The Polaris Striker is a Polaris ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"When the Polaris first settled on Kel'ar Iy, they arrived in ancient Deimos-class spacehulks and a myriad of smaller ships. They had no weapons, exhausted first-generation hyperdrives and generally little to recommend themselves. As the Polaris' well-founded civilization granted them new technologies, they began building cybernetic ships which were a combination of mechanical and biological components. The first ship to be built like this was the Striker. It serves as a long range scout and as a first line of defense against intruders." ― Buying a Striker
"The crew of this Striker are a brother and sister team. Their duties, they inform you, range from advance scout to picket duty. "We would be honored to be selected as your escort," says the brother. "There has been much wagering in the barracks as to whom you might select," he says, looking askance at his sister, who grins knowingly." ― Hiring a Striker
The Striker is the first ship the Polaris developed after settling on Kel'ar Iy. The Striker serves as a long range scout and as the first line of defense against intruders.

Gameplay Analysis

"This is like a bigger badder Manta. It is also one of my favorite ships, due to the fact I came damn close to taking out a Fed Carrier all on my own in one. If that doesn't tell you how much this little craft kicks, I don't know what would." ― EVula Survival Guide
The Striker is analogous to the Federation Patrol Boat and the Abomination. In other words, it serves as a gunship, though it easily trumps the others.

In order to buy the Striker, one must partake in the Polaris mission string.

Variants of the Striker with both a Cloaking Device and a Tunneling Organ are inertialess.

The Sriker is one of the first ships offered in the Polaris storyline, and is the most versatile and powerful until the player gains access to the Scarab.

The Nil'Kimas version of the Striker is the toughest vessel relative to its size in the game. Properly upgraded, and in the right hands, it can easily take out Federation Carriers, and wreck complete and utter devastation on hostile fighter groups.

With a Nil'Kimas striker you can sell enough of the up-grades to get 40 tons of free space and outfit it with a manta fighter bay.

When equipped with its two original biorelay lasers and a biorelay laser turret, the striker becomes preposterously powerful for its size, capable of easily destroying three pirate carriers (including their carried fighters) and two manticores if handled well. This can only be done in the Polaris storyline.

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