Star Liner
Sigma Shipyards Echo Class Star Liner
General characteristics
Acceleration Average (350)
Turning ability Good (35)
Maximum speed 200
Cost 500,000
Requirements Capital Ships License, Sigma Shipyards approval
Technical specifications
Length 30
Shield capacity 650
Armor effectiveness 150
Energy capacity 1200 units or 12 jumps
Crew 300
Total mass 150 tons
Free space 30 tons
Cargo space 120 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 2
Turret hard-points Maximum of 0
Standard armament (2) Medium Blasters
Included outfits None included

The Star Liner is a luxury civilian craft produced by Sigma Shipyards for the ultimate in hyperspace tourism. Capable of carrying approximately 300 passengers and crew in comfort throughout the stars, the ships provide a big boost to tourism throughout the Federation. They have a great deal of shielding for protection against asteroid impacts, and to allow them to get close to some of the more spectacular phenomena to be found in space.


  • Standard: The run-of-the-mill package.
  • Armored Variant: Extra armor.
  • Armed Variant: 2 Quad-light Blaster Turrets added to the standard version.


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The Star Liner's expansive crew (highest in the stock game) is great for tourists, but also works for boarding and capturing ships. Limited firepower makes it difficult to capture more powerful warships without using escorts.

Flying a Star Liner enables you to access a pair of repeating Sigma Shipyards "Charter Flight" mission, wherein one carries a large number of passengers for 50k or 100k, depending on which mission is accepted. Some of the more rewarding missions involve carrying a large number of passengers between Federation and Auroran space, across the border. Not surprisingly, neither government appreciates having ships carry citizens from the enemy to their planets, so these missions will decrease your legal reputation with the recieving governemnt.

However, the missions within Federation space will give a fairly small boost to your legal rating; which is good if you want to stay on good terms with the Federation.