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"A good point-defense weapon (meaning it takes out fighters and missiles), I've noticed that it's range is somewhat limited, and it's tracking somewhat poor." ― EVula Survival Guide

As a point defense weapon, the Storm Chaingun acquires and attacks small, fast-moving targets such as fighters and missiles. Fire-control is automated; no command input is required.

Although the Storm Chaingun is the most widely available point defence weapon in the known universe, many pilots prefer the Quad Light Blaster Turret for its accuracy, weight, fire rate, and the fact that the QLBT does not require ammunition.

Despite the hype, it's even weaker in terms of damage output than a single Hail Chaingun. The Storm has only a burst of 3 compared to the Hail's 10, which is contrary to what you'd expect from a weapon with 4 times the barrels. As this is a weapon utilizing burst fire, the DPS does not increase linearly as expected with multiple installations. You may buy 4, but expect 2 to do just as much.

Due to the higher armor damage than the QLBT, the Storm Chaingun is better at stopping Etheric Wake Missiles and EMP Torpedoes.


Nova pict 6087

Storm Chaingun on an unidentified vessel

"The Storm is a sacred weather pattern in Auroran culture. Symbolizing the power and fury of the hordes of Auroran warriors, many warriors have a thundercloud as a death tattoo, indicating that they will die in the fury of a mass offensive. The Storm Chaingun reflects the Auroran philosophy of overwhelming the enemy with numbers; the Storm is effectively four Hails on a turret, and, as a point defence weapon system, is used to destroy incoming fighters and missiles with often devastating effect, and without requiring any command input from the bridge."

The Storm Chaingun is a weapon that uses Chaingun Ammunition as ammunition.

It comprises four Hail Chainguns (for a total of 8 Gatling guns) on a heavy turret mechanism. It is one of two Point Defence weapon systems in the game (the other being the Quad Light Blaster Turret).

The Storm is easily available on many Auroran worlds as well as Rebel I, and comes stock on a wide range of ships. Curiously, the Storm costs almost 6 times as much as the QLBT.

Nova pict 6042

Chaingun Ammunition on a Firebird

"Simple caseless rounds have been around for longer than most historians can remember, and the production of them is so old-tech as to be almost a backyard occurrence throughout most of Known Space. The Aurorans in particular produce enormous amounts of it in order to fuel their almost constant war efforts (whether it be against the Federation or amongst themselves)."

There's really no reason not to max out your Chaingun ammo. Alt-click to open a dialog that lets you purchase 2000 at a time. It'll cost 40k, and since ammo is only consumed at the end of a burst, realistically you'll never run out before you swap ships again.