IDA Frigate Rebellion

The Rebellion IDA Frigate is a Rebellion ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"The IDA Frigate was the mainstay of the Colonial Council line before the collapse of the Gate system, and instrumental in the defense of the core worlds against the Aurorans. These ships were made to last; the spaceframe itself is compartmental and component-based, and, like the Leviathan, it is virtually indestructible. Once Donald Chick got his hands on it, he retrofitted it to be a fairly lethal weapons platform capable of projecting a fair amount of firepower deep into enemy territory." ― Buying a Rebel IDA Frigate
"The captain of this recently upgraded Rebel IDA Frigate introduces you to his crew as a matter of course as he takes you on a tour of his heavily upgraded ship. By the look of the large number of weapons that have been added to the framework of this vessel, she would be capable of holding off even Federation task-forces for a while. In retrospect, you decide that this is exactly what they were looking for when they upgraded her..." ― Hiring a Rebel IDA Frigate

Gameplay Analysis

"The IDA Frigate is the Rebellion's attempt at bridging the gap between the Starbridge and the Destroyer. It's faster than the Destroyer, and is armed with mid-range weaponry (and a compliment of fighters). By no means a solo attack ship, these refitted Frigates are best used in small fleets with other types of ships." ― EVula Survival Guide
The Rebel IDA Frigate is a great cruiser/carrier class ship mainly because it has a much heavier armament compared to some other carriers, especially the rebel upgrade iii. It has dual Bio-Relay Lasers, and can destroy all but the most powerful ships with close-range firepower. You will have to get a beam bug fix plugin to see the full effectiveness of the rebel upgrade III.

One of the oft-overlooked points of this ship is the 360-degree heavy blaster turrets. Most ships in the game that come with these devastating guns have a blind spot, usually in the rear. This (along with the Leviathan, Armed variant) is one of the few ships in the game that has no such drawback, even in its stock configuration.

That said, if you want one of these, try to capture a Rebel Upgrade III for the better specs and weapons. You'll be glad you did.

The IDA frigate, especially the carrier, can be turned into a extremely powerful turreted warship. Because the bays take up so much space, when if sold, it leaves a large amount of "free space" to play with. Medium turrets, long range rail guns, armor, and missle racks of several different families are a good choice for a more agressive build of this ship.

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