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The Bureau RAGE Gunboat is a Federation ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"In an attempt to combat the Abomination and the Striker, Federation Scientists have developed the Reactive Armor General Equipment (RAGE) Gunboat. The hyperbolic 'General Equipment' refers to the fact that the Gunboat mounts Auroran FPC technology, and stolen Polaris wraithii material. The reactive armor plating is nearly impenetrable to lesser weapons, and the ship has outstanding speed and maneuverability for a vessel its size. Only time will tell if it is enough to stand up to the might of the Aurora, or the technology of the Polaris." ― Buying a RAGE

"Gas hisses violently out of a dozen ports on this ugly RAGE Gunboat. The captain seems unsure as to your command worthiness, but seems willing to abide by his superior's orders to escort you. The excited rear admiral points out the advanced weaponry hard-mounted at various points around the ship; a truly vicious weapon." ― Hiring a RAGE

Gameplay Analysis

"With some rather intense firepower, this ship is a terror in it's field. Capable of taking on much larger ships (especially when in packs), you should hope that you don't have to face one of these down." ― EVula Survival Guide

The RAGE Gunboat works best in packs. One RAGE can be a headache, but three can take out a Federation Carrier.

The Bureau makes heavy use of this craft as a strike vessel.

Depending on how you acquire your RAGE Gunboat, you may have to change the Wrathii Launcher if you intend to use it and purchase ammunition for it, as opposed to stealing. For example, in the Federation string, if one purchases it, they will need to switch it out with the Gli-Tech-Nia version, as the RAGE Gunboat comes with the Polaris version. Players in the Rebel or Polaris strings who capture one, however, can purchase more ammunition from Polaris space.

In the Rebel storyline, there are two Rage Gunboats defending Commander Krane when she travels in the Prodigal Son, which can make her ship EXTREMELY hard to board. However, ionizing weapons, such as ion particle cannons or hellhound missles, are very effective at neutralizing them.

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