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The Rebel Viper is a Rebellion ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"With the rapid development of space flight, it was inevitable that sports (particularly racing) would come to fruition sooner rather than later. Power Sled racing stood up to the challenge. A few intrepid hot-rodders noticed that one particular sled, the Viper, took very well to a bit of extra weight in the form of armor and armament. With a little engine tweaking, these modified Vipers, designated F-23, were selected by the Federation as the mainstay of their fighter wings. This Viper was appropriated from Federation stocks on an unnamed supply world." ― Buying a Rebel Viper
"The Rebel pilot who flies this Viper still wears his Federation battle-patches. "One day, they'll mean something again," he says wistfully. His Viper is pristine, and his devotion to his cause is exemplary. Any profits he makes as an escort go straight back into the Rebel coffers, such as they are." ― Hiring a Rebel Viper

Gameplay Analysis

"While not as fast as it's Federation counterpart, the Rebel Viper is stronger than the Fed or Pirate versions. The Light Gunboat variant is the strongest Viper available, being a quite capable dogfighter, while other variants are, more or less, blaster fodder." ― EVula Survival Guide
The rebel viper is the most flexible version of any viper, since its variants mount more weapons and upgrades than any fighter save the Thunderhead. The Light Gunboat variant is the most powerful viper in the game, and if you have the game modified so that you can purchase the fighter bay for it, you should stock up on at least one of these fighter bays; the only fighter bay that's more worth your expansion space is a Manta bay.

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