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Stargate Nova was a Total Conversion plug-in for EV Nova that converted the game to a completely Stargate SG-1/Atlantis based game.

It was being developed by the Stargate Nova team led by Lostpinky and Scienceguy8. Development began in October 2006.

On 15/11/2008 the team released a plug-in that adds the Puddle Jumper from Stargate Atlantis to the standard EVN game as well as some ancient technologies.

As development progressed the team slowly disbanded until Lostpinky was the only one working on it.

In January of 2010 after months of development, the computer that Lostpinky was developing on crashed unexpectedly losing the entire conversion which he estimated to be 60% complete.

Development stopped at this point as the original code was unrecoverable.

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