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The Polaris Sprite is a Polaris ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"One of the Tre'pira's greatest achievements was the exquisite timing and scheduling control required for efficient use of the giant Cambrian. There are times, however, when it's simply not feasible to divert a Cambrian from its course to pick up a rush job, or a small load of goods. Thus the Sprite takes up the shortfall; going in where the Cambrian can't fit, getting the smaller loads of cargo, ferrying cargo from the huge freighters to stations and planets, and all the other little tasks that the Cambrians simply aren't suited to." ― Buying a Sprite
"The Tre'kimas of this small Sprite welcomes you warmly aboard her ship. Over the next half an hour, you come to a greater appreciation of the virtues of these little ships. "Like all Tre'pira, we work for the good of all. We serve where we may." She has a knowing smile on her lips, perhaps because she knows that these humble ships perform a vital role in Polaris society." ― Hiring a Sprite

Gameplay Analysis

"Not much to say. It's the Polaris light freighter." ― EVula Survival Guide
The Sprite is one of three Polaris ships that can be purchased outside the Polaris storyline.

Unlike military ships, the Sprite does not regenerate armor.

It also does not have any weapon slots or weapon space, requiring a Sigma Mount Reinforcement and Mass Expansions to make room for armaments.

This ship is probably the best choice for players who want to run illegal cargo on the more profitable trade routes; it's affordable, fast, has a large cargo hold, and can turn a fast profit if you don't have the desire to go through any difficult or important mission strings first.

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Beware of Rabid Sprite! - Josh Tigerheart's method of outfitting a Sprite for combat.

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