to be sent to a different part of the Federation to follow it up.
Message to: Ory'hara

Message from: Mu'Randa

Mu'Evlin has managed to pass on some information that I believe requires another Mu'hari to be transported to <RST> in the <RSY> system to follow it up, and I have chosen Mu'Dren to do the job. He is currently located on <DST> in the <DSY> system. Any further details will be provided when you pick him up.

Good luck!

Mission Log Entry
Travel to <DST> in the <DSY> system to pick up Mu'Dren and take him on to <RST> in the <RSY> system to follow up on a lead found by Mu'Evlin.
Loading Cargo
As soon as you open up your hatch, you are greeted by an intense-looking gentleman with inky-black hair and incisive ice-gray eyes. He steps forward and shakes your hand.

"I have heard a lot about you, Ory'hara," he begins with a kind of intense casualness, "all of it good. Thus far Mu'Randa's naming of you has been proved right."

You look at him for a moment to gauge his temperament before asking him if he can enlighten you about the importance of this 'Ory'hara' business. He looks at you for several seconds before replying.

"No, I don't think I can," he tells you quietly. "I want to give you every chance of proving yourself worthy of the name given to you, and I don't think that you could do that if you were forewarned and forearmed. Not that I actually know that much about your trials to come: the future is far too fluid and prophecy is such an imprecise art, not even the Vell-os ever mastered it completely.

"In the meantime," he asks, changing the subject, "when do we leave?"

Dropping Cargo
On your long journey to <RST> you get plenty of chances to talk to Mu'Dren. You learn that he is one of the oldest serving Mu'hari alive, at 185 years of age, and that he has been a full Mu'hari for over a century. He tells you a lot about some of the things he has done in his lifetime. You are impressed by the absolute selflessness of his existence, and you tell him so.

"It is not enough," he tells you, his intense gray eyes growing sad, "my shame is still yet unpaid."

You press him a number of times to tell you more about being called 'Ory'hara', but each time he gently puts you off. Finally, in disgust, you give up and ask him instead about his comments regarding the 'art of prophecy' and the Vell-os.

"Many Polaris are telepaths - I am one, as is Mu'Randa," he explains quietly, "although none of us could ever rival the Vell-os in power or skill. Some telepaths are actually capable of looking into the future, although it is still misty and a little vague. This what we call the art of prophecy."

"Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, few telepaths have this ability," he continues explaining, "and no Polaris has ever been able to deliberately seek a prophecy, although it is believed that some of the ancient Vell-os could. However, even the prophecies of those ancient Vell-os masters were always vague and usually hard to understand, and very little is understood about how the art of prophecy actually works. The P'aedt have been studying it for centuries, and thus far seem no closer to an understanding than they were when they started."

Mu'Dren shakes his head slowly with a quiet smile, as if quietly laughing at the nature of life.

When you finally get to New Babylon he helps you with your post-flight routine, before shaking your hand and saying goodbye.

"Thanks for your help," he tells you with quiet sincerity. "You have become something of an irreplaceable resource with all your skills and experience. I think that you will yet prove worthy of the name 'Ory'hara'."

ATTN: Ory'hara

Message to: Ory'hara

Message from: Mu'Randa

Mu'Evlin's investigation is coming up with a few too many blanks. It is almost as if somehow evidence is being deleted faster than we can find it and follow it up. I need a new approach. Interested?

Message from: Mu'Randa


In the past I have occasionally gone into the Federation myself to scout for various things, and whenever I found myself drawing a blank, I would always go and see one man who somehow would, without fail, push me in the right direction. His name is Eamon Flannigan, {b818 "you should remember him from your time with the Wild Geese" "and he is the leader of the 'Wild Geese', a mercenary outfit based on <RST> in the <RSY> system"}. Very few people are as well travelled ({b818 "As you may already know he" "He"} is called 'Archindar' by the Aurorans and is acknowledged by them as a warrior and master of the Heron style of martial arts), or as knowledgeable about the political state of the Federation.

I want you to find him and ask him if he can help us out with any information regarding the Bureau. Chances are he won't tell us anything straight out, but he might suggest a way for us to find out what we want to know. {b818 "I'm sure that I don't need to tell you to treat" "Treat"} him with utmost respect as {b818 "you would know that he" "he"} is one of the most skilled warriors around. Even the Nil'kemorya speak of his deeds with open admiration.

Mission Log Entry
Travel to <RST> in the <RSY> system to talk to Eamon Flannigan to see if he can help out with the Polaris investigation into the Bureau.
Dropping Cargo
{b818 "As soon as you land you head over to Eamon's office and enter to see him stripped to the waist, showing off all his tattoos, dealing out a beating to four young men in Wild Geese uniforms on a large square padded mat. The ease with which he is humbling highly-trained soldiers speaks volumes for his skills." "As soon as you land you head straight to the dockmaster's office to ask about where you might find Flannigan. You are surprised to be told detailed instructions on how to find his office without even being asked why. As you head off to follow the directions given, you cannot help wondering about such lax security surrounding the leader of a military force.

Your questions are answered when you reach his office and enter to see a man wearing the savage tattoos of an Auroran warrior dealing out a beating to four young men in Wild Geese uniforms on a large square padded mat. The ease with which he is humbling highly-trained soldiers speaks volumes for his personal level of security."}

As soon as you enter he calls a stop to the proceedings and tells his young students to take a fifteen minute break before coming over and shaking your hand.

"{b818 "Greetings, Knight of the Red Branch" "I'm Eamon Flannigan"}," he {b818 "says warmly in his" "introduces himself in an"} impossibly deep voice{b818 ". \"I had a suspicion that you were" ", \"and you must be"} this 'Ory'hara' Mu'Randa keeps telling me about. Care to join me on the mat?"

Time after time he makes you submit or collapse in pain. Never before have you felt so inadequate. After what seems like hours you start to discern at the edges of your awareness a series of swirling patterns. Whenever you concentrate on them they seem to slip your grasp, but the longer you spar, the more certain that somehow Eamon is deliberately guiding this somehow spiritual pattern to help him maintain his dominance.

Not long after you make this realization Eamon stops.

"I think you have been named well," he informs you in a slow, thoughtful manner. "Nobody has ever become aware of the weave so quickly.

"I will train with you for the rest of today," he tells you, in a voice loud enough to reach the four students that had filed back into the room at some stage while you were sparring. "And tomorrow morning I will meet you in the bar, and I will try to answer the question Mu'Randa wants you to ask.

"In the mean time," he switches back into training, "I want to show you a few techniques..."

Eamon's Answer

When you wake up the following morning you decide that you have never felt worse in your life. It seems as if every muscle, sinew and bone in your body is in excruciating pain. You decide that you have nothing to lose so you go through a series of limbering-up exercises Eamon taught you yesterday, and surprisingly enough in about a half-hour, you feel relatively okay.

You walk down to the bar, where you recognize Eamon sitting at a dark table at the rear of the bar because of the intense stillness around him. You still cannot 'read the weaves' as he calls the way he views the universe, but you know that nobody else around has the ability to control the space around them as utterly as he does.

"I wasn't expecting you to pick me out quite so easily," he congratulates you as you sit down. "The speed with which you have picked up what you have is almost alarming. I have never even heard of someone learning to discern the weaves so quickly."

"But, tell me, why are you here?" he goes on to ask. "What does Mu'Randa want now?"

You quickly outline the reasons behind the Polaris investigation of the Bureau. After giving him some of the details of the operation you finish by telling him of Mu'Randa's comments, and asking him if he can be of any help.

When you finish Eamon leans back, and looks down at the table. "She certainly can pick them," he mutters quietly, shaking his head smiling. "I take it the Mu'hari have been concentrating on the major centers of Federation space?" You nod, to which he shakes his head before continuing, "The Bureau doesn't operate out in the open, they'll never find out much doing that. When you get back to Mu'Randa tell her to put somebody on New England. From there they should be able to get onto the right track.

"In the meantime," he tells you, rising, "I suggest that you keep practicing your new skills, and I would look at training with the Nil'kemorya as they could definitely teach you a thing or two."

Mission Log Entry
Head back to <RST> in the <RSY> system to give Mu'Randa Eamon's answer.
Dropping Cargo
During the long journey from New Ireland to <RST> you while away the hours doing the exercises and practicing the techniques taught to you by Eamon. Within a week you notice a definite improvement in your power and your speed. Day by day you find it easier to focus on the patterns that surround everything around you. By the end of your journey you can open your mind to the spiritual realm at will with only a few seconds of concentration. Never in your life have you felt more alive.

As you pilot your way down to the surface as you have done on thousands of worlds before, you decide that if you ever get the chance, you will follow Eamon's advice and train with the Nil'kemorya. If anyone can teach you more about the skills you have only just begun to learn, it would be them. Now that your mind has been opened you want to explore much further into this new universe that has been shown to you.

When you land you are met by Mu'Randa's dark hair and pretty face. Before you can even begin to ask her about the 'Ory'hara' business she holds up her hand and stops you short.

"I can't explain right now," she explains in answer to your unspoken questions, which startles you until you remember that Mu'Dren said she was a telepath. "I haven't slept for over a month now, and if I didn't need to hear Eamon's answer in person so that I could act upon it immediately, I would be off trying to tie up about a dozen or so other loose ends. Now what did he say?"

You keep your peace long enough to tell her of his suggestion that she place somebody on New England. While she contemplates his answer you open up your mind to become aware of the weaves around her. Without warning she stops talking, and you sense from the patterns around her that she is aware of what you are doing.

"I see you got more than just an answer," she says shrewdly. "Keep checking the Mission BBS's - if I need you that's how I'll reach you."

ATTN: Ory'hara

Message to: Ory'hara

Message from: Mu'Randa

While I am looking into the info given to us by Flannigan, the Nil'kemorya have sent word that a number of Auroran ships have begun gathering in the <RSY> system. Are you prepared to go and have a look?

Message to: Ory'hara

Message from: Mu'Randa

Apparently our long range scanning has detected a sustained build-up of activity in the <RSY> system, and the Nil'kemorya, having learned to trust you after your efforts defending the border against the Federation, would like you to land on the <RST> station in that system. They just want you to have a look around, but stay on your toes - the Aurorans are a tough bunch, and they like to test themselves against us, for they deem us to be 'worthy opponents'.

Mission Log Entry
Head down to <RST> in the <RSY> system to investigate the Auroran activity surrounding that station.

Try to Get Back to Nil'a Ya

As soon as you land you are met by a single, elderly Auroran warrior, who appears to be covered in tattoos from head to toe.

"So, the Polaris have discovered us here again," he rumbles quietly. "Your people are indeed resourceful."

As he talks, a steady and orderly stream of warriors exit surrounding buildings until you are facing exactly one hundred Auroran warriors.

"Still," the original warrior ruminates slowly, "it will be interesting to see if they have as much warning this time if we launch immediately and destroy their spy."

He looks at you and smiles almost wickedly.

"Don't worry," he intones arrogantly, "we won't cut you down here, it isn't really a fair fight. But you will leave this place immediately, and we will pursue you. With your fancy ship, that's fair enough for my standards. We will see just how capable you Polaris are."

With that, he nods to a couple of his warriors who walk you back into your ship and close the hatch behind you. As soon as you get back to the bridge you resolve to try to head back to <RST> in the <RSY> system, simply because it is the closest Polaris system. As soon as you begin warming up your engines you hear the radio buzzing with an alert call from the Aurorans informing all ships that you are to be destroyed.

