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The Donald Chick Rebel Valkyrie is a Rebellion ship in Escape Velocity Nova. In order to purchase this ship, you must have been reassigned to the intelligence division of the Rebellion.

"Another of Donald Chick's efforts in starship redesign. In his younger days, Sir Donald had an old T7 model Valkyrie that he hotrodded in his spare time. Much of what went into that now legendary craft (the 'Lucalia' is still his personal ship) now provides the punch behind the next generation of Rebellion starships. The updated Valkyrie breathes new life into the design, adapting some of the micro-furnace technology from the Starbridge for its engines. Truly a triumph for Sir Donald and his crew." ― Buying a Rebel Valkyrie

The ever-popular Valkyrie, updated and given the Rebellion's characteristic green paint job. This Rebel Valkyrie serves the Rebellion as a fast-responder, a gunboat and a courier. The Rebellion has also upgraded its engines from chemical rockets to newer thorium-based nuclear engines, explaining the blue engine glow. 


"Sir Donald himself shows you over this Valkyrie. «She's as hot as we can get her,» he says. «I've used every trick I know, and my guys have pulled miracles out of their hats getting some of these modifications to work.» He sighs. «In truth, you know, this Valk is probably even faster than 'Lucalia'.» He looks fondly up at his pride and joy parked two bays above you. «But don't let her hear you say that,» he grins." ― Hiring a Rebel Valkyrie

Class II (#179)[]

For this base model only, stat changes are relative to the Valkyrie, Class I.

  • Purchase/Hire Appearance %: 95%/70%
  • Purchase Cost: 375k (+25k)
  • Hire Cost: 37.5k/upfront 3.75k/day
  • Upgrade: Class III
  • Upgrade Cost: 30k
  • Nova pict 6070 thumb Speed: 485 (+35)
  • Nova pict 6069 thumb Acceleration: 550 (+50)
  • Nova pict 6072 thumb Turning: 45 (+5)
  • Nova pict 6067 thumb Shields: 425 (+25)
  • Nova pict 6065 thumb Shield Regen: 35 (+15)
  • Nova pict 6065 thumb Shield Recharge per second: 1.05
  • Nova pict 6065 thumb Minutes to recharge Shields: 6.74
  • Nova pict 6052 thumb Armor: 140 (+20)
  • Nova pict 6309 thumb Disabled at Armor %: 10% (-23%)
  • Nova pict 6309 thumb Pre-disabled Armor: 126
  • Nova pict 6309 thumb Total Fighting HP: 551
  • Nova pict 6134 thumb Max Ion: 120 (+20)
  • Nova pict 6134 thumb Deionize: 30 (+10)
  • Nova pict 6062 thumb Total Outfits Space: 75t (+25)
  • Nova pict 6062 thumb Free Outfit Space: 30t
  • Nova pict 6061 thumb Cargo Space: 20t
  • Nova pict 6001 thumb Max Guns: 6 (+1)
  • Nova pict 6001 thumb Guns: 3 Medium Blasters
  • Nova pict 6003 thumb Max Turrets: 2 (+1)
  • Nova pict 6008 thumb Missiles: 2 Raven Rocket Pods (80 ammo)
  • Nova pict 6056 thumb Outfits: 1 Afterburner, 1 Rebel IR Jammer, 1 Rebel Radar Jammer
  • Nova pict 6128 thumb Energy: 500 (5 jumps)
  • Nova pict 6074 thumb Jump Time: 2 days
  • Targetable by PD?: Yes
  • Strength: 225 (+25)
  • AI Type: Warship

Comes with a great selection of outfits. The loadout needs some work, though.

Wild Variants[]

Shipvariant stat changes are relative to the stats of the basic model. The basic model is Rebel Valkyrie, Class II.

The following shipvariants are unavailable in the shipyard and must be captured in the field.

Class III (#344)[]


This shipvariant sports far greater shield regeneration in exchange for a lot of speed and some equipment space, so the Class III can be described as a disappointment.

Class IV (#345)[]


This shipvariant straps railguns and a lot of Radar Missiles to a very fast frame.

Class V (#346)[]


It's blazingly fast, pretty durable and has great missiles, railguns, plus point-defence.

Gameplay Analysis[]

Rebel Valkyrie Shipyard

"An excellent escort ship, and a very deadly opponent, beware IV and V class Valks. The fact that I usually see these ships escorting other powerful ships, and rarely on their own, adds to their strength. Class V Valks are especially dangerous, as they are perfectly happy hanging back and firing their railguns and hellhounds at you or your enemy." ― EVula Survival Guide

The Rebel Valkyrie is a very economical ship and a great choice for any new rebel. The R.V.II is better than the P.V.II in every way. The R.V.V is just as fast as the P.V.IV (an achievement in itself) but has 50 less equipment space. All it really has over the P.V.IV is slightly better shielding, a lower disable threshold and a long ranged loadout. Still, this remains a very good and stylish ship.


The Rebel Valkyrie was probably made by Dave Williams, but it could also have been a remodel of a Scott Vardy original.


As the Valkyrie but... <ship description>

Ship Spins[]

This ship has 36 frames per set and 3 sets for 108 frames in total.

  • Ship: 48x48
  • Engine: 96x95

Representative Images[]

The Rebel Valkyrie has red engines, not blue in the splash art.

Additional Images[]

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