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Teacup is a Total Conversion by Edwards. It is the smallest TC to exist, barely over 300kb in size. It achieves this by only using one of each of the following resources in addition to those required for Nova to run: system, spob, ship, mission, outfit, cron, fleet, weapon, outfit, pers, dude, govt, and a brand new challenge not seen before in Nova. Teacup was created in response to a contest arranged by Martin Turner to create the smallest TC.


The object of the TC is simple: earn credits. There is only a single Commodity and only a few ships wandering around the system, some of which ignore the player (traders) and some which randomly attack them ("investigators"). It is possible to win without dominating the planet or boarding other ships. Due to an engine limitation in Nova and the single system, the 'winning' mission might not be offered unless the player reloads their pilot once they have enough money.


A couple of plug-ins have been created by Qaanol known as Qold Fusion and Qold Tea. The first plug-in is a graphical and audio overhaul of Teacup, adding effects such as engine glows, shield bubbles, and simple sound effects. The second expands the Teacup mission string, doubling the number of missions and ships within the TC. Either plug can be used individually or together with each other.

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