Mission Log Entry
Make it back to <RST> in the <RSY> system after your failed attempt to 'spy' on the Aurorans.
As soon as you land your ship is surrounded by groups of Nil'kemorya warriors who are all awestruck at the damage to the various parts of your ship.

"You really are Ory'hara," says one old warrior, as he looks over your ship. "Who else could survive that with {G "his" "her"} level of training. Perhaps Master Arando should hear of this."

He turns to you and looks you up and down.

"Not only do you have a good heart," he comments quietly, "but you have good skill, and more than a touch of luck about you. It appears that you are capable of putting the rudimentary weave-skills you have to good use.

"Now, while your mission was technically a failure," he smiles gently, "a donation of 100,000 credits has been transferred into your account for your efforts on behalf of the Polaris. Very few people have the heart to do what you did, and even fewer have survived to return to us, so you will find that we will do what we can to look after you.

"Hopefully," he grimaces, "the money should cover the expenses to nurse your poor ship back to health. How she survived that beating, I have no idea.

"One final note," he finishes seriously, "apparently Mu'Randa wants you to continue keeping an eye on the mission BBS's around the place, in case she needs to contact you."


Message to: Ory'hara

Message from: Mu'Randa

I have set a few things in motion and I am now ready to act upon Eamon's suggestion. Interested in helping out?

Message to: Ory'hara

Message from: Mu'Randa

I have been in contact with Mu'Evlin and he has managed to uncover some disturbing information about the Bureau that backs up Eamon's suggestion to place an agent on <RST> in the <RSY> system. Mu'Feren will be waiting for you to pick her up on <DST> in the <DSY> system. If anything comes up between now and then she will be provided with the details so that she can pass it on to you when you see her.

Good luck!

Mission Log Entry
Travel to <DST> in the <DSY> system to pick up Mu'Feren and take her on to <RST> in the <RSY> system to follow up on the suggestion by Eamon Flannigan and the subsequent leads found by Mu'Evlin.
Loading Cargo
Upon landing you are greeted by a stunning woman with ash-blonde hair and big blue eyes.

"Hi, I'm Mu'Feren," she introduces herself delicately, "and if I'm not mistaken, you are Ory'hara?"

You nod, wondering if she too is somehow testing you as well. As you think this you almost reflexively open your mind and begin observing the way she moves the weaves around herself. Almost at once you sense that she can detect you observing her in this deeper fashion and you surmise that she is a telepath.

"Oh no," she shakes her head at your unspoken question, "I have heard of a great many of your deeds, and have heard even more about the way you are developing. I guess that you could call me a believer of sorts. I think that you will become the Ory'hara the legends speak of.

"In the meantime," she continues quietly with a slight smile, "I believe we need to get to <RST> in the <RSY> system?"

Dropping Cargo
It turns out that Mu'Feren spent the early years of her life training as a Nil'kemorya, and that therefore she is one of the most accomplished warriors within the Mu'hari. So early on in the voyage you ask her if she could continue the training started by Eamon Flannigan.

Day after day in hyperspace she pushes your body and your mind to new limits, revelling at how quickly you learn. Within days you learn to fall into observing the 'weaves of life', as she calls it, without any effort at all. A few days more, and you realize that you find the more 'normal' forms of observation (sight, sound, etc) more taxing to use than this level of spiritual awareness, which has become very relaxing. By the end of your voyage, you have even crudely affected the weaves around you to create, in effect, your own weaves.

Not once in the time you spent with her did you even come close to even matching Mu'Feren's skill, but in the few weeks you have spent under her tuition you know that you made enormous leaps forward.

"You truly must be Ory'hara," she informs you in her quiet delicate manner as she helps you with your post-flight routine, "nobody else could learn what you have this fast. Young Nil'kemorya take years to learn what you have, and Mu'hari with no prior warrior training take even longer."

After a short pause, you turn to her and ask if she can tell you anything about why Mu'Randa began calling you 'Ory'hara'. She looks at you for a long moment before replying.

"Ory'hara is a legend passed down to us by the Vell-os," she says sadly. "After they saved us from the Colonial Council, they said that the time of disunity we had begun would finally be ended by one who would become known as 'Ory'hara'. Over the past six centuries we have been waiting for you, so that we can finally be rejoined with the rest of humanity.

"To learn any more than that," she continues after a sad sigh, "you will have to talk to one of the remaining Vell-os. Only they know more."

You watch on, bemused as she casually walks away.

Open Rebel Talks

As you slowly walk down the ramp, practicing your weaves as you go, you sense a familiar flow coming towards you. You look up to see the deep auburn hair and happy smile of Mu'Randa as she enters the bar.

"I see you've been working hard," she compliments you regarding your new abilities. "Every time I meet you, you seem to have noticeably improved!

"But that's not why I'm here," she shakes her head, losing her smile. "We have discovered that New England is the secret headquarters for the Bureau, and, with a little digging, we have managed to verify quite a number of the claims made by the Rebels regarding the actions of the Bureau. I will spare you the details, but it isn't pretty. Many of the things done by the Bureau can best be described as sickening.

"Anyway," Mu'Randa continues, shaking off her grim mood, "we need someone to head over to the Rebels and inform them that we are prepared to open diplomatic ties with them.


"I knew I could count on you," smiles Mu'Randa happily, "you are always prepared to help out.

"Getting back to the point," she grins, "tell the Rebels that we are prepared to allow them to send a single diplomat to stay on Kel'ar Iy along with whatever staff he or she needs. All the normal diplomatic rules apply; diplomatic immunity and the like.

"While you are there," she laughs quietly, "you can tell them to stop trying to hide their copies of our Dragon. We don't mind that they have started producing them, as they are probably the least combat capable of all our craft, and we have no problems with helping out our new friends by allowing them access to the original schematics. We are, however, very interested in finding out how they managed to get the plans in the first place.

"Another thing," Mu'Randa continues more seriously. "Avoid all Federation vessels as much as possible. Now that we know more about the Bureau, we know that they have access to the sensor logs of all Federation vessels."

Mission Log Entry
Go to <RST> in the <RSY> system to inform the Rebels that the Polaris are prepared to open diplomatic talks with them.
Dropping Cargo
Upon landing you are given a semi-official welcome by Dr. Pentecost and General Smart.

"Welcome back, Ory'hara," begins Dr. Pentecost formally. "We apologize for the lack of ceremony, but we were only made aware of your approach when our sensors picked you up entering this system."

You wave away his apology, telling him that it does not matter.

"Would you care to accompany us to a more private place to talk?" asks General Smart, taking over, and you nod and ask him to lead on. The three of you make your way to an empty office above that of the dockmaster.

"So how can we help you?" asks Dr. Pentecost after you all sit down.

You quickly explain that the Polaris have managed to verify many of the claims that they had made against the Bureau, after a great deal of searching inside Federation space.

"The Bureau certainly knows how to go about hiding its dirty laundry," General Smart nods in acknowledgment of the difficulty in investigating the Bureau. "But that still doesn't explain why you're here."

With a slight grin you tell them that you have been authorized by the Polaris government to make an offer of open diplomatic ties with the Rebellion. After summarizing the terms of the offer, you add that the Polaris are more than prepared to allow the Rebels to continue producing the Dragon ships, and that they are willing to release the original plans to them to help in making them more combat capable. Both Rebel leaders have the good grace to look a little sheepish.

"Well, this is good news!" exclaims Dr. Pentecost with a genuine smile, after recovering from his momentary embarrassment. "We would definitely like to open diplomatic ties with the Polaris, and the terms don't seem to be unreasonable. However, we cannot make this decision without talking to our fellow leaders, and we will need a couple of hours to talk to all of them. If you could wait for us in the bar, we will have our answer for you in, say, two hours?"

You nod your head in agreement and take your leave of them.

Return With Rebel Ambassador

As you sit quietly sipping your second drink, with your new powers of observation you sense the imminent arrival of Dr. Pentecost and General Smart. When they enter the room together, you can tell by the weaves around them that they are both very happy. You guess that the Rebels are excited that someone has not only independently corroborated their findings, but is prepared to help them in their struggle against the Bureau. As the two of them walk over you sense that everybody in the bar has turned their attention to you.

"We have spoken to the rest of the Rebel leaders," Dr. Pentecost begins formally, "and we have decided by unanimous vote to accept the Polaris offer to open diplomatic talks."

"The first ambassador will be Dr. Pentecost himself," General Smart takes over, "but once he has set up our embassy, he will be replaced as he is far too valuable to our cause to be away for too long."

"Well, I'm ready to leave as soon as we can. Shall we launch?" Dr. Pentecost asks you seriously.

Without batting an eyelid, you answer that the Polaris are prepared to begin whenever the Rebels are ready.

"Then can you pass a message on to them that we will need a few guides," he replies quietly, "to show us the way to and from the Polaris capital."

You smile and ask if it would be possible for the lead elements of the embassy be loaded aboard your ship, and that a Rebel ship follow you from here to <RST> in the <RSY> system.

"Good idea," agrees General Smart, before turning to Dr. Pentecost. "How long until you can be ready to leave with what you need to start putting together the embassy?"

"A few hours," Dr. Pentecost replies, "no more."

You stand up and say that you will be waiting on board your ship to help with the loading of his equipment. With a nod to the two Rebel leaders and a quick look around the rest of the patrons you head out of the bar, aware from the weaves emanating from everyone in the room that they are all very happy with the outcome of the impromptu meeting.

Mission Log Entry
Take Dr. Oriallo Pentecost, the interim Ambassador for the Rebels, to <RST> in the <RSY> system, so that he can begin setting up their embassy.
You are met by Bis Andreya, and the heads of the five castes as you escort Dr. Pentecost off your ship.

"We have been sickened upon discovering some of the actions undertaken in the name of the Bureau," announces Bis Andreya in an official tone after you make the initial introductions, "and we make a pledge to support you in your fight against this evil organization."

"I can only express the overwhelming gratitude of everybody in the Rebel cause," Dr. Pentecost answers with humility, "that the mighty and somewhat mysterious Polaris have, of their own accord, decided to aid us. We will strive to be worthy of your support."

After a few more official (yet short) speeches of welcome, Bis Andreya turns to you.

"It seems day by day that we are coming to depend on you more," she says shrewdly. "The longer you wear the name 'Ory'hara', the more it suits you.

"Regardless," she continues quietly, "we thank you for your services to the Polaris people."

Head to Nil'ar Kemorya

As you go through your post-flight routine, with your new powers of observation you expand your awareness out into the space around your ship and you immediately sense the familiar echoes that indicate that Mu'Randa is waiting for you outside. When you finally finish, you head out to talk with her.

"I see that you are still practicing," she smiles, but you sense a cautionary note beneath her facade and you bring into being a weave indicating your curiosity. "Those of us who have learned to at least guide our own weaves, after a period of learning, choose to control our weaves so as not to overly influence those around us."

You suddenly understand that she is not here to send you on another mission, but that she is concerned about your training, and your well-being.

"That's right," she answers gently, "but I'm not the only one. Many Polarans are worried that you cannot continue learning at the rate you are without at least a little guidance and help.

"Are you prepared to listen to some advice?"

