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The Rebellion Valkyrie is a Rebellion ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"Another of Donald Chick's efforts in starship redesign. In his younger days, Sir Donald had an old T7 model Valkyrie that he hotrodded in his spare time. Much of what went into that now legendary craft (the 'Lucalia' is still his personal ship) now provides the punch behind the next generation of Rebellion starships. The updated Valkyrie breathes new life into the design, adapting some of the micro-furnace technology from the Starbridge for its engines. Truly a triumph for Sir Donald and his crew." ― Buying a Rebel Valkyrie
"Sir Donald himself shows you over this Valkyrie. "She's as hot as we can get her," he says. "I've used every trick I know, and my guys have pulled miracles out of their hats getting some of these modifications to work." He sighs. "In truth, you know, this Valk is probably even faster than 'Lucalia'." He looks fondly up at his pride and joy parked two bays above you. "But don't let her hear you say that," he grins." ― Hiring a Rebel Valkyrie
The ever-popular Valkyrie, updated and given the Rebellion's characteristic green paint job. This Rebel Valkyrie serves the Rebellion as a fast-responder, a gunboat, and a courier. The Rebellion has also upgraded its engines from chemical rockets to a newer ion drive, hence the blue engine glow. 

Gameplay Analysis

"An excellent escort ship, and a very deadly opponent, beware IV and V class Valks. The fact that I usually see these ships escorting other powerful ships, and rarely on their own, adds to their strength. Class V Valks are especially dangerous, as they are perfectly happy hanging back and firing their railguns and hellhounds at you or your enemy." ― EVula Survival Guide
The Rebel Valkyrie is often regarded as one of the best versions of the Valkyries. However, many players often go for the Pirate Valkyrie Class IV due to its high speed and large amounts of free space. Whichever one is actually better is a matter of play style preference.

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