Temmin Shard is a non-player character occasionally encountered by pilots who have achieved a bit of success in ship-to-ship combat. He normally haunts spaceport bars in the Federation, where he will present the player with a fairly unusual proposition that appears to be a bit risky, though he leaves out most of the crucial details.

Side Missions

Escape Velocity Nova: "Temmin Shard" Side Missions

Escort Temmin Shard

You are sitting in the bar, considering if you should have another drink, or go and tear apart your drives to remove an annoying rattle, when you notice a mysterious looking man walk towards your table.

"Sorry to bother you, <PN>," the man says by way of introduction. "My name is Temmin Shard... investigator. I was wondering if I could have a word to you?"

Your hand drifts towards your blaster in an almost instinctive move. Something about this man isn't quite right. He strikes you as being a dangerous individual.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," he warns, pushing his jacket open to reveal a modified shot blaster. "I have an investigators license. Legally, I could kill you and not see the inside of a prison hulk."

You place your hands on the tabletop as Shard steps forward and sits down.

"I'm glad you didn't decide to test me, <PN>. I'm here to hire you, not to have a fire-fight. I have been hired by the Federal government to track down some stolen Vell-os artworks. They were stolen from the First Federal Gallery and Museum on Sol. The Feds have hired me to track them down and return them intact. Apparently they are supposed to have some form of 'mystical' symbolism to the Vell-os people. The Government have of course debunked this notion, but by the same token, they are paying handsomely for their return."

"Well, what do you need me for?" you ask "You can obviously look after yourself."

"The thing is that I need another ship to go with me," he confides. "I have traced the artworks to a certain cargo convoy. They have quite an escort, and I need you to disable the Leviathan and board it while I hold them off. I will pay you 30,000 for your services. Are you keen?"

You nod. You have a feeling that the safest place to be will be close to this Temmin Shard character. You don't think that he would kill you just to keep you quiet, but space travel and shady characters have given you a good nose for situations, and something smells fishy here.

"Meet me in orbit tomorrow. I'll be flying in a modified Starbridge. We'll jump out to <RST> in the <RSY> system, where the convoy is leaving from. Once there I'll set up some surveillance. See you tomorrow."

Shard turns and heads for the door. You head for your ship, too. There's no way you're going to go all the way to Boral I with your engine rattling.

You tell Shard that this isn't your bag. He nods, telling you that if you tell anyone, he will have the Federal Government put a bounty on your head and have you hunted down.

"No one is going to jeopardize my mission," he says, before turning and stalking from the bar.

Mission Log Entry
Follow Temmin Shard to <RST> in the <RSY> system.
You set down on <RST>. As you cycle the hatch you see Shard heading towards you.

"Wait for word from me in the bar," he says. "I have a feeling we are just in time. I bribed the dockmaster, and he says the convoy is scheduled to arrive in about an hour. I'll double-check and let you know."

Recover Stolen Art

You spend a half hour waiting, before a message beeps on your wristcomp. You quickly run your decoder over it and scan the message. Shard wants you to take off straight away, and meet him 'up top'. The message ends with a cryptic question, asking if you are really sure if you are ready to take on this job. You wonder what is going on. You resolve to ask Shard the first chance you get. But then, should you just message back that you have engine problems and decline to help him?

Do you take on the mission?

You are preparing to leave the bar when Shard opens a hailing channel.

"We are going to make our attack on the convoy as they arrive in the Arcturus system. Remember, head for the Leviathan. I'll take care of the escorts. Once we have the artifacts, meet me on <RST> in the <RSY> system."

He terminates the channel, and you find yourself wondering why he insists on being a man of few words. Sighing, you start mentally preparing yourself for battle.

You send Shard a message saying that you have had some 'engine problems' and that you are unable to continue your mission. You wait for his reply. He sends back "Understood, keep quiet or it's your head." You think about threats, idle or otherwise. You decide that coming from Temmin Shard, you will take it seriously, and keep your mouth shut.
Mission Log Entry
Disable and board the Leviathan in the Arcturus system, pick up the stolen art and then head to <RST> in the <RSY> system.
Dropping Cargo
You land on <RST> with the flush of success on your cheeks. However, you are still surprised that the Feds attacked Shard. You cycle the hatch and head out to find him.

You meet Shard walking through the abandoned <RST> spaceport. For the first time since you met he is smiling.

"Well done, <PN>." he beams "It was a hell of a fight wasn't it?"

You nod, telling him that you haven't seen flying like it before.

"I have had some fairly specialized training," he says, "but for the moment, I'll just say that things aren't always what they appear."

You look at him, bemused.

"I know I can trust you now, since we are in this together." he confides. "I am not working for the Federation Government. I'm working for a third party keen to see the artworks returned to the Vell-os."

You suddenly begin to see the light; why the Feds attacked Shard, and why he has been so secretive on the whole journey.

"I'll meet you on your ship in twenty minutes. I'll tell you everything there."

Twenty minutes later, you cycle the hatch closed. Shard sits down, and produces a bottle.

"I have something to tell you," he begins. "I am not a free-lance investigator. I am a deep cover operative working for the Heraan House, the most noble house in the Auroran Empire." You are stunned. While you knew that there was something strange about Shard, you would never in your wildest dreams have considered this possibility. "I have been in Federation space for fifteen years now," he continues "and have been sending information to, and doing missions for, the Heraan House the entire time. My father was a Thurokiir of the house, and I am a shard of his Obsidian Heart.

"The artifacts we have liberated rightly belong to the Vell-os and, contrary to popular belief, the Aurorans do look after peoples other than their own. I have approached you because you have shown yourself to be a {G"man" "woman"} of honor. To not treat you as such would be a great insult. Therefore your records with the Federation will never show your involvement in this heist, nor shall the Federation ever know of your involvement here."

You ask Shard why he trusts you so much, considering the fact that you could sell him out to the Federation at a moments notice.

His eyes turn cold.

"Firstly," he says "I know that you have never sold out an individual before. To do so would be an incredible change of personality for you. Heraan intel agree with my conclusions. You may think that you are anonymous, but your Federal file was an open book to us. The Feds have not even encrypted it that heavily. Secondly, if you were to 'sell me out' as you put it," he takes a sip of his drink, eyeing you over the rim of his glass, "the early warnings I have set up would give me ample time to escape the Bureau snatch squad sent to capture me, and a number of Heraan hit teams would continue to hunt you down wherever you went until you were dead. Only you would be in a position to betray me. No other."

You quickly tell Shard that you would not betray him, not because of the threat of Heraan retribution, but as a matter of honor.

He smiles. "I know that, <PN>. If you ever go into Heraan space, know that you will be treated with the respect you deserve."

He stands, grasps your hand, collects the artifacts and leaves you a credit chip. Part of you is sorry to see Shard go, but another is glad to be out of his immediate orbit. Danger follows him like a ghost, and for a little while at least, you will be glad not to be in the firing line.

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