"Nobody knows more about all aspects of martial arts, and the spirituality behind them, than the Nil'kemorya," Mu'Randa explains. "Your talents are so great that nobody else could hope to keep up with you. The head of the warrior's physical combat school has asked if he could have the honor of training you. His name is Arando, and if ever anyone could train you to your maximum potential, it would be him. The warriors have a tradition of physical challenges, and in seventy years, nobody has ever bested him in any form of physical combat.

"He lives in a mountain range on the warrior-caste homeworld," she continues, "where he trains his students, who are those who have been chosen to be the next generation of masters on the three warrior-caste training worlds. He will be waiting for your arrival.

"Your time with him will be hard," Mu'Randa breathes quietly, and you sense her thoughts are far away from the present, "but you will not learn more from anyone else."

Mission Log Entry
Go to the mountains on <RST> in the <RSY> system to continue your martial arts and spiritual training under Master Arando.
Dropping Cargo
As soon as you land you are met by a gray-cloaked Nil'kemorya named Drengar, who takes you to the Arando's mountain retreat. You learn that he is one of Arando's students, and you are soon introduced to Arando himself.

"I have heard much about you, Ory'hara," rumbles the surprisingly small Arando, looking you over with his faded brown-gray eyes. "I am greatly honored that you have thought me worthy to teach you. I will work hard to live up to that honor."

Over the following months, you learn that this man is a master among masters. All of his students are all well on their way to becoming masters in their own right, and at the start you are hopelessly outclassed by all of them.

As the days turn into weeks, and the weeks into months, you can see the constant effects of the physical and mental training start to pay off. Soon you are picking up on the weaves of some of Arando's students before they themselves do, and in no time you are beginning to hold your own.

However, you soon realize that your abilities differ from everyone here. They fight by weaving increasingly complex patterns around each other until a mistake is made, and while you become highly proficient at this you soon learn that your talents go beyond theirs. Almost intuitively you start dancing into the unaffected spaces between their weaves, and before long only Arando himself, whose weaves are so complex that the space around him is nearly filled with his spirit, can best you.

"Your view of the universe is different from mine," he muses to you after training one day. "I create my weaves out around me, extending my awareness, and so bending the universe to my will. But your awareness seems to lend itself to blending with the universe, so that it becomes an extension of you, or you of it.

"I think perhaps you should leave here," he tells you thoughtfully. "I cannot guide you towards the questions you must ask so you must search for them yourself, and I need some time to discover their answers."

Consult Vell-os

As you almost absentmindedly go through your post-flight routine, you find yourself concentrating on observing the ebbs and flows of the universe when you sense a familiar presence approaching. You turn around to see a grinning P'Jeena coming towards you.

"Ory'hara! It is good to see you again," he says, happy in his bookish way. "I've been trying to find you for some time now."

You shake his hand and invite him to sit down, asking him what was so important he has been trying to chase you down.

"Well," he begins quietly, "we have been going over the sensor logs from your missions to the Rebels, and we have found something that we believe needs more attention. I was wondering if you could help us out again?"

"We noticed an odd-looking ship that appeared in the Koria system," P'Jeena explains in his quiet voice. "You may remember it as being identified as a 'Krypt Pod'.

"Anyway, we've been trying to identify it ever since we learned about it," he continues thoughtfully. "Unfortunately the only reference to Krypt we have found comes from some of our most ancient archives referring to a group of Vell-os that we dealt with when they rescued us from the Colonial Council nearly seven centuries ago.

"So we want you to go and see the Vell-os who is posted to the Kane University on Earth," P'Jeena concludes slowly, "I believe his name is Llyrell, and ask him if he can help us with our enquiries. Once you have done that, meet me on P'ar Aed and we will talk further."

You tell him that you would be glad to help him try to uncover the mystery, shake his hand and head back to your ship to begin preparing her for the long trip to Earth.

Mission Log Entry
Get in contact with the Vell-os Llyrell on <RST> in the <RSY> system and ask him if he knows anything about the 'Krypt'.
Dropping Cargo
After going through you post-flight routine you head off to find the campus of the Kane University. After a little over an hour of searching you find it. Another hour and you are standing in the Center for Vell-os Studies wondering what to do next.

As you look around, you sense the currents move around you in a strange way, somehow indicating a mind more in touch with the weaves of life than your own and you turn to see the traditional long hair and fair limbs of a Vell-os striding down the corridor towards you. He suddenly looks at you curiously.

"Welcome, Ory'hara," he greets you almost reverently, "we have been waiting for your arrival for many years."

You nod your head in recognition of your greeting, trying to mask the slightly confusing whirl of questions going through your mind.

"It is good to learn that the Polaris still remember the legend we gave them all those centuries ago," he smiles knowingly at your confusion. "As you already know, Ory'hara is a Polaris adaptation of a Vell-os concept. To us the word translates roughly as 'the guardian spirit that lies beneath the currents of life', but of course it is very difficult to put words to our telepathic thoughts with any accuracy. To the Polaris you are going to become some mythical figure who will reunite humanity. We know that both are true, but we are unsure of exactly how."

You open your mouth to tell him of your purpose but he holds up a hand stopping you in your tracks.

"I know why you're here," he tells you quietly. "Meet me in the bar in two hours and we shall talk further."

Return to P'ar Aed

You sense rather than see the long-haired Vell-os walk into the bar. He indicates that you should follow him and you quickly get up and rush out the front door after him. You sense someone starting a battleflow and you duck aside at the last instant and try to dance between the weaves suddenly being weaved around you. You and your opponent dance around each other in what appears to bystanders to be a dervish of destruction and you seem to be gaining the upper hand, sliding comfortably between his weaves. Suddenly your opponent slides in between his own weaves and you find yourself lying flat on the ground unable to breathe.

You look up to see the Vell-os looking down at you smiling.

"You have a great deal of skill," he compliments you. "I was forced to use my telepathic abilities to merge with the spirit of the universe for a moment. You have learned much. I think that you might be the one who will do what is necessary to help us into the veil. Come, we will talk more in my private rooms."

After a short walk he leads you into his private apartment and you both sit down.

"We are aware of the Krypt-mind that overwhelms much of the galactic north-west," he begins quietly. "Unfortunately, it is a mind of enormous intelligence and curiosity, but little moral compunction. Every Vell-os who has attempted to make contact with it has been attacked and overwhelmed by the nanite-pods that are its physical form. To this day we do not know why."

You tell Llyrell that the P'aedt were wondering if the Krypt had something to do with some Vell-os the Polaris dealt with centuries ago.

"They mean the 'Krypt-tokh'," he mutters, nodding thoughtfully. "It is possible. They were the focus of our entire race, in a way you could say that they were our leaders. They disappeared from our memory just before the end of the war. What happened to them, we do not know.

"Anyway, I hope that helps," he tells you quietly. "Perhaps it will lead you to further understanding. I wish you well, Ory'hara."

Mission Log Entry
Return to P'ar Aed to pass on the information the Vell-os Llyrell was able to share with you to P'Jeena and his fellow P'aedt caste members.
You find P'Jeena and a small group of his colleagues waiting for you when you step off your ship. You are introduced and you exchange greetings with them all.

"So what did Llyrell say?" asks P'Jeena, clearly excited in his bookish way. "Could he shed any light on the subject of the Krypt Pods?"

You reply that he may have. To allay their confusion you go into more detail regarding your conversation with the Vell-os, telling them of the Krypt-tokh and how they disappeared just before the end of the Vell-os War, and of how the Krypt attacks and overwhelms every Vell-os who attempts contact.

"This is very interesting," comments P'Jeena when you finish. "We will need some time to run an analysis of some of the most likely scenarios, but I doubt we have enough information to reach any kind of conclusion. Keep an eye out in the bar here - I don't doubt that we will be needing your services again, Ory'hara."

Defend Polaris Space

You are surprised to sense Master Arando waiting for you as you bring your ship into dock. The weaves around him suggest a deliberate sense of urgency. You quickly go through your post-flight routine and head out to speak with him.

"It appears that a large fleet of Auroran ships is attempting to smash though our borders," he informs you quietly. "I think that it may be beneficial for your training if you participated in the defense of our nation.

"Are you willing to risk your life for our people?" he asks seriously, his weaves showing his desire for you to do so.

"Once again you have lived up to your name, Ory'hara," he comments shrewdly, "proving your worth to the Polaris people.

"Our long-range sensor readings show that this fleet will reach the Nil'ikro system soon," he informs you solemnly. "And while in many ways we admire the Auroran warrior ethic, we know that they respect strength above all else. If we do not drive them off decisively, it would only make them try harder.

"So make sure that none of their ships escape from the field of battle," he concludes plainly, "and when you're finished return here."

Mission Log Entry
Destroy all Auroran ships in the hostile war fleet sent to Nil'ikro before returning to <RST>.
You find yourself almost waking up as you fly in to dock. You became so involved in the ebb and flow of the battle that you lost all sense of self and started to become one with the fabric of the universe. The weaves being created by both sides had almost no meaning for you as you casually slipped between them all, somehow fading into the universe.

Master Arando looks deep into your eyes as you exit your ship.

"I see that you are learning some of the answers I could not give you," he nods thoughtfully. "This is what I had hoped."

He shakes his head before quietly smiling, his face full of his solemn pride in you.

"Now that you have showed that you are willing to risk death for the Polaris people," he informs you with quiet happiness, "the Nil'kemorya have accepted you as being Ory'hara, and are willing to allow you access to all their technology and ships, even the Scarab. Well done. I look forward to meeting you again when the next opportunity to continue your training arrives."

Defend Polaris Space

Only by a sudden whiff of stillness do you sense Master Arando before you spot him as you exit your ship. Once again you are amazed at his mastery of the space around him, as only your ability to slip between the weaves of life around you enabled you to detect his presence nearby.

"It appears that another large fleet of Auroran ships is attempting to prove themselves against us," he informs you quietly. "I think that it is another good opportunity to continue your training.

"Are you willing once again to risk your life for our people?" he asks seriously, his weaves exactly matching those of the universe around him so as to completely mask his feelings.

"You are a true warrior, Ory'hara," he tells you with quiet admiration, "you have shown that your life is worth less than the safety of the Polaris people.

"We believe that this fleet will reach the Nil'kemorya system within the next several days," he informs you solemnly. "We can but admire the Auroran warriors in their efforts to prove themselves as worthy adversaries, but we cannot allow them to cross our borders. If we do not drive them off decisively, it would only make them try harder.

"So once again make sure that none of their ships escape from the field of battle," he concludes plainly, "and when you're finished return here."

Mission Log Entry
Destroy all Auroran ships in the hostile warfleet sent to Nil'kemorya before returning to <RST>.
Dropping Cargo
This time during the battle you became more involved in the ebb and flow of the battle than you ever have before, but somehow you retained control. Whereas before you seemed to lose all sense of self and started to become one with the fabric of the universe, this time it almost seemed like the fabric of the universe became one with you.

In fact, just once, towards the end of the battle, you were able to see the link between the weaves of life and the universe itself. Only your cautious nature stopped you from using that link, as the power available to you at that moment was truly terrible. You almost frighten yourself with the thought that the universe could have been one with your will, but somehow the idea feels right and natural.

You shake yourself out of your reverie as you guide your ship into the docking bay. You smile a small empty smile when you sense the familiar presence of Master Arando awaiting you.

You see the solemn figure of Master Arando awaiting you as you exit your ship.

