Radar Launcher
Radar Missile Launching System
General specifications
Weapon type

Missile Weapon

Total mass

7 tons

Maximum allowed


Tech level



Missile Weapons License


30,000 credits

Ammunition Cost

1000 credits

Ammunition Mass


Maximum ammunition allowed


Weapon damage and characteristics
Maximum speed



110 frames/990 pixels

Energy damage


Mass damage




Reload time

30 frames

Impact magnitude


Blast radius


Proximity delay


Jamming vulnerability


The Radar Missile Launcher is a small, fairly cheap, lightweight system with an excellent firing rate. It can be mounted on virtually any ship, even fighters or shuttles. Radar missiles are very affordable and cause decent damage, falling between the Infrared Missile and the Hellhound Missile. Due to this, they are the most widely used missiles in Federation and Auroran space.


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This missile is a favorite of Pirates and Aurorans and comes standard on many of their ships. A wise approach to attacking such ships is to deploy an effective jamming system (a Pirate Jammer is a good choice) or evade the attackers long enough for them to exhaust their store of missiles.

There is also a cheaper illegal version; Federation warships will attack if they detect it, even if the player has the appropriate license. These will fire simultaneously with the legal version, creating a higher damage rate than Hellhounds with three legal and three illegal launchers

Some Auroran outfitters sell a version which will only disable its target, for non-lethal duels. Also useful for those interested in boarding disabled vessels to loot or capture them. Same space, slightly more expensive, and fires disabling radar-guided missiles, which are incompatible due to having a larger diameter (accommodating the sensors which recognize disabled targets as not needing further damage). And like the illegal launchers, these can be fired alongside the standard version, creating devastating firepower at fairly long range.

If you use a homing missile of any type against a non-trader ship, it will become hostile and try to attack you. This is useful for provoking Pirate Enterprises, Manticores, and Pirate Carriers. Because Radar Missiles are cheap, they are a good choice for this tactic.

Another use for this weapon is similar to manta swarming (you will need an Aurora Carrier for this though) - a few Phoenixes spamming these missiles can take down the sheilds of a Federation Destroyer rapidly, allowing your railguns to wreak havoc on its armour.