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The civilian Shuttle is a civilian ship in Escape Velocity Nova. This is the ship you begin with in Escape Velocity Nova.

"Sigma Shipyards first produced this simple in-system shuttle over two hundred years ago, and the basic keel design hasn't been changed since. The shuttle has only enough power for three jumps, a single light blaster and a tiny shield generator; enough to protect against micrometeoroids but a few direct hits by even a light blaster will cause real problems for this craft." ― Buying a Shuttle
"The trader working on this run-down cargo shuttle looks older than his ship, if that's possible. He gives you a wan smile as you look over his vessel. The shuttle is small, and won't win any awards for cargo capacity or strength of armament, but the asking price for escort duty is cheap enough." ― Hiring a Shuttle
The Sigma Shipyards Alpha-class shuttle, often referred to as simply a shuttle, is a light freighter built by Sigma Shipyards and used for in-system transport. Although designed over 200 years ago, the basic design has changed little since its conception. Compared to other vessels, the basic shuttle is extremely weak and underpowered, boasting enough energy for only 3 jumps and a pitiful armament (a single light blaster). Likewise, the shield generator is designed to protect against micrometeoroid collisions and is essentially useless against any military hardware.

Gameplay Analysis

"Not much to say; this is the first ship you're ever given. It's pretty bad. Get out of it and into something better (like a Heavy Shuttle) as soon as you can." ― EVula Survival Guide
Each new pilot is given a basic shuttle as their starting craft. Because of its weaknesses, you should upgrade to a more capable craft as quickly as possible.

A typical upgrade would be the heavy shuttle, which offers and extra jump along increased cargo space. However, using the passenger and delivery missions available, it is not difficult to gain enough cash for a valkyrie or a terrapin, which, especially the valkyrie are much more capable. This is the point at which you can start to look towards a 'game role' - either as a permanent independent - mining or trading, or try to fight pirates (especially Marauders), in an attempt to begin a storyline.

If you are in the middle of the Vell-os story mode and want to do something fun get 4 million credits, reach the T2 strength level or higher, buy a standard shuttle, and then add two Fission Reactors so you can go nuts using Vell-os attacks on any nearby ship

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