"For a moment, as I was observing the universe it almost felt like I was observing you," he informs you quietly, after you shake hands in the warrior fashion. "The legend of Ory'hara says that you will become the spirit behind the creation of the universe. After what I felt, I can no longer doubt you. You will become Ory'hara."

He shakes his head before quietly smiling, his face somehow full of sorrow. Looking at him, you suddenly notice that his weaves no longer seem so opaque. After a moment of wonder, you realize that you could defeat Master Arando if you chose.

"I wish you well," he continues gravely, "and I honor you not only for what you have done, but for what you will do. I am no longer your master, as you have outstripped my ability to teach you. I will continue to watch your life as it progresses. I have no doubt that your deeds will resound throughout the galaxy."

Scout Auroran Space

Before you even enter the bar you can sense the tightly controlled weaves of a slightly worried Mu'Randa. You observe her without disturbing the ebbs and flows around her, and when you sit down at her table, she looks up with surprise.

"How did you get so close without disturbing the weaves?" she asks, slightly startled. You smile quietly and jump between her weaves and twist them around her.

"You really are Ory'hara..." she whispers in awe. "I had heard that Master Arando had said that you had moved beyond his capability to teach, but I could hardly believe such a thing in so little time. He is possibly the greatest warrior in our history, and for him to admit that you could master him if you chose is almost unbelievable, but now I see that he was only speaking the truth."

She shakes herself for a moment, recovering.

"The actual reason I'm here is to ask for your help again," she tells you sheepishly. "We need someone to help scout out Auroran space. Interested?"

"I knew I could count on you," she gushes, happy again. She waves over a black-garbed Mu'hari and a gray-cloaked warrior whom you instantly recognize. "Allow me to introduce Mu'Sentan, and I believe you and Drengar were both students under Arando."

You nod respectfully to Mu'Sentan and greet Drengar with a warm smile and a strong warrior's handshake.

"As you all know," Mu'Randa continues quietly, "the Aurorans have been very active of late, and we are getting a little suspicious of what is going on. I went and had a chat with my old friend Eamon Flannigan, and he told me that similar incidents have been happening along the Federation border as well. He also suggested that we make contact with the Dechtakars, whom he also called the Rimertans, and the Heraan House.

"Now, we have no idea where to go to make contact with either of these groups," she explains carefully, "so it is up to you to find them and then open talks with them. I suggest that you start by heading South, perhaps to <RST> in the <RSY> system, and ask for further directions from there."

Mission Log Entry
Find out the location of the 'Dechtakars' (also known as the Rimertans) and the Heraan House and make contact with them regarding the recent Auroran activity.
Dropping Cargo
You spend the days in hyperspace training with both Drengar and Mu'Sentan, who both seem eager to learn from you. You begin to realize that you are becoming something of a role-model to most Polarans, and that quite a number of them have begun to emulate you.

As you pilot your beloved <PSN> into dock, you cannot help but shake your head at the idea that you should be the object of such reverence.

Your reverie is interrupted when you sense the weaves of ten very hostile men waiting for you outside your ship. Both you and Drengar exchange glances and immediately head for the hatch.

You both step out to see ten fiercely tattooed Auroran warriors who immediately spring to attack. You are almost surprised at how little effort you have to spend in stepping between their weaves and upsetting their attack plan. In a few short graceful seconds you remain standing in a pool of blood with eight dead bodies lying around you.

Drengar bows in awe of your abilities and the watching Aurorans all look momentarily stunned at the speed with which you dealt with your challengers. Eventually one of the onlookers steps forward and addresses you in Auroran, which you do not understand.

"Don't worry," Mu'Sentan mutters as he brushes past you, "this is where I begin to make myself useful."

He begins talking with the Auroran warrior who spoke to you, and as he does so you find yourself falling into an almost hypnotic trance as you observe the weaves around them and listen to their conversation. Almost immediately you begin to pick up on the general meanings of the words being spoken. You shake yourself out of it when Mu'Sentan turns back to you.

"They have offered to show me the exact location of the planet Rimerta on a map they have in the library," he tells you quietly. "Meet me in the bar in an hour and I should be able to tell you where our next stop is."

Meet With Rimertans

You twist a weave around Drengar to get his attention when you sense the approach of Mu'Sentan and a couple of Auroran warriors. They enter the bar and make their way over to you. Both the warriors have eagerness written into the weaves around them.

"They have graciously given us the location of the planet Rimerta to help guide us on our way," announces Mu'Sentan after he sits down. "They have also given us a map of the local area to help speed our way over the initial journey."

You nod wondering why Mu'Sentan needed a warrior escort to tell you this.

"They wanted to see the man who honored their battle brothers by using them to prove his worth as a warrior," Mu'Sentan explains after you raise a subtle weaving questioning their presence. "They have fought the Nil'kemorya before, and they acknowledge them as perhaps the strongest warriors in the universe, but they have never seen your like, Ory'hara."

"I wanted to meet the {G"man" "woman"} who did my battle-brothers the honor of showing them {G"his" "her"} full strength," announces the larger of the two heavily-muscled warriors. "I am Drekhma, and I greet you in peace."

"I am Hakhic," begins the other warrior, "and I too wanted to show my respect."

They both nod their heads in a respectful motion before taking their leave and walking away.

"You seem to have made something of an impression," Drengar comments wryly. "It's a good thing we're trying to keep this low-key, otherwise we might have had to go around begging to get some attention."

You chuckle at his humor before downing the rest of your drink and getting up. Taking their cue from you, both of the Polaris also stand and the three of you make your way back to your beloved <PSN> to begin another long journey across the galaxy.

Mission Log Entry
Make contact with the Rimertans (also called the Dechtakars), and ask them about the location of the Heraan House. Whilst their, gather any evidence you can find regarding the recent Auroran activity.
Dropping Cargo
Once again you spend your time in hyperspace teaching both Drengar and Mu'Sentan more about their warrior arts. You find that the more you work with them, the easier it is for you to merge the universe with your mind and make it work to your will. Both of your students are awestruck when your reveal to them that the 'lucky' weaves that seem to spring up of their own accord around you were really of your creation.

Once again you sense a hostile reception awaiting for you when you land, and both you and Drengar head to the hatch to once again prove yourselves to the Aurorans.

Outside you are met with ten young warriors who immediately launch themselves at you, revealing their mastery of combat by throwing extremely complex weaves at you in an almost incomprehensible pattern. Without thinking, you immediately merge with the universe, and after a few moments of graceful violence, nine of these men lay dead at your feet, with Drengar standing over the tenth, shaking his head in awe.

An elderly warrior steps forward, and you sense his keen intelligence through the tight control he maintains over the weaves around him. He bows deeply in acknowledgment of your skill.

"We had heard that one whose strength was immeasurable had entered the Empire," he begins solemnly. "Now we see that the stories of your skill were, if anything, understated rather than the reverse. I am Du'Nakh, eldest living Dechtakar, and I am honored to have met you.

"I understand that you are here representing the Polaris?" he asks, looking inquiringly at you. Both you and Drengar indicate Mu'Sentan with subtle weaves, and Du'Nakh turns his attention to the Mu'hari.

"We were told by a man named Eamon Flannigan that you might be the people to see regarding a few matters," shrugs Mu'Sentan quietly. "Perhaps we could sit down and talk?"

"Archindar's honor is impeccable," nods Du'Nakh. He waves Mu'Sentan over. "Come, we will talk."

"I guess we wait in the bar," comments Drengar wryly, and you laugh.

Meet With Heraan House

You sense that every warrior in this room is trying to observe you without making it obvious. You decide to merge with the universe and cause an enormous hurricane of weaves centered on you to appear as if by chance. You cannot help but smile at the astounded expressions all over the room.

After recovering his composure Drengar shakes his head, smiling, "Stop showing off, Ory'hara," he chuckles. You sense that every warrior in the room is rocked to their very core with your display of mastery over the universe.

Not long after you sense the approach of Mu'Sentan.

"Well, things are getting interesting," he tells you after he sits down. "I have learned that these 'Dechtakars' are a group of warriors that have no loyalty to any house, only to the Empire as a whole. From what I have been able to gather from the other warriors I have talked with, they are thought of very highly by the warriors of the five houses, which surprises me given that they don't have much respect for each other."

"Now, getting back to the business at hand," Mu'Sentan continues, "Du'Nakh was unwilling to talk about what all the Auroran activity was about, but I could tell that he was more than a little suspicious about it, and not completely happy with it. He was however more than happy to give me the co-ordinates for the Heraan system.

"He intimated that the Heraan House might well be the best people to ask regarding the recent actions by the Aurorans," he explains in a low voice, leaning forward. "Apparently they are sworn enemies of the Moash House who are the First Family. Which means that while they have pledged support to the First Family, and they fight alongside First Family warriors every day against the enemies of the Empire, they actively fight against those same warriors trying to undermine the position of the Moash House.

"If anyone would be willing to talk with us about what is going on," Mu'Sentan concludes quietly, "the Heraan House would be it."

Mission Log Entry
Go to <RST> in the <RSY> system to meet with the leaders of the Heraan House regarding the recent Auroran activity along her borders.
Dropping Cargo
Once again, after many long days of training in hyperspace, you sense a hostile reception as you maneuver your way into dock. As you and Drengar make your way out of the hatch you are slightly surprised to see a single man, bare to the waist, with a stylized bird tattooed on his face and hundreds of other small tattoos covering his body waiting for you. Your surprise evaporates when you sense the complexity of his weaves. The only time you have seen weaves like it were when you were in the presence of Master Arando.

"I cannot defeat this man," states Drengar quietly, and you nod, indicating that he should remain onboard the ship.

You step out of the hatch and merge with the universe, sensing the patterns of your opponent's weaves around you. In a surprise move he attacks with deadly skill. You are forced to draw upon all of your abilities to twist his weaves back on him again and again, slowly forcing him to lose ground until with a single movement of almost poetic power, you knock him unconscious.

After a moment of stunned silence someone calls for a bucket of water. A young warrior runs forward and splashes the unconscious warrior who immediately awakens. He slowly stands and turns to face you.

"I am Techerakh, Thurokiir of the Heraan House," he introduces himself, "and, until today I had not been beaten for over forty years. You are truly a warrior among warriors."

You nod, accepting his compliment before introducing yourself and your two companions, adding that Mu'Sentan has a number of questions that he wants to ask the elders of the Heraan House.

"Come this way," Techerakh tells Mu'Sentan quietly. "I will present you to the Council of Elders myself."

After the two of them disappear into the crowd, you sense Drengar walk over.

"You are more than a warrior among warriors, Ory'hara," he says reverently, "you are a master amongst masters. Not even Arando could have defeated that man so easily."

You shake your head and say that you are going to wait in the bar for the return of Mu'Sentan.

Return To Mu'ar Haro

As you sit sipping your drink and chatting with Drengar, you sense the imminent arrival of Mu'Sentan.

"I have a message for Mu'Randa," he tells you after he sits down. "Firstly, I will be staying here for a while to learn as much as I can from the Elders of the Heraan House. Secondly, it appears the Aurorans are launching battle-group level attacks in an attempt to distract Federation intelligence from a major attack to come soon, although the Heraan Elders are more than a little suspicious of the motives behind the Moash House setting this in motion. They believe that the Moash Elders have some ulterior motive for it all, but, as yet, they have been able to prove nothing."

