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Quad Light Blaster Turret on an unidentified vessel

"Comprised of quadruple Pyrogenesis Blaster Lasers on the most technically advanced turret they offer, the Quad Light Blaster system comes with a guarantee that it will dispose of your hostile fighter problems once and for all. Shipboard gunners salivate at the thought of being permanently assigned to one of these beauties. While the QLB System is heavy, as a point defence weapon system it automatically tracks, without any input from the bridge, incoming missiles and enemy fighter squadrons and pours a truly prodigious amount of fire into them, creating havoc."

A highly advanced turret comprised of four Light Blasters, the Quad Light Blaster Turret features an automatic targeting and fire-control system which locks on to incoming missiles and fighters, making it a point defence weapon. This system cannot target ships of size medium or larger, however.


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This weapon automatically shoots at attacking fighters and missiles. The player has no control over it.

To purchase the legal version, you must have completed part of the Bureau Storyline. To purchase the illegal version, you must have completed part of the Rebellion Storyline.

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