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Terraforming (literally, "Earth-shaping") of a planet, moon, or other body is the process of deliberately modifying its atmosphere, temperature, or ecology to be similar to those of Earth in order to make it habitable by humans. This process is complex, lengthy, expensive, and fraught with hazard (as dramatically illustrated by the case of Mars).

Nirvana Terraforming and Stellar Engineering is a small start-up company that seeks to create habitable worlds from worlds inhospitable to life by terraforming. They work with the player on one of the minor mission strings to turn the planet UHP-1002 in the Procyon System into a Federation colony called Nirvana.

In order for the Terraforming storyline to be available you have to wait 6.25 in-game months from the creation of a new pilot for Terraforming to begin to have a chance to be available through cron, which has a 40% chance to trigger every day for a year. After it's made available, there's no condition that then makes Terraforming unavailable.


  1. The first stage of the storyline is to take David Rengel and his team to Misfire. A repeatable mission to bring more equipment to Misfire is immediately available until the next stage of of the storyline is completed.
  2. The second stage is taking David's team to UHP-1002 so they can act as boots on the ground. You must obtain this mission directly from Misfire. The second stage is also made available via cron.
  3. The third stage is a sequence of delivery missions available through the Mission BBS. Each delivery mission needs a cron to expire before it's available. As you deliver the goods, you'll witness UHP-002 progress through four stages.
  4. The fourth stage begins once UHP-1002 is completely terraformed. You'll be asked to deliver colonists to the planet, and David will take his leave. A repeatable mission to deliver more colonists to the planet will be made available.

If New Ireland has been destroyed, and you've completed the first Terraforming mission, new missions to deliver a separate Nirvana terraforming team to New Ireland will be made available in the middle of the Auroran and Pirate storylines. Once this mission has been completed, two crons will work to restore New Ireland to a habitable state in a total of two in-game years.


Terraforming UHP-1002[]

  • David Rengel: an earth-shaper who seems easily flustered by simple word-play.

Terraforming New Ireland[]

  • Sarah Tanner: an earth-shaper who is not as naive as David. Seems a bit self-satisfied at the opportunity to offer you the chance to terraform New Ireland.

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