He turns to Drengar, "Are you willing to stay also? I ask because Auroran politics is something of a violent business, and I may not have the skills I need to defend myself. Plus, of course, Techerakh noticed you earlier today and commented that you are a very talented student, and he would be honored to train with you."

Drengar nods impassively, but you can sense the excitement beneath his calm exterior.

"I would be honored to stay here with you," he replies softly.

They both turn to you, and, after an awkward moment, you realize that they are trying to say goodbye. You shake your head and smile at their reverence, remembering when you were just a struggling freighter captain working out of Port Kane.

You stand and wordlessly shake the hands of both Polarans before heading back to the docking bay to prepare your beloved <PSN> for another long journey, this time back to Mu'ar Haro in Polaris space. As you walk along you cannot help but feel the sense of awe emanating from the people you see. You are more than a little grateful when you finally make it back to your ship. Heading out into space you breath a sigh of relief, glad to be away from such worship.

You point your ship in the direction of Mu'ar Haro, and begin your long lonely journey back.

Mission Log Entry
Return to <RST> in the <RSY> system to pass on Mu'Sentan's message to Mu'Randa.
Dropping Cargo
You sense the bubbly spirit of Mu'Randa even before you land, and she greets you with her vivacious smile when you exit your ship.

"It is good to see you again, Ory'hara," she exclaims, smiling. "How did things go in Auroran space?"

As the two of you walk along you give her a rough outline of the events of the journey, skipping over the details of the various fights you had a part in before concluding with the message from Mu'Sentan. After you finish, she stops and looks at you thoughtfully.

"Modesty definitely becomes you, Ory'hara, but don't think I haven't heard reports of your deeds," she tells you after a long pause. "It seems that you have reached a level that only the Vell-os of old could have even dreamed of. Arando openly acknowledges you as a Master now, and he doesn't do that lightly. Both he and some of his fellow masters have all reported feeling the fabric of the universe change every time you do whatever it is you are able to do."

You cannot help but sense the beginnings of the now familiar feelings of awe emanating from Mu'Randa and you smile a lonely, empty smile. In that moment you realize that you have become a person apart, a figure of legend. Never before have you felt so alone.

You tell Mu'Randa that you need some time alone to clear your head, so that you can better appreciate everything that has happened to you in recent months.

"Of course," she agrees quietly. "You have become so much larger than life, that sometimes even I forget that you are just a {G "man" "woman"} who has been give extraordinary abilities and been thrust into an extraordinary situation. Take all the time you need. If I have anything for you I will try to make contact with you wherever you are."

You thank her and take your leave, wishing that, if only for a short while, your life could go back to the way it was before you became Ory'hara.

Find Vellos

As you make your way to the bar you sense the familiar presence of P'Jeena waiting for you long before you walk in the door. When you do enter he stands up and waves you over to his table.

"I'm glad you stopped by, Ory'hara," he says after you exchange greetings. "As we find ourselves to be in a bit of a bother. None of our analyses have helped us get any closer to solving the mystery of the Krypt. The only thing we have been able to do is verify that what Llyrell said about the Krypt Pods being made of nanites is true. Other than that we keep running up against dead ends.

"We were wondering," he continues almost pleadingly, "if you could go on another journey for us to see if we can gather some more information? I warn you, this mission may be very dangerous."

"Thank you, Ory'hara," P'Jeena tells you sincerely after you agree to help out. "You probably don't know this, but most P'aedt are grateful to you for starting the recent boom in advancements due to the opening up of the border with the Wraith, led by your efforts, and your recent contact with the Aurorans.

"What we want you to do," he explains, getting down to business, "is to locate the 'homeworld' of the Vell-os, which goes by the same name. We know it is located somewhere to the north-west of what is now Federation space, but our ancient records are a little sketchy so unfortunately we can't be any more specific.

"We hope that if this Krypt is as curious as the Vell-os claim it is," he tells you quietly, "that it will somehow try to make contact with you. Of course, we know that this might be dangerous, but of anyone alive, you are perhaps the most capable of dealing with any danger it might present.

"When you have finished," he finishes a little tiredly, "return here with your findings."

Mission Log Entry
Locate the planet <DST> and attempt to make contact with the 'Krypt-mind' while you are there before returning to <RST> in the <RSY> system.
Loading Cargo
You are amazed by the god-like depths of intelligence you sense in the weavings of the Krypt-mind during your journey. As soon as you enter the physical space occupied by this intelligence, you find yourself constantly under attack by the Krypt, and it slowly works away at your defenses. As soon as you begin piloting down to the surface of Vellos, the attacks stop, offering you some respite. And as you make your way through the atmosphere of this destroyed world you can feel Krypt focus its attention down to the surface.

When you step out you see an obsidian colored nude female figure striding towards your ship.

"What are you?" she asks abruptly, and instantly you can sense Krypt's enormous intelligence in the figure before you. "Why did you come here?"

Suddenly you are forced to defend your mind against a potentially deadly intrusion as Krypt tries to weave her way inside your head. You instantly merge with the universe and twist the conditions around you to thwart her attempts, but even then her weaves are almost too intricate to unravel, and you only barely manage to survive. Then, just as suddenly, the attacks stop.

"You are interesting," she announces thoughtfully. "I will watch you."

With that her body dissipates into dust and you are left panting with exertion.

Dropping Cargo
Every spare moment you have on the long journey back to meet P'Jeena you spend meditating and training to see if you could better survive another such attack. Never before have you felt such an enormously powerful force try to unravel your mind. The more you study the incident, the more frightened you become. Even the smallest moment of hesitation at any time would have left you dead in an instant.

Day after day you practice in an attempt to duplicate Krypt's weaves in order to better understand her attack and be better prepared for any future encounter you may have with her. Towards the end of your journey you begin to figure out how to produce the same configurations of weaves she did, but you are still a long way from being able to create them with anywhere near the same rapidity.

As you fly down through the polluted atmosphere of P'ar Aed you vow to keep meditating on her weaves and keep practicing so as not to have to struggle so desperately the next time you meet her.

"So what did you learn?" asks P'Jeena when you exit your craft and you reply that you learned that you are not yet ready to deal with Krypt.

"Is it that powerful?" he asks, going pale, and you nod grimly.

You quickly detail the events of your journey, and pass on all the impressions you got from observing the mind of Krypt throughout. You finish by describing the events of the attack upon your mind, and by informing P'Jeena that you need some more time before you will feel ready to face her again.

"I understand," he bows, acknowledging the skill required to have even survived. "I apologize for exposing you to such a powerful and uncaring being. We will analyze what information we can garner from your sensors, I can only express my deepest thanks for the efforts you went to in securing it.

"Please Ory'hara," he concludes seriously, "do not return until you feel you are ready."

Observe Experiment

As you prepare to disembark from your ship you cannot help but smile in anticipation when you sense the bubbly presence of Mu'Randa waiting for you. You create a subtle weave to alert her to your imminent arrival and she greets you when you walk out the hatch and waves you over.

"I am glad that our paths have once again crossed," she tells you with a smile, "as I wanted to show you something that the P'aedt and the Ver'ash have been working on recently.

"You are of course aware that the Vell-os still suffer as slaves under the brutal guidance of the Bureau," she breathes, "and we have long wanted to find a way of freeing them from their onerous burden. Well, recently a young Ver'ash came up with a fairly reasonable theory as to how we might actually go about it.


"I thought you might want to come along," she continues with one of her trademark smiles. "The other reason why I'm glad you came along is that I need a lift to see it myself. They are conducting the experiments on the <RST> station in the <RSY> system, so that's where we need to get to.

"I have been assured by a number of different Ver'ash and P'aedt involved with the project," Mu'Randa continues brightly, "that they feel as if they are on the verge of a major breakthrough soon, so you might want to hurry."

You grin at her not so subtle hint and you invite her to lead the way back to your beloved <PSN> to begin the journey.

Mission Log Entry
Go to <RST> in the <RSY> system to observe the P'aedt and Ver'ash experiments towards freeing the Vell-os.
Dropping Cargo
During the journey Mu'Randa asks you a number of questions regarding your abilities and your confrontation with the Krypt. You end up training with her, and guiding her to a greater understanding of her own arts and abilities.

When you land you are greeted by a green-robed woman whom Mu'Randa introduces as Ver'Lahir. She indicates that you should all follow her and she leads you into an observation booth looking down into a laboratory. Beneath you, you see a man lying down with a complex device fitted to the base of his skull surrounded by ten sweating Polarans of varying classes. Observing closer you sense that the surrounding people are all very strong telepaths and they are trying to somehow 'lift' some kind of 'weight' away from the mind of the prone patient. Suddenly you understand that the Polaris are trying to find a way of temporarily 'taking the strain' away from the prone man who is 'enslaved' by the device attached to his skull.

You sense that they are trying to twist the weaves of the device against itself somehow, without much success. Acting on a whim you merge with the universe around you and casually divert its weaves towards yourself.

Suddenly you feel pressed against the floor by the flows of the enslavement device, and only by continually manipulating the conditions around you are you capable of keeping at bay the terrible compulsion. At the edge of your concentration you hear a gasp and you quickly emerge from your union with the universe and the pressure on your mind falls away as your weaves crumble.

You look up to see all the Polaris looking at you in awe.

"...and he shall show us the way onwards," says Ver'Lahir as if quoting from somewhere and every person in the room bows in your direction.

Embarrassed, you quickly tell them how you did it, and how they might emulate it using a series of simple weaves before telling Mu'Randa that you are tired from the long journey, and heading back to the privacy of your ship.

Capture Vell-os

As you sit in the bar you sense the familiar presence of Mu'Randa approaching.

"Ver'Lahir and her team have duplicated your success," she tells you with a smile. "Now we can move our operation up a notch."

You can feel Mu'Randa's mind working deviously, and you raise an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Now that you are with us," she tells you, "we must prepare for the reintegration of humanity; we cannot stick to our isolationist policy any longer. So we must begin preparing the way.

"You see, now that we can free one Vell-os," she continues explaining, "we can aid the rebels in their efforts to destroy the Bureau. You see, without the enslaved Vell-os, the Bureau will no longer be able to put up show trials where 'supposedly free' Vell-os are meant to read the minds of the accused and make judgement on them. In reality, they are told precisely what their judgements are going to be ahead of time by their Bureau masters. The end result will be the discrediting of the Bureau (and hopefully its destruction) and so a more reasonable Federation government.

"Interested in helping out?"

"I knew I could count on you," Mu'Randa smiles at you in thanks before getting down to business. "We have already told the Rebels to prepare for the Federation's sudden weakness, and we believe that they are planning a strike against the Bureau's headquarters on New England, but first we must remove the enslaving device from at least one Vell-os. Once we've done that, the freed Vell-os will be able to take the strain for at least one other, and in no time the entire race will be freed.

"But it won't be easy," Mu'Randa warns. "You see the Vell-os have been ordered to stop anyone from removing the devices, so you can expect them to fight you with everything they have.

"Simply put," she summarizes quietly whilst handing you a small hypodermic syringe, "we want you to go and bring back Llyrell from his current home on <DST> in the <DSY> system and take him to <RST> in the <RSY> system. The sedative in that syringe should be strong enough to keep even a Vell-os unconscious for several weeks."

Mission Log Entry
Go to <DST> in order to capture the Vell-os Llyrell and take him back to <RST> in the <RSY> system so that he can be freed from slavery.
Loading Cargo
Llyrell greets you when you land.

