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The civilian Terrapin is a civilian ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"The aptly named Terrapin is the mainstay of the Federation's small traders. While ugly as sin, and about as fast as its namesake, the Terrapin carries one whole standard cargo pod segment. This huge cargo capacity for such a small vessel makes it a ripe target for pirates and Auroran raiders. They usually travel in "gaggles" with hired escorts, but sometimes a lone trader on his last monetary legs will try to journey alone." ― Buying a Terrapin
"Terrapins used to be tugs to move single standard cargo pods while bigger ships remained in orbit. However, someone in very similar straits to this down-on-his-luck captain modified them to have jump engines, in a desperate attempt to get back on their feet. The Terrapin outside looks as forlorn as its owner." ― Hiring a Terrapin
The poor, sluggish, pug-ugly Terrapin is the mainstay of the galactic freight-hauling fleet. It is the classic example of form following function -- you need to design a ship to haul 125 tons of cargo as cheaply as possible, you end up with the Terrapin. It is one of the slowest ships that exists in the known galaxy and is the butt of jokes for many star captains.

Gameplay Analysis

"Another medium freighter, it's 125 tons of cargo space can come in handy for escort work. However, if you're looking at getting one for yourself, you'd be better off getting a Star Liner instead." ― EVula Survival Guide
The much-maligned Terrapin may not be the picture of speed and elegance, but it makes an economical escort ship for commodity traders.

Believe it or not, there are pirates who fly this ship. (Perhaps a Terrapin was all they could steal.) Should you see one flying the black flag, you can attempt to board and capture it, of course, but take care when you attack it -- the difference between disabling and destroying it is minimal due to its relatively poor armour.

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