The Polaris Scarab is a Polaris ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"The mighty Scarab is the last line of defense for the Polaris people. Only a handful of the vessels have ever been constructed, and they mount the most devastating ordinance that the Polaris can produce. Two pulse lasers provide short-range firepower, while a polaron emitter in the front mandibles fires a packet of coherent energy dubbed the Polaron Torpedo. This ship is capable of taking on entire fleets by itself, and has done so on occasion. However, there are pitifully few of these proud ships, and the defense of Polaris Space is a heavy burden on their shoulders." ― Buying a Scarab
"The man in charge of this mighty Scarab is a dour individual, but in private he has a charming, reserved smile for his guests. "You will find that this ship has few equals in Known Space," he says confidently. "While one cannot predict one's fate, one can always take precautions." He smiles, and raises an eyebrow. You tend to agree; few things would be left to chance with a Scarab as an escort." ― Hiring a Scarab

Gameplay Analysis

"Ah, the Scarab, another favorite of mine. Look at it, it's just fun to look at. Once you throw a couple of upgrades onto it, it'll be fast enough to take out fighters with ease." ― EVula Survival Guide
As the game progresses, Scarabs begin to carry cloaking organs, tunneling organs, and multi-jump organs.

Each Scarab comes stock with four Manta attack fighters, though they can carry up to six in their bay.

Also, for more weapon space you can purchase two cargo retools (bringing your total cargo space to 120) and then buy a Sigma Mass expansion. If you need cargo space(it will all be gone after you buy the Sigma Mass expansion) buying the removable cargo expansions is recommended. Some space is lost in this endevour but your get more space than you would from mass retools.

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