"You know that I must resist as strongly as I can," he tells you almost formally. You nod, and the two of you begin.

In the following minutes both of you weave ever more complex flows, and while you have the advantage of being able to merge with the universe, Llyrell's telepathic attacks force you to use your abilities to defend your mind from his telepathic attacks rather than for attacking him.

Finally, in an effort to protect your mind, you merge completely with the spirit of the universe, losing all sense of self. In that moment your intellect vastens to touch every point in the universe at one time, and for a second you know everything about the universe. In your last moments of union, before your mind shudders back from the inconceivable, you use your power to create a weave that smashes through Llyrell's defenses.

"Ory'hara," he murmurs as he falls unconscious. You quickly drag him onto your ship away from the many bystanders who had stopped to watch the fight.

Dropping Cargo
As soon as you land your passenger is wheeled out into one of the many medical facilities on the station. Mu'Randa watches the other Polaris wheel him away before coming over and placing a hand on your shoulder.

"You couldn't have known," she informs you quietly, "but Llyrell, the Vell-os you fought, was known throughout the galaxy as perhaps the greatest master of the Vell-os arts in a millennia, possibly the greatest ever. To have defeated one such as him proves that you are Ory'hara. Nobody else could have achieved it."

You look up into her kind blue eyes, your mind still reeling from being as one with the universe. You can feel the soft razor's edge of insanity dwelling not far away, even as you go over the events in your mind.

"You will be happy to know," Mu'Randa continues happily, ignorant of your distress. "That the Bureau is in disarray after the Rebel attack on their headquarters, and all the subsequent drama."

"You see," Mu'Randa explains jubilantly, "the Rebels were able to capture the leader of the Bureau, a woman who went by the name of 'Commander Krane', and now that we have Llyrell, we can free him, and therefore the rest of the Vell-os, which will mean that when this Krane woman is put on trial, she will be really put on trial before an unbiased Vell-os judge. Imagine how damaging the verdict will be!"

You cannot help but smile at Mu'Randa's enthusiasm knowing that your efforts will be instrumental in bringing to power a more reasonable Federation government. You realize that the satisfaction you feel right now more than makes up for the loneliness of your existence.

"Anyway," Mu'Randa concludes happily, "we are over the moon with the way things have gone, and Bis Andreya has given me permission to open the Polaris treasury to pay you a sizeable donation for your efforts. If you want, you can use it to buy our latest ship, the 'Raven', the most powerful vessel ever created."

Pass on Info

Upon landing you sense the bubbly Mu'Randa nearby, and as you prepare to disembark you can feel an underlying sense of urgency as she waits for you.

When you finally exit your ship you casually merge with universe and bring into existence a weave which turns her head towards you. After a moment of awed shock she makes her way over.

"You have become very difficult to track down," she begins reverently. "I used to be able to sense your presence directly even from many systems away, but as your skills have increased it has become almost impossible to sense you directly at all, even from across the room. Instead I have to track you by sensing the reactions of others to recognizing your presence, which is far more difficult."

You almost wince when you are reminded of how the Polaris have come to think of you, but you keep your face and mind blank.

"Regardless," she says more seriously, "the reason I'm here is because I have urgent information that needs to get into the right hands. Can I count on you?"

"Thank you, Ory'hara," she breathes sincerely, "this is something of an emergency. You see, since Dr. Pentecost was elected the new Federation President, he has generously been sharing intelligence with us. Basically we have learned that just before they were discredited the Bureau had managed to forge an alliance with the Moash House, and we have reason to believe that they have fled to Moash Space with a sizeable fleet of Federation vessels in an effort to regain a toehold on the universe.

"It is urgent that you pass all this on to the Heraan House," she explains quietly, "as we think that they may be in imminent danger of being attacked by a combined fleet of Moash and Bureau forces. Once you've done that you're going to have to decide on your own what action to take from there, as we don't know enough to help you."

Mission Log Entry
Pass on intel to the Heraan House Elders that the Moash and Bureau forces are in alliance and may attack at any time.
Dropping Cargo
You find yourself getting mildly irritated when you sense a number of young Auroran warriors eagerly awaiting your arrival so that they can test themselves against you. As soon as you open the hatch you slip into the universe and create weaves so dense that they are powerful enough to throw grown men around like leaves. As you hold all ten young warriors motionless in mid-air you tell them in no uncertain terms that you are in no mood to deal with their silliness today. Only when you are certain that they understand you do you relent and lower them back down to the ground.

You ask one of the now slightly frightened youngsters where you have to go to talk with the Elders of their House and he points without hesitation to a stairwell off to the side of the docking facility going up. You nod in thanks and begin making your way to them.

After a long climb the stairs open out into a large room in which a number of elderly looking warriors are seated around a large table talking in an orderly fashion.

As you stride over they catch sight of you and fall silent, watching you slightly suspiciously.

"Why have you disturbed us Ory'hara?" asks Techerakh from his seat at the foot of the table. "I wouldn't think that you would barge in here so unceremoniously without reason."

You nod and quickly outline the intelligence that Mu'Randa passed on, and her assessment that the Heraan House is a likely first target for the combined Moash and Bureau fleets. When you finish, the Elders look at each other, doubtful of your story.

"I will vouch for Ory'hara," states Techerakh quietly. "{G"He" "She"} is a warrior of the purest order, {G"his" "her"} words are as law."

With that, the Elders look at you with renewed respect, and you realize that Techerakh's word obviously means a great deal to them.

"Thank you for giving us this information Ory'hara," Techerakh again pipes up. "The Elders will now consider it and will prepare a plan of action. I will meet you in the bar in two hours to let you know what has been decided."

Alert Rimertans

As you sit, sipping your second drink, you cannot help smiling when you sense the approach of not only Techerakh, but also your old travelling companions Mu'Sentan and Drengar. When they enter the room you subtly direct their attention in your direction, and they make their way over.

You greet both your friends with a warm smile and handshake before thanking Techerakh for bringing them along.

"I had nothing to do with it," Techerakh smiles, gently shaking his head. "Young Drengar here sensed the disturbance you caused earlier at the docks and insisted on seeing you."

You laugh and thank him anyway.

"Anyway, before you get too carried away reminiscing about old times," Techerakh continues more seriously, "we need your help. We need someone to get the attention of the Dechtakar Elders on Rimerta, but because of the threat of invasion, we really can't spare any House warriors. Can you help us?"

"All you have to do," he explains quietly, "is go to <RST> in the <RSY> system and explain to them that the Elders of the Heraan House wish for one of them to witness events of interest to the Ruling Council. They will send at least one Dechtakar with you, and then you will take him or her to the Moash system to witness whatever is there. Once you have done that return here to pick me up and we will journey to Aurora to confront the First Family over their actions.

"Ory'hara, you have the thanks of the Heraan House," Techerakh states formally as he stands up to leave, "your name will not soon be forgotten. I will leave you now to spend time with your Battle-Brothers."

You spend the rest of the afternoon chatting and laughing with both the young Polarans, whom have become far more animated for their contact with the Auroran culture. Even the reverence they feel for you as 'Ory'hara' has been muted down to mere respect, and for the first time in many months you enjoy yourself.

Mission Log Entry
Travel to <RST> in the <RSY> system to alert the Dechtakars that there is something the Elders of the Heraan House would like them to witness.
Without pausing to think you hold the ten young warriors itching to attack you in place with weaves thick enough to support the mighty tower you have landed on, and you start up the stairs you know will lead you to the Dechtakar Elders. Before long you are standing before a table headed by Du'Nakh whom you remember from when you visited here with Drengar and Mu'Sentan in tow.

"Ory'hara would not interrupt us so unless the matter were urgent," Du'Nakh says, mostly to soothe the rumbles of discontent at your sudden appearance. "{G"His" Her"} honor is impeccable, and we will hear what {G"he" "she"} has to say."

You quickly recite the formula given to you by Techerakh, including the part about it being of interest to the Ruling Council, at which point everyone in the room starts to pay attention.

"If the Elders of the Heraan House want us to witness something of importance to the Ruling Council," Du'Nakh replies thoughtfully, "I would see it for myself. Wait for me in the bar, I will meet you there in an hour."

Observe Bureau

You sense Du'Nakh's keen intellect approaching and you immediately stand and walk out of the bar and move to meet him on the way back to your ship.

"Why didn't you wait for me?" he asks, and you sense that he is mildly annoyed.

You answer that you sensed him coming and decided to meet him on the way to save a little time.

"I apologize for ever doubting your motives," he breathes sincerely and you wave it away, telling him you didn't mind.

You quickly go through your pre-flight checklist, aware of Du'Nakh's eyes widening every time you use your abilities to flick switches and push buttons without moving from your seat in the command chair.

Mission Log Entry
Observe the Moash and Bureau forces working together in the Moash system before heading back to <RST> in the <RSY> system to pick up Techerakh.
Dropping Cargo
As soon as you land you are met by a small battle group of warriors obviously prepared to repel any sneak attack by Moash warriors. As soon as they see you they quickly back off, giving you a respectful amount of space.

"I see that young Dechtakar warriors aren't the only group of people you have frightened into leaving you alone," Du'Nakh chuckles. "Although, I can imagine that the eagerness with which young warriors these days try to gain renown could quickly become very tiresome for one of your abilities."

When you reach the council chambers you gain the attention of every person in the room with a subtle weave.

"Have you seen something of interest to the Ruling Council?" asks Techerakh a little obliquely.

"What I have seen is a First Family that has treacherously and dishonorably allied itself with our most hated enemies," Du'Nakh confirms grimly, "in a greedy attempt to gain nothing more than mere power."

"Do not worry," he continues, holding up his hands to forestall the questions of the Heraan Elders, "the forms have been followed, and what I have seen has not been contaminated by either your views or those of Ory'hara. You can be assured that my word will be as law before the Ruling Council, nobody can doubt its veracity.

"To keep it that way," he again forestalls any questions with an upraise hand, "I would ask that you say little now, so that no challenge of any sort can be made on the integrity of my word. We have come for Techerakh, because he may be needed to take part in a meeting of the Council of Thurokiirs."

You raise your eyebrows at the satisfied reaction of the Heraan Elders to Du'Nakh's last statement.

"If the First Family has so disgraced itself that it has been removed from power," Techerakh explains in a low voice, "the Council of Thurokiirs decides on who will be the next First Family. Meet me in the bar in ten minutes, I will be ready to go then."

Meet the Ruling Council

As you sit chatting with Du'Nakh you sense the business-like approach of Techerakh. You surprise Du'Nakh by predicting the exact time the Heraan Thurokiir will enter the bar.

"Your abilities truly are amazing," Du'Nakh marvels after Techerakh joins the two of you. "Not even Techerakh here, who is widely acknowledged as the greatest Auroran martial artist in history, could sense such things."

"That's not terribly surprising," Techerakh explains quietly, "Ory'hara is the preeminent warrior in the universe. {G"He" "She"} has not only defeated myself, but also Llyrell, the most talented Vell-os warrior in recent centuries, and has fought to a standstill the almost god-like intelligence that now inhabits what used to be Vell-os space in the galactic north-west.

"I may not be as talented as yourself," Techerakh smiles at your mild surprise, "but I'm not without my own abilities, and I am probably the most widely travelled person in the galaxy, with the possible exceptions of yourself and my Battle-Brother Archindar."

