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The Sigma logo, as seen on the Shuttle.

Escape Velocity Nova: Sigma Shipyards Side Missions

Sigma Shipyards Delivery

As you wander through the shipyard looking at all the ships awaiting a prospective buyer, a man wearing an expensive tailored business suit comes over and extends his hand.

"Are you <PN>, Captain of the <PSN>?" he asks quietly as you shake hands. You nod, warily. "Excellent, I am Rodney Andrews, manager of shipping liaison for Sigma Shipyards. Ever since Donald Chick disappeared some months ago we have had a problem gaining the services of freighter pilots to bring in our supplies. Would you be willing to work for us?"

"Great!" he exclaims with a wide smile. "We currently have a shipment of <CQ> tons of <CT> waiting in storage on <DST> in the <DSY> system. If you could head over there, pick it up and return here, making sure that you land on the area of the Kane Band owned by Sigma Shipyards, that would be great.

"Any problems?" he asks seriously. "No? Well, then, I expect that I'll be seeing you again in a few weeks."

Mission Log Entry
Go to <DST> in the <DSY> system to pick up <CQ> tons of <CT> and deliver it to <RST> in the <RSY> system making sure that you land on the area of the Kane Band that is owned by Sigma Shipyards.
Loading Cargo
You quickly find the consignment of <CQ> tons of <CT> that you are after. The loading staff are very helpful and in under an hour you are ready to begin your return trip.
Dropping Cargo
As you pilot your way into what is normally a restricted area, out of bounds to all non-Sigma Shipyards personnel, you take a quick peek at some of the enormous shipyards at their disposal.

As soon as you land dockworkers swarm all over your vessel and in no time they have unloaded your cargo. A few minutes later, as you stand around wondering what to do, you spot Rodney coming towards you.

"Sorry I'm a little tardy," he apologizes sincerely, "I've just been having one of those days today. Now that I've finally arrived, here are the details I'm sure you're dying to know."

"Firstly," Rodney ticks off a finger, "you have been paid 20000 credits for your services and I have also made available similar missions through the Mission BBS' throughout the Federation.

"Secondly, as an employee of Sigma Shipyards you are allowed to purchase all the ships in our range," he informs you to your delight. "In particular I am talking about the Starliner, the Pegasus, and the Leviathan. If you can scrape together the funds, you can purchase them from here at any time. You should also be able to find a few ship upgrade outfits available here on the Kane Band.

"Anyway, if you'll forgive me," he finishes a little tiredly, "I have a thousand and one things I still have to do today, so I'll take my leave of you. Thanks again."

Repeatable Sigma Shipyards Delivery

Bulk Delivery

Large Bulk Delivery

Charter Flight

Sigma Shipyards Delivery 2

As you look around the various vessels on offer you are tapped on the shoulder and turn around to see Rodney, the Sigma Shipyards representative.

"I have a mission of some urgency for you," he begins, quite seriously. "It involves travelling across most of the known galaxy, picking up a cargo that isn't strictly legal, and returning here.

"Before you answer," he raises his hand to forestall your reply, "be aware that you may well come under intense fire in a place far from where we will be able to help you, but also be aware that if we cannot trust you to take this mission, we cannot trust you with any of our more sensitive corporate secrets.

"Are you up for it?"

"Good," he relaxes, looking visibly relieved. "The cargo we want you to pick up is <CQ> tons of <CT> from the planet <DST> in the <DSY> system, which is in the far Southeast of Auroran space. The Aurorans won't be happy with you taking it to bring here, but that may be the least of your problems. Recently, some sort of pirate group has blockaded the planet, and none of our ships have been able to get through.

"Now," he continues gravely, "once you have secured the <CT>, you need to return here without being scanned by the Aurorans. If you do get scanned, you may as well dump your cargo and not bother returning here, as we will wash our hands of you. At the end of the day, we have legitimate operations in Auroran space that we cannot do without, and we are not prepared to risk those over a single shipment of <CT>.

"Do you have any questions?" he asks, and you shake your head. "Good luck then."

"Well," drawls Rodney quietly, "I guess we know just how much we can trust you. Thanks for your efforts."
Mission Log Entry
Pick up <CQ> tons of <CT> on the planet <DST> in the <DSY> system and take it back to <RST> in the <RSY> system without being scanned.
Loading Cargo
You land under heavy fire, and the workers on the ground grimly tell you that they are capable of holding out against the pirates, as the pirates aren't prepared to bombard them from orbit because they do not want to destroy the mining infrastructure that has been set up.

"But we are more than a match for them on the ground," the operation commander informs you grimly. "The trouble is that they just sit in space, and every ship that takes off gets beaten to hell. So far, every ship that has managed to land has been disabled and boarded as soon as they leave the atmosphere. Good luck out there."

With a sigh, you head back to your beloved <PSN>.

As soon as you land you sigh with relief. The last few weeks have been pretty stressful, and you are glad to have made it back in one piece with your cargo intact.

"Well done," congratulates Rodney, when he drops by as you are unloading. "This load should keep us going for another couple of months."

You tell him the news from the small mining operation down there, and how they can hold out.

"Well that is good news," he mutters thoughtfully. "So the only problem we have is shipping through the blockade. I think we can do something about that.

"In the mean time," he concludes quietly, "keep an eye out around here, as I may have another mission for you in a month or two. Why don't you recuperate for a little while; if you check your account, I think you will find that you have a little bit more spending money now... "

Deliver New Hypergate Code

Almost as soon as you enter the shipyard you run into Rodney, the Sigma Shipyards representative.

"I'm glad you stopped by," he begins, very seriously. "I have a mission of the utmost secrecy for you. I can't really tell you any of the details, but if you do accept, it might be some time before you can return here.

"Are you up for it?"

"You may or may not be aware," he explains after nodding at your acceptance, "that we have the capability to use the old hypergate network; the parts of it that work, that is."

He leans forward conspiratorially.

"We have remained in contact with our former CEO, Donald Chick," he informs you in a near whisper, "and as we rotate the codes, we pass them on to him."

You raise your eyebrows in surprise. According to rumor, Donald Chick has become a part of the Rebellion against the Bureau. No wonder Sigma Shipyards wants to keep this a secret.

"We need you to take him the new codes," he continues quietly, passing you an encrypted message pod. "He is currently located on <RST> in the <RSY> system, north of Federation space. To help you on the way we will upload them into your navigation computer, and you can update them any time you check into a Federation MissionBBS. This means that you too will have access to the hypergate system..."

He pauses as what he just said sinks in.

"While you are out there, avoid being scanned at all costs," he adds after a moment, "as we will wash our hands of you. We cannot afford to have the Bureau start investigating our business dealings too closely.

"Finally," he concludes quickly, "when this is all over, you might want to lay low for a while. I'm sure the Feds will be looking for you to explain your voyage into the galactic north. Good luck."

"Well," drawls Rodney quietly, "I guess we know just how much we can trust you. Thanks for your efforts."
Mission Log Entry
Deliver the new hypergate codes to Donald Chick on <RST> in the <RSY> system without being scanned.
As soon as you land a group of soldiers surround your vessel and demand that you unload your cargo. You do so, taking great care not to provoke them in any way. When you bring out the message pod, they quickly whisk it away.

"You have our thanks," states the detachment commander, "and please do not be offended by the way we have conducted our business with you. By way of apology, we have transferred a fair sum of credits into your account, however I'm sure you can appreciate our need for security."

With that he gives a signal to the troops around him and they quickly withdraw, leaving you standing there wondering what just happened.

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