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Projectiles are shots that lack homing capabilities. Some projectile weapons require ammunition.



Light Blaster

Light Blaster on a Viper

"The various versions of the Pyrogenesis Compound Blaster have been the standard defense armament for Federation ships for the past 300 years. Utilizing a magnetic containment bottle to collect photon packets before release, the Compound Blaster is capable of generating a kinetic impulse disproportionately large for a weapon of its meager power requirements. The version designed for small ships, the Light Compound Blaster is easily held by the smallest of fighters."

Light Blaster Turret

Light Blaster Turret on an unidentified vessel

"The famous Light Blaster, but on a turret which Pyrogenesis copied from its younger rival Rauther. The turret mechanism is very light and agile, making this an ideal anti-fighter weapon. Again, this weapon is not able to be mounted on fighters, although independent traders may attempt to mount one on a largish freighter."

Quad Light Blaster Turret

Quad Light Blaster Turret on an unidentified vessel

"Comprised of quadruple Pyrogenesis Blaster Lasers on the most technically advanced turret they offer, the Quad Light Blaster system comes with a guarantee that it will dispose of your hostile fighter problems once and for all. Shipboard gunners salivate at the thought of being permanently assigned to one of these beauties. While the QLB System is heavy, as a point defence weapon system it automatically tracks, without any input from the bridge, incoming missiles and enemy fighter squadrons and pours a truly prodigious amount of fire into them, creating havoc."

Medium Blaster

Medium Blaster on a Starbridge

"Pyrogenesis' midrange product is the unimaginatively named Medium Blaster. This variant is normally carried by capital ships only; the weight alone makes it difficult for anything smaller to mount it. While it's slower and more bulky than its lesser sibling, the Medium Blaster is much more powerful. The lack of a turret mechanism does drop the weight some."

Medium Blaster Turret

Medium Blaster Turret on a Destroyer

"The Medium Blaster really comes into its own when it becomes turreted. Combined with sophisticated Glenn:Cyber targeting scopes, these weapons score easy hits on all but the smallest space vessels. The Medium Blaster Turret does tend to lag a little on the faster capital ships. The IDA Frigate mounts two of these batteries as standard."

Quad Medium Blaster Turret

There is no Quad Medium Blaster Turret.

Heavy Blaster

There is no Heavy Blaster.

Heavy Blaster Turret

Heavy Blaster Turret on a Fed Carrier

"So big and slow that only a turret mechanism allows it to hit anything at all, the Heavy Blaster Turret is the grand-daddy of the Pyrogenesis line of directed energy firepower. Mounted as standard on the E-60 Carrier, the pride of the Federation fleet, the Heavy Blaster chews through shields and armor alike. The short range and slow speed of the enormous packets limit the effectiveness of this weapon at anything other than boarding range."

Quad Heavy Blaster Turret

There is no Quad Heavy Blaster Turret.

Enormous Blaster Turret

Exists as a planet-side weapon.

Raven Rockets

Raven Rocket on a Patrol Boat

"Raven Rockets are the simplest chemical explosive projectile you can get. They are fast, but they have small payloads and are unguided. Raven Rockets can be devastating when multiple launch systems are installed, and because they have no active targeting systems most 'Point Defense' systems cannot target them."

Raven Rocket Pods

Raven Rocket Pod on a Patrol Boat

"An underslung rack for the self-loading Raven Rockets. No guidance system is present; this is simply a holder for the rocket packs."

Raven Rocket Turret

Raven Rocket Pod Turret on an unidentified vessel

"The Raven Rocket turret mounts two unguided pods on a swivel base. It comes with a fairly basic tie-in to your vessel's sensors which allows it to track targets. You'll still need to maneuver fairly well to get the rockets to hit small targets, but these pods allow slower ships to use the Raven."

Stellar Grenades

Stellar Grenade and a Shuttle

"The Stellar Grenade is a device designed to throw pursuing ships off your tail. Dropping a few of these little gems out the hatch will keep adversaries off your tail, or make them regret it if they follow you. Bigger targets will be slowed a little."

Stellar Grenade Launcher

Stellar Grenade Launcher on a Shuttle

"This weapon is a small airlock mounted in the underside of a ship. Simply place a grenade in the receptacle provided and then pull the lever. The airlock will cycle, and then a mechanical arm-launch system will fling the projectile backwards. The simplicity of the launcher is reflected by its bargain-basement price."


Light Cannon

Light Cannon on a Lightning

"When they were developing the Lightning Heavy Fighter, Rauther discovered that the traditional Light Blaster just didn't suit the ship's basic load-out. So they went away and tinkered with the design somewhat, and they came up with a weapon they called the Light Cannon. It isn't quite as powerful as the Light Blaster, but it fires faster, its shots reach a little further, and it takes up a little less space as well. Every Lightning to roll off their production line has three of them. Not all pilots like them, because they are twice as expensive as the ubiquitous Blaster, but most agree they are a somewhat better product..."

Medium Cannon

There is no Medium Cannon.

Heavy Cannon

There is no Heavy Cannon.

Pirates and Rebels

Enormous Ion Turret

Exists as a planet-side weapon.