"You may think that he has only had a peripheral role in all the recent goings on in the galaxy," Techerakh warns Du'Nakh, "but he has not. More than that, anybody with the skill necessary to intuitively observe the weaves of life, has felt the disturbances he has made to the fabric of the universe on the odd occasions when he has unleashed his power, and it is frightening. His abilities approach the limitless."

"Is that true?" asks Du'Nakh. "Could you, say, ah... I don't know, destroy a world, for instance?"

You sit thinking for a moment, and you realize that if you really wanted to, you probably could. You shrug and nod noncommittally.

"By the Gods!" Du'Nakh swears. "Well I am glad we have you on our side!"

You smile wanly, wishing that Techerakh hadn't been so forthcoming about your abilities. You stand, suggesting that it is time to get moving. Both Du'Nakh and Techerakh sense your mood and nod in agreement.

Mission Log Entry
Take Du'Nakh and Techerakh to <RST> in the <RSY> system so that they can inform the Auroran Ruling Council of the treacherous actions by the Moash House.
Dropping Cargo
Upon landing the three of you make your way to the chambers of the Ruling Council. As you walk up to the door that opens into the chambers themselves, you sense the hostile intentions of twenty young warriors who leap out at the three of you in an ambush. Having long since merged with the universe, you launch into a series of brutally graceful moves that end with the bloody deaths of all your attackers.

You quickly put together weaves thick enough to lift the remains and you mentally will the door open, calmly walking in and dumping the bodies at the feet of the three Moash representatives and the Emperor, who all look momentarily shaken.

"What is the meaning of this?" blusters the Emperor through his surprise.

"It is another proof of the level to which the Moash House has sunk," replies Du'Nakh stonily. "My word is as law, and I have seen with my own eyes the ships of our most hated enemy, the Bureau, in your own home system, where, alongside your own ships, they attacked us."

"All the forms have been observed," Du'Nakh submits grimly. "My word is uncontaminated, and I call to account the Moash House for treachery and deceit, and I call for the Council of Thurokiirs to be convened."

"You can't do that, you need a full vote of the Council first," sneers one of the Moash representatives.

"I move that the Moash be struck from the position of First Family, and that the Council of Thurokiirs be convened," drawls one of the Tekel representatives, nodding in acknowledgment of Du'Nakh's suggestion. "Votes against?"

The hands of the Emperor and the three Moash representatives go up, their faces going white when they receive no support.

"For?" asks the same member and everybody else raises his or her hand. "The motion is passed. This Council is dissolved pending the decision of the Thurokiirs Council."

As one, all the representatives, barring those from the Moash House, get up and leave.

"Meet me in the bar," whispers Du'Nakh, "and I'll explain what happens next."

Return to Kel'ar Iy

After an hour of observing the Du'Nakh's movements to different parts of the arcology, he finally turns towards the bar, and his meeting with you.

"Sorry for taking so long Ory'hara," Du'Nakh apologizes as he sits down, "but, as you can understand, I had a number of things I had to take care of."

You wave it away, telling him that you don't mind.

"I guess you want to know what's going on?" he asks mildly, and you nod calmly. "The Emperor, his advisers and the three representatives of the Moash House have been sealed in the throne room which will never be opened again as long as the Auroran Empire survives. That is their punishment for their treachery, and as they starve over the coming weeks, they will have plenty of time to think on their misdeeds."

You are a little surprised at the severity of the sentence, but one look at Du'Nakh's face tells you that he has no doubts about the suitability of their punishment.

"In a fortnight the Thurokiirs' council will meet," he continues grimly, "and they will decide on who will become the new First Family, and although I don't want to preempt their decision, I will be surprised if the Heraan House doesn't assume that responsibility.

"In the meantime," he says quietly, "I have spoken with the representatives of all the houses, except obviously the Moash House, and they have all agreed in principle to opening diplomatic relations with the Polaris. Of course, this still has to be agreed to by the Polaris and it has to be ratified by the full Council when it next meets, but I would like you to pass on the offer.

"And one last thing," he says, looking you straight in the eye. "There will be a great many songs written and sung about the events of this day. I swear to you on my honor that I will make sure that your name is mentioned first in all of them, Ory'hara."

As he walks away you realize that his last statement was no idle honor, and that he meant every word.

Mission Log Entry
Take the tentative offer from the Aurorans to open diplomatic relations to the Polaris Ruling Council on <RST>.
Dropping Cargo
As you meditate to pass the time in your many hours in hyperspace, you start to occasionally feel a desire to completely merge with the universe. As you have only completely immersed yourself into the universe once, and were nearly driven insane by it, you resist the temptation, but you cannot help feeling that it will not be long before you are forced to do it again.

As you dock on the enormous ring around <RST>, you sense that the entire Council is waiting to greet you, and you suddenly understand that even these ancient and wise men and women have begun to succumb to the awe surrounding the mystique of your skills.

Never before have you taken so long to complete your post-flight routine. You do everything you can think of to put off having to face people who are so impressed by your abilities that they can no longer recognize your humanity. But you can only avoid it for so long, and soon you are ready to exit your ship.

"Welcome back, Ory'hara," smiles a healthy looking Bis Andreya. "We understand that you have an offer for us."

You quickly summarize the events of your sojourn into Auroran space, ending with Du'Nakh's tentative offer to open diplomatic relations.

"You will be happy to know," Bis Andreya informs you after listening to your report, "that the Heraan House will be the new First Family after all the appropriate rites and ceremonies have been completed, and that we have received unofficial confirmation through Drengar and Mu'Sentan that they are still willing to begin talks with us.

"But for now we wanted to thank you for your actions in not only destroying the remnants of the despicable Bureau," she continues, "but also for being a part of bringing to power a more reasonable Auroran government. You have our thanks and our admiration for your efforts, and we have placed a significant sum of money at your disposal, and it is our wish that you take the time to enjoy it."

Find Krypt-tokh

Over the past few months you have been keeping an eye on the locations of Mu'Randa, Llyrell and P'Jeena, because you knew that once they got together the day you had been dreading was fast approaching. A few weeks ago you felt them meet, and since then you have observed their search of the galaxy for you.

As you slowly prepare to disembark, you know that they will ask you to once again face the Krypt.

It seems like every head in the spaceport turns to watch you leave your ship, and more than one Polaris casts a sidelong look in the direction of the small group waiting for you before deliberately looking away. You walk over and nod in greeting, but none of them want to break the ice.

"You know why we have come," states Llyrell, quietly pleading. "But you cannot know the whole story. We cannot evolve past the veil unless we have the Krypt-tokh to focus us, it is the way our mind is set up. More than that, we have no desire to leave them behind.

"Will you help us?"

When you calmly nod, you cannot help but sense the surge of pride from everyone nearby as they try to observe the goings on.

"Thank you, Ory'hara," responds Llyrell. "Of all the people in this room, I am the only one besides yourself who has felt the Krypt-mind, and so I know the danger you are placing yourself in for us, but without you we would be lost."

He looks over at P'Jeena, and you sense the young scientist's discomfort rise sharply.

"Our analysis from your last trip was again incomplete," he mutters uncomfortably, "but we were able to pick up some residual psychic phenomena embedded into parts of Vell-os, and Llyrell was able to identify the patterns as being similar to those of some of the members of the Krypt-tokh just before the end of the Vell-os War.

"So we want you to go to Vell-os with Llyrell," he explains, shifting in his seat, "and then take it from there."

"...and when you are finished," Mu'Randa pipes up sadly, "I will be waiting for you on Mu'ar Haro."

Mission Log Entry
Travel to <RST> in the <RSY> system with Llyrell to see if you can find out what happened to the Krypt-tokh at the end of the Vell-os War.
Loading Cargo
As soon as you entered Krypt space you were forced to defend Llyrell from constant attacks by the Krypt-mind. For weeks you stay immersed in the spirit of the universe until you are sure that you have gone insane. But after the first few moments it feels almost natural, and you can sense Krypt's rising panic as she cannot penetrate your defenses.

As a part of your enormously vastened perceptions, you almost unconsciously land on the surface of Vell-os, and observe Llyrell leaving the ship for a time. You sense him cast about with his mind, looking for a psychic trace of the Krypt-tokh. With a small weave amongst the millions of weaves you are willing into existence to foil the Krypt-mind you draw his attention to what he is looking for.

He returns to the ship, and you can sense his awe at what you have shown you can do.

"I felt the word 'Korell'," he says quietly, aware that you already know, "and that was a planet once populated by us. I suggest we go there."

You nod, and you take off again.

Dropping Cargo
Before you even land you can sense the faded remnants of the Krypt-tokh's psychic aura as you absent-mindedly pilot your ship down through Korell's atmosphere. From the residue they left behind you deduce that they partially embedded their minds into their nanites in an effort to escape detection by the ravaging forces of the Colonial Council. With a sudden whiff of inspiration you realize that they actually created the Krypt in an effort to defend this world, and eventually all of what was Vell-os space whilst they waited for the spirit of the universe to awaken and return them to their natural state.

Suddenly you know what has to be done, and you weave an invitation to the Krypt into your defenses against her attacks which suddenly stop, and you can sense her focusing her intellect into the grotto where you feel the remnants of the Krypt-tokh.

With a subtle inclination of your head, you tell Lyrell to follow you as you head in that direction.

You sense Llyrell's growing wonder and Krypt's apprehension as you enter the cave. Inside you see six bodies, perfectly preserved in cryogenic tubes.

"They must move on," you tell Krypt with quiet assurance. "You must find your own way."

Krypt nods and walks over to the cryogenic tubes, and in a sudden whirlwind of consciousness, transfers everything of the Krypt-tokh back into their bodies before dissipating completely.

"You did it!" exclaims Llyrell. "And she destroyed herself to do it."

You shake your head, telling him that she just gave back to them what they had given to her, but that she remains, although it will be centuries before she relearns how to project herself so intensely again.

You give him a few instructions on how to operate the cryogenic machinery, before heading back to your ship. With relief, for the first time in weeks, you dissolve your union with the universe, allowing your mind to return to its limited senses with relish. While you were immersed in the universe you sensed Mu'Randa waiting for you on Mu'ar Haro, and whenever the Polaris ask for your help, you know it won't be long until you are once again immersing your consciousness in the universe...

Head Back to Mu'ar Haro

Mission Log Entry
Head back to Mu'ar Haro in the Mu'Hari system to see what Mu'Randa wants.

Ferry Mu'Randa

Throughout your trip back, you can feel the spirit of the universe calling to you. Several times the need grows so great that only with an enormous act of will can you withstand it. But soon, you know that it will grow too powerful, and you will cease to exist as a human being and instead will become one with the universe.

During these struggles you peripherally notice the departure of the Vell-os beyond the physical realm, and with a nod of your head you say goodbye and wish them well. With your enhanced senses you can still feel them wandering around the edges of your awareness, occasionally touching the physical plane as they learn more about their new realm.

Finally you land on Mu'ar Haro, and you sense the relieved Mu'Randa waiting for you. You know that she wants you to give her a lift to Kel'ar Iy to pass on to the Polaris leaders that their unspoken debt to the Vell-os is now paid.

"I will take you," you tell her before she can speak, and you almost wince at the wonder in her eyes.

