Thunderhead Pirate Rebellion

The civilian Thunderhead is a civilian ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"The Thunderhead is so named for its main weapon, the Thunderhead Lance. The Lance is a solid beam of coherent laser light. In some ways, the Thunderhead has the worst reputation of any fighting vessel in the Galaxy. Not because of turn ratings or levels of firepower, but because this assault fighter is the weapon of choice of pirates, privateers and corsairs throughout known space. It has enough armor to allow it to go up against large ships, and enough speed to allow it to catch most craft that try to flee." ― Buying a Thunderhead
""You name the job. I'll name the price," snarls the craggy pilot of this sleek Thunderhead. "Take it or leave it; your choice." You can understand his attitude; his ship is a fine piece of work." ― Hiring a Thunderhead
The Thunderhead is a ship that is widely used by traders and the Wild Geese. Its main weapon is the Thunderhead Lance. It may be deployed as an escort ship or as a shipborne fighter. Although the civilian version is favored by the Wild Geese, the Pirates and the Rebels have their own versions of this ship. It is an excellent heavy fighter when used in packs; one should be wary of this ship.

Gameplay Analysis

"Want a heavy duty fighter that doesn't suck? Look no further. For a fighter, the Thunderhead has high shields and heavy armor, plus a very nice array of weaponry. The Lances are great for close-quarters damage, while the Radar missiles help get the fight started (or ended) in your favor." ― EVula Survival Guide
All standard versions of the Thunderhead are designed for close combat, so you are usually much better off hitting them at long range whenever possible.

The Light Destroyer class comes with Ion Cannons instead of Thunderhead Lances and is arguably the most powerful Thunderhead in the game.

A good close-ranged Thunderhead typically mounts four Thunderhead Lances, which allows it to deal heavy amounts of damage to any ship in the game.

If you're in the Polaris storyline, you can replace the Thunderhead Lances with Bio-Relay Lasers for added range while retaining high damage. Keep in mind, without a fix plug-in, the 1 = X Bug will prevent multiple Bio-Relay Lasers from doing more damage than one.

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