A Total Conversion is a plug-in that replaces the stock scenario with an entirely new one. Total Conversions are often huge and sport new ships, graphics, sounds, weapons, missions, outfits and more. In other words, a total conversion plug-in is an entirely new scenario. While there are many Total Conversions for Escape Velocity and EV Override, EV Nova has very few. The reason for this is that the Nova engine is much more complicated and a total conversion that equals the size of Nova's scenario takes a very long time to make. (And TC authors only rarely aimed to make a TC smaller than Nova.) Most Total Conversion projects become vaporware (meaning it is never completed), while others do not even get that far.

Completed Major Total Conversions

Completed Minor Total Conversions

Released Vaporware Total Conversions

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Total Conversions Major Completed: Polycon EV (2002), Escape Velocity, Escape Velocity Override, Ashen Galaxy, Colosseum
Minor Completed: EVN Paintball, Miners, Teacup
Blank Slate: Absolute Minimum
Aborted Yet Released: Acheron, Starfