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The Rebellion Starbridge is a Rebellion ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"As always, the controversial Starbridge finds service in areas other than its intended use in commerce. The excellent (if expensive) Starbridge design has been adapted to the needs of the Rebellion by Donald Chick, ex-CEO of Sigma Shipyards. It has been decades since Sir Donald has put his hand to a set of hydrospanners, but he has taken his small team of craftsmen and churned out the best variant of the Starbridge yet." ― Buying a Rebel Starbridge
"You've seen other Starbridges before, but this one is the best executed of them all. She has turbo-fans twice the thickness of the best custom model, and high-tech weaponry coming out of her ears. The crew look tired and harried, though; even with ships such as these, they're still doing the work of three times the people required." ― Hiring a Rebel Starbridge
The ubiquitous Starbridge has spawned several variants, not least of which is the Rebel version. The Rebel Starbridge is the Rebel answer to the Federation Patrol Boat, a fast, well-armed multirole starship. 

Gameplay Analysis

"Same as the Valkyrie, these ships are deadly. Unlike the Valk, however, these ships prefer to go in for the kill rather than hang back and take out their foes. With as many blasters as they have (and railguns at higher classes), they can definetly finish a battle relatively quickly." ― EVula Survival Guide
With the Rebel storyline, you gain access to the Bio-Relay Laser and the Wraith Cannon. These are Polaris weapons that are far superior to most Federation or Auroran technology, and it is highly recommended that put these on your Rebel Starbridge if you choose to purchase one.

The Rebel Starbridge, if emptied of all of its weapons, has an amazing amount of weapons space (upwards of 150 tons).

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