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Factional variants of the Destroyer
Federation Rebellion

The general maintenance crew Rebel Destroyer is a Rebellion ship in Escape Velocity Nova. To purchase this ship, you must either have successfully executed an Auroran campaign or discovered the location of the Bureau HQ for the Rebels. Also, your shareware trial must not have passed 30 days.

"General 'Sundown' Smart has been pulling his hair out over the Rebellion's desperate lack of ships and manpower. He and Frandall recently had a breakthrough when they masterminded the theft of thirty E-41s from mothballs in orbit at the wreckers at Spacedock II. The ancient craft have proved difficult to improve, as such a large task is beyond Donald Chick and his small but dedicated group of shipwrights. They have had to be satisfied with gross tweaks to power output and shield strength, and have given the task of general refits to maintenance personnel." ― Buying a Rebel Destroyer

The Rebel Destroyer is the heaviest warship the Rebels have. It's slow. The heist of these craft from the Tichel system must have been a sight to see.


"Several old E-41s are all in a line across the gantries of the docking bay. «We've got a backlog of Destroyers to fix,» shouts a construction worker over the noise. «If you're looking for an operational one, the far bays hold the ones that are mostly on-line.» You thank him, and head in the direction he indicated." ― Hiring a Rebel Destroyer

Destroyer Class (#181)[]

For this base model only, stat changes are relative to the Fed Destroyer, Destroyer Class.


The R.DD. is somewhat of a sidegrade compared to the F.DD.

Destroyer Class, Rebel II (#184)[]

This alternative base model is made available on the Rebel II path. It's identical to #181. The reason why this variant is needed instead of a longer availability bit expression is unknown.

Wild Variants[]

Shipvariant stat changes are relative to the stats of the basic model. The basic model is Rebel Destroyer, Destroyer Class.

The following shipvariants are unavailable in the shipyard and must be captured in the field.

Heavy Destroyer Class (#348)[]


This shipvariant introduces heavy firepower into the mix.

Super Heavy Destroyer Class (#349)[]


This shipvariant is very durable and features an impressive loadout.

Carrier Class (#350)[]


This shipvariant is an overall improvement in statistics compared to the original, but its loadout is not as impressive as its predecessors.

It carries 5 Rebel Viper Bays which when stripped frees up 250 tons of expansion room.

Cloaking Variants[]

As the game progresses, Rebel Destroyers begin to carry Cloaking Devices.

Stat changes are relative to their non-cloaking counterparts.

Destroyer Class, Cloaking? (#356)[]


The AI behavior tags imply that this ship should have a cloaking device, but none is equipped.

Heavy Destroyer Class, Cloaking (#358)[]


The Heavy Destroyer Class pays for its cloak with some shielding.

Super Heavy Destroyer Class, Cloaking (#359)[]


The Super Heavy Destroyer Class suffers no downside from having a cloak equipped.

Carrier Class, Cloaking (#360)[]


The Carrier Class pays for its cloak with some shielding.

Gameplay Analysis[]

Rebel Destroyer Shipyard

"The Destroyer is the backbone of the Rebel Navy. Armed with both short-range and long-range weaponry, these vessels are forced to perform under any circumstances. As they are susceptable to attacks from many fighters, you will rarely find one without at least some other ship to help protect them." ― EVula Survival Guide

The Rebel Destroyer is very nice for a player who can accumulate the huge sums of money necessary to properly outfit her. Despite the vast amounts of equipment space available to her, she's still rather unwieldy. Properly upgraded, she can act as a very formidable weapons platform that trumps any Federation vessel.


The original Rebel Destroyer was made by Scott Vardy, but with an extensive remodel by Dave Williams. He split the front section in half, bent it askew, etc.


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Ship Spins[]

This ship has one set with 36 frames.

  • Ship: 80x80
  • Engine: 160x160

Representative Images[]

Additional Images[]

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