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The Rebellion Thunderhead is a Rebellion ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"Once more Donald Chick has taken out his toolkit and hydrospanners to churn out a masterpiece of adaptive engineering. The Rebel Thunderhead, another triumph, isn't far removed from its antecedents, but fixes a few of the more glaring defects. While the engines have remained relatively unchanged, the Rebel Thunderhead features greater armor and shield protection for many of the more vital systems, making it a more useful craft for decisive strikes." ― Buying a Rebel Thunderhead
"In the bowels of the Rebel shipyards, a group of Rebel Thunderheads are undergoing preventative maintenance. Armor panels are removed and exposed optical circuitry is given packet coherence tests, while the engines are drained of Chrotite Dioxide sludge and refreshed with fresh supercool Chrotite gas. These vessels are obviously powerful, and would offer superior protection from larger ships." ― Hiring a Rebel Thunderhead
It was inevitable that the perpetually hull-starved Rebellion would turn to the ever-popular Thunderhead to help relieve the shortage. This ship, the Rebel Thunderhead, is far better armed and defended than either the Pirate or standard version.

Gameplay Analysis

"A great heavy fighter for the Rebels, without a doubt. Although not as fast as the overly-tweaked Pirate version, this Thunderhead packs a nice balance of power with range, between the standard Lances (great for close combat strafing runs) to Wraith Cannons and Radar Missiles for the longer range." ― EVula Survival Guide
A good way to build a Rebel Thunderhead for combat is to sell off everything but the Wraith Cannons it sometimes comes with, Mass Trick it, and then rebuild it modeled on the Light Destroyer. The ship takes very well to the two Ion Cannons as they deal with fighters considerably better than the default Lances, though you can re-equip them if you want to better deal with heavily-protected capital ships. Otherwise get some 100mm Railguns or perhaps some Fusion Pulse Cannons to go with the Wraithii for longer-ranged backup in the rare situations you want to conserve or run out of Wraithii.

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