Auroran Empire

Fusion Pulses

Fusion Pulse Cannon

Fusion Pulse Cannon on a Phoenix

"The Fusion Pulse Cannon, like most Aurora technology, is both crude and brutal. However, the weapon's stocky build and inefficient containment fields still provide a highly effective energy packet. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the weapon is the fact that the fusion pulses leave the barrel of the weapon while still at meta-reactive temperatures. It is for this reason that the FPC should not be fired at close range."

Fusion Pulse Turret

Fusion Pulse Turret on an Abomination

"As the FPC is cheap and easy to build, the Auroran houses have opted to mount a turreted version of the cannon on almost all ships. It's rare that you'll find even a freighter without the weapon, in either its forward-firing or its turreted versions. The turret adds some tracking to the otherwise slow FPC blasts, but the overall design is very effective. Just ask the Federation military commanders who have lost armadas to this chunky gun."

Fusion Pulse Battery

Fusion Pulse Battery on a Thunderforge

"When the Heraan family were constructing the first Abomination gunboats, they discovered quite quickly that standard Fusion Pulse Cannons mounted on Abominations were unable to hit fast moving targets, due to the poor turning speed of the craft. So was born the Fusion Pulse Turret (and later the battery version)."


Chaingun Ammunition

Chaingun Ammunition on a Firebird

"Simple caseless rounds have been around for longer than most historians can remember, and the production of them is so old-tech as to be almost a backyard occurrence throughout most of Known Space. The Aurorans in particular produce enormous amounts of it in order to fuel their almost constant war efforts (whether it be against the Federation or amongst themselves)."

Hail Chaingun

Hail Chaingun on a Firebird

""If it ain't broke, don't fix it," is the old maxim, and the Hail Chaingun holds true to this time-honored principle. A simple caseless round is loaded into one of the two gatling breaches, and liquid propellant is injected behind the shell. The Hail has a cyclic rate of 3000 RPM, and has enough ammo on board for an extended firefight."

Storm Chaingun

Storm Chaingun on an unidentified vessel

"The Storm is a sacred weather pattern in Auroran culture. Symbolizing the power and fury of the hordes of Auroran warriors, many warriors have a thundercloud as a death tattoo, indicating that they will die in the fury of a mass offensive. The Storm Chaingun reflects the Auroran philosophy of overwhelming the enemy with numbers; the Storm is effectively four Hails on a turret, and, as a point defence weapon system, is used to destroy incoming fighters and missiles with often devastating effect, and without requiring any command input from the bridge."


100mm Fixed Railgun

100mm Railgun on a Aurora Cruiser

"Railguns are simple enough in concept; get a pellet made from a highly conductive, but dense metal (something cheap, like copper or gold), and place it between two rails (one a cathode, the other an anode). Charge the rails with a homopolar generator, and there you have it: one super-high-speed metal pellet. First developed by Sir Marcus Oliphant as a scientific instrument in the twentieth century AD, the railgun is now standard armament on all Auroran capital ships. This version fires 100mm pellets."

100mm Turreted Railgun

Turreted 100mm Railgun on a Aurora Carrier

"While railguns are normally fixed-position weapons, something turreted was required for the immense Auroran Carrier. Thus the evergreen 100mm railgun was mounted on a Storm Chaingun swivel mount. The combo has proved quite successful, with several other fighting ships being retrofitted with similar guns."

150mm Fixed Railgun

150mm Railgun on a Aurora Cruiser

"A slightly larger version of the 100mm railgun, this weapon requires a much larger generator, and a power supply to match. The 150mm pellets are made from a copper/cadmium mix, and are drop-forged with care by Auroran weaponsmiths."

150mm Turreted Railgun

There is no 150mm Turreted Railgun.

200mm Fixed Railgun

200mm Railgun on a Aurora Cruiser

"The mother of all railguns. Firing a 200mm copper/cadmium pellet, this railgun looks like nothing less than a deck gun from an ancient Earth ocean-going warship. The electrode rails get so scored during battle that they must be replaced at every landfall. Luckily the rails are very cheap and easy to manufacture. Some have even been constructed of old armor plates in times of emergency."

200mm Turreted Railgun

There is no 200mm Turreted Railgun.

The Polaris


Wraithii and a Striker

"The polarons for Wraithii are harvested by deep-space mining scoops run by the Tre'pira. These polarons are then shipped to P'aedt facilities for encapsulation in the mar-graviton field that will hold them until they impact at a speed of greater than 20 kilometers an hour. Needless to say, the final packets are handled with kid gloves. It is a testament to the Tre'pira and the P'aedt that no accidents with Wraithii have ever occurred."

Wraith Cannon

Wraith Cannon on a Striker

"Wraithii are tiny capsules of polarons contained in a mar-graviton field. A Wraith Cannon fires these capsules via simple biomechanics, and the capsules burst on impact, releasing a powerful kinetic force. These guns are mounted as standard on the Dragon, and can be retrofitted to most ships on the market. The Nil'kemorya keep a careful eye on these weapons, however, and only the most favored of outsiders are ever allowed to buy them."

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