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Thorium Reactor on a Starbridge

"Until recently, the mighty Federation Carrier had one significant weakness: its reactor was not powerful enough for these enormous ships to operate for very long in sustained battle operations. With the advent of the Thorium Reactor, Federation Carriers can now spend much longer out on patrol without having to come in for a refit."

The Thorium Reactor is a Federation power source that provides fuel to starships and increases their speed and acceleration.

To purchase the legal and safe version of this outfit, you must have completed part of the Bureau Storyline.


"After much argument you discover that the main saving of mass and energy in this poorer cousin of the Thorium reactors in Federation Carriers and the new models of Starbridge is in its radiation shielding and reaction-containing walls. While it should work, if things go wrong, it may result in a rather large expanding ball of gas that you will end up being a part of."

There's also a cheap version of the Thorium Reactor. It has reduced performance and will inevitably decay into a ion bomb or a lethal bomb version via timer.

Ion Bomb

"This is what happens when you own a dodgy Thorium Reactor from "Joe's Magic Thorium Reactor Saleyard(tm)". Having forked over your hard earned, you'll be willing to bet you'll find yourself getting kicked royally in the bum as your cheapo Thorium Reactor blows. You will probably be able to limp into port, so long as no pirates notice that you have little chance of evading them. Of course, if you want to sell it before this happens, be our guest."

This degraded version of the Cheap Thorium Reactor provides a slowing effect to your ship.

Lethal Bomb

"Warning klaxons sound as the safeguards on your Thorium Reactor begin to catastrophically fail. As explosions engulf your ship, you curse yourself for buying a cheap knock-off instead of the real thing..."

This degraded version of the Cheap Thorium Reactor provides a massive explosion to your ship.