Without a word you indicate with a subtle weave that she should follow, and you lead her back to your beloved <PSN>. She watches, her eyes widening in wonder, as you go through the preflight checklist without moving a muscle.

After takeoff you turn to Mu'Randa and ask if there is anything else that the Polaris will need of you.

"I believe that there will be one more thing," she answers reluctantly, the wonder in her eyes being replaced by shame. "We have placed ourselves in an untenable position, and only you can extricate us from it.

"But it was not my doing," she tells you quietly, "and I will leave the telling of it to those who were responsible."

With a single nod you turn back to your internal struggle against the call of the universe. You know that soon enough, all this will be over.

Mission Log Entry
Take Mu'Randa to <RST> in the <RSY> system to find out what the Polaris leaders have done that has placed them in an awkward position.
Dropping Cargo
You sense the presence of the entire Polaris Ruling Council plus the caste leaders awaiting your arrival. Without digging too deep you can feel the irritation of the caste-leaders and the anxiety of the council members.

Stepping out of the hatch, you are almost horrified to see everyone bowing. Without thought you weave them all upright, telling them that you are still just a {g"man" "woman"}.

"It took us over six centuries," intones Bis Andreya formally, "but, with your help, we have finally been able to pay our debt to the Vell-os.

"But we have another problem," she continues, and you can sense her nervousness. "You may not be aware that we have recently entered into secret alliances with both the Federation and the Auroran Empire. The reasoning was that we could use our new position as allies to bring to bear some leverage on both parties in order to bring them closer together.

"Unfortunately," she tells you, her voice on the verge of breaking, "things didn't go quite as planned."

"As part of our agreements with them," Bis Andreya explains in a small voice, "we shared some of our technology with both of them. We had hoped that it would be used to raise the standard of living in both realms, but it is going to be put to use on the battle-field first. "We protested," she sighs sadly, "but they would not listen. Both of them proclaimed that they could not trust the other, and that the weapons would only be used in defense of their own nation, but soon their technology will begin to outstrip their tactical ability, and it will be possible for one side to breach the defenses of the other easily and cause enormous amounts of damage. We are within a few months of what could be the most terrible war in the history of mankind." You shake your head at the naivete of the Polaris before announcing that you will go to the bar for a quiet drink. You tell them that in one hour you will tell them what you will do.

Travel to Ar'Za Iusia

Exactly on the hour, all the leaders of Polaris society file in with expectant expressions on their faces. You smile inwardly, knowing that they aren't going to like your solution.

"The hour is up, Ory'hara," Bis Andreya reminds you politely. "We are here to listen to your plan."

You smile an empty sad smile, knowing that you are going to manipulate them into destroying their own beautiful civilization.

"Join me on the <PSN>," you say quietly, "there is something I want to remind you of, and it is best that you see it for yourselves."

With that you get up and lead back to your ship before heading out into space on your way to <DST> in the <DSY> system, to remind them of the sacrifice of one of their historical heroes, Iusia. With luck they will understand the significance of what you are trying to say.

Mission Log Entry
Take Mu'Randa to <RST> in the <RSY> system to find out what the Polaris leaders have done that has placed them in an awkward position.
Loading Cargo
When your passengers recognize the planet your are landing on a few look puzzled, others look sad, but only three, Iuso, Mu'Randa and Bis Andreya, look grim. As soon as you touch down you usher everyone off the ship.

"You truly are a warrior for our people," says Tre'Inari, one of the leaders of the Tre'pira, after a long silence. "Only one as great as yourself would even contemplate sacrificing yourself for all of humanity."

You smile a sad smile, and shake your head.

"It is not Ory'hara's place to sacrifice {G"himself" "herself"} to get us out of our problems," lectures Iuso quietly. "It is not {G"he" "she"} that will be sacrificed for humanity. That honor is saved for ourselves."

"Soon the Polaris will be no more," agrees Bis Andreya sadly. "We must destroy ourselves for the good of humanity.

"Thank you, Ory'hara," she says, turning to you. "You have shown us the way. We remain in your debt."

You shake your head, before indicating that everyone should return to your ship for the trip back to Kel'ar Iy.

Upon landing, it saddens you to see the once proud Polaris leaders file off, looking like broken men and women. But they now know as well as you that the days of their civilization are numbered. Soon their entire culture will have passed away under the weight of upcoming events.

"I will have a battle-plan for you soon," states Iuso, the only one still holding his head high. Bis Andreya nods sadly, and Iuso bows before turning on his heel and heading towards his own ship.

"We will require a little time Ory'hara," says Mu'Randa quietly, seeing the distress on the face of Bis Andreya. "But when we are ready, we will find you. We will need your abilities to get us through this."

You nod, wishing that there was something you could say to soften the blow to the very fabric of their lives. Instead, you smile a sad, empty smile, and head back to your ship to feel again the thrills of being human, for you know that your own time also grows short.

Wage War

When you sense the approach of Mu'Randa, you know the time has come and you finally give in to the call of the universe and once again sink into the now comfortable union.

Mu'Randa watches with awe as you sweep up her mind on one of your weaves and carry it out to where you are focusing your mind. You know it is time to lead the Polaris into the war in which they will cease to exist as a nation. You must decide which force you will lead, the one which will launch against the Federation, or the one which will try to smash through the Aurorans...

Lead Attack on Federation Lead Attack on Aurorans
Attack Federation Attack Aurorans

Head to Port Kane

As you centre yourself in the universe, almost absent-mindedly you set a course for Port Kane in the Kania system to begin the destruction of the Federation war-machine...

Head to Earth

Mission Log Entry
Head to <RST> in the <RSY> system to finish the destruction of the Federation military.
As soon as you land the warriors start almost delicately destroying the infrastructure used by the Federation Navy. Within hours, while the Kane Band has retained its ability to build basic ships, all of the components used to build weapons and military grade outfits have been destroyed.

You realize that your almost cataclysmic campaign against the Federation is now over.

For the first time since you began this war you concentrate your perceptions towards the Auroran operation, to find it faltering at the last hurdle. You quickly pass on to the remainder of your fleet your intention to meet up with the Auroran half of the Polaris operation in the Aurora system, and help them destroy the ships there. Those warriors that remain capable of joining you, do so, in the final act they will take as members of the Polaris government.

Head to Aurora

Mission Log Entry
Head to <RST> in the <RSY> system to help the Auroran operation meet its goals...
As your mind sinks deeper into union with the universe, you struggle to maintain your defense of the Polaris ships. More than once, only Mu'Randa's mental cries are all that keep you from forever losing your sense of self.

However, you finally reach Aurora, and they receive the same treatment the Federation got, leaving behind almost no central infrastructure. You know that you only have one last stop left.

Satisfied, you power up your ship after painfully withdrawing one last time from the union. You want to visit the memorial to the man who inspired all this. Once more you go to Ar'Za Iusia, this time to leave behind your humanity.

Head to Ar'Za Iusia
Return to Ar'Za Iusia

Head to Neilha Memorial Station

As you centre yourself in the universe, almost absent-mindedly you set a course for the Neilha Memorial Station in the Neilha system to begin the destruction of the Auroran war-machine...
Mission Log Entry
Head to <RST> in the <RSY> system to begin the destruction of the Federation military.
As soon as you land on the station the Nil'kemorya start laying waste to the infrastructure for the military in the sector. Within minutes they are finished, and you have them announce on the Federation Holo-Net that you will next be coming to Earth, so that they have time to send their entire Navy to meet you. In one fell swoop you will destroy their ability to make war...
Mission Log Entry
Head to <RST> in the <RSY> system to begin the destruction of the Auroran military.
As soon as you land on the station the Nil'kemorya quicly put down the Auroran resistance. Within minutes they are finished, and you have them announce on the Auroran Holo-Net that you will next be coming to Aurora, so that they have time to send their entire Navy to meet you. In one fell swoop you will destroy their ability to make war...

Head to Aurora

Mission Log Entry
Head to <RST> in the <RSY> system to finish the destruction of the Aurora military.
As soon as you land the warriors start almost delicately destroying the infrastructure used by the warriors loyal to the central Auroran seat. Within hours, while the Aurorans have retained their ability to build basic ships, all of the facilities used to build weapons and military grade outfits have been destroyed.

You realize that your almost cataclysmic campaign against the Aurorans is now over.

For the first time since you began this war you concentrate your perceptions towards the Federation operation, to find it faltering at the last hurdle. You quickly pass on to the remainder of your fleet your intention to meet up with the Federation half of the Polaris operation in the Sol system, and help them destroy the ships there. Those warriors that remain capable of joining you, do so, in the final act they will take as members of the Polaris government.

Head to Earth

Mission Log Entry
Head to <RST> in the <RSY> system to help the Federation operation meet its goals...
As your mind sinks deeper into union with the universe, you struggle to maintain your defense of the Polaris ships. More than once, only Mu'Randa's mental cries are all that keep you from forever losing your sense of self.

However, you finally reach Earth, and they receive the same treatment the Aurorans got, leaving behind almost no central infrastructure left. You know that you only have one last stop left.

Satisfied, you power up your ship after painfully withdrawing one last time from the union. You want to visit the memorial to the man who inspired all this. Once more you go to Ar'Za Iusia, this time to leave behind your humanity.

Return to Ar'Za Iusia

Mission Log Entry
Travel to <RST> in the <RSY> system to pay your respects to the man who inspired the events of the past few weeks.
Dropping Cargo
After landing you take a few moments to enjoy your last minutes of mortality before you begin to slip into the seductive embrace of the universe, and you turn your attention to the unfolding events of the galaxy.

You watch as the remnants of the Nil'kemorya limp back to Kel'ar Iy, and watch as both their Federation and Auroran prisoners are released. You watch the sad drama unfold as Bis Andreya surrenders her nation to both of them jointly. You almost chuckle when you realize that only Techerakh understands the gesture.

"They have destroyed our ability to make war," he explains to others. "To make peace, and bring us together, they have surrendered to both governments. We will now have to work side-by-side to manage the dismantling of their government as they will not accept the ruling of one government alone."

With a sigh, you smile sadly and let yourself go. As your consciousness dissipates and you lose yourself in the enormous depths of the universe, in one final act you weave into existence a memorial to your acts as Ory'hara, to remind future generations that you will one day return when you are once again needed.

With Ory'hara gone, the Polaris were quickly and kindly assimilated into the cultures of the Auroran Empire and the Federation. Their act was never forgotten, and slightly less than two centuries later, humanity was once again united and the 'First Period of Disunity', which had started with the Polaris exploratory expedition and the Vell-os War, was finally bought to a close. Only the 'Second Period of Disunity', which, due to the two century long Shard War, resulted in many more deaths despite being much shorter, marred humanity's development from ape to god.

Oddly enough to all concerned, both periods were brought to a close through the actions of an individual named Ory'hara. In both cases the person in question seemed to arrive out of nowhere, and once the job was done, they both disappeared again. More than a few people believed that they were both manifestations of the spirit of the universe, but such talk was scoffed at by most people.

Scoffed at that is, until the day, 50000 years later, when humanity finally joined their Vell-os cousins beyond the veil and learned the truth. In a final act of thanks, they left the word Ory'hara attached to every construction they had ever made.

When, after millions of years, other youthful races finally developed interstellar technologies and stumbled onto the moldering remains of the ancient human civilization on a thousand worlds, they could not help but wonder at the single word telepathically embedded in every stone.

And so the legend of Ory'hara lived on...

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