Dragon Rebellion

The Rebellion Dragon is a Rebellion ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"The Polaris have long been sympathetic to the Rebel cause, recognizing the essential rightness of their struggle. Thus the Nil'kemorya have made the Dragon design available to the Rebellion ship technicians for adaptation to their purposes. Many dangerous freight runs are required to haul the sludge tanks full of etheric wake biotech skin material through the frontier between Polaris and Rebel space, but the efforts of many fine free-trader captains have given the Rebellion a technical edge on the Federation... for now." ― Buying a Rebel Dragon
"The Dragon you're looking at is undergoing frantic repairs as you watch. "We just came back from an extended tour of duty," says the young captain. "The Dragons are always in the front line. But, as soon as we've finished repairs, we're yours if you need us." You nod, still awestruck by the simple elegance of the ship in bay below you." ― Hiring a Rebel Dragon

Gameplay Analysis

"If the Destroyer is the backbone of the Rebel Navy, the Dragon is the muscle. Much faster than any other destroyer-class warship, it is armed with a BioRelay laser, which can be used with deadly accuracy. Other variants throw in some longer range weapons, like Hellhounds or railguns. The Carrier can quickly swarm a lone enemy vessel, using it's laser to tear a hole in a ship, while it's Vipers distract it." ― EVula Survival Guide
Though the Polaris created the dragon, the Rebels have more options as the Polaris do not sell much 'conventional' technology. One of the most upgradeable ships in the game, the Carrier variant of the Rebel Dragon has a massive amount of expansion room; almost as much as the Polaris Raven. It carries a quartet of heavy, high-priced fighter bays, and twin 200mm Railguns that, when sold leaves 270 tons of expansion room; the most free mass for any non-freighter or heavy warship in the game. Some Rebel Dragons will possess Hellhound Missile Launchers.

Nova Rebellion
Rebellion Ships: Viper (v) (i) 120k, Lightning (v) (i) 300k, Valkyrie (v) (i) 375k, Thunderhead (v) (i) 550k, Starbridge (v) (i) 650k, Destroyer (v) (i) 2M, Dragon (v) (i) 3M, IDA Frigate (v) (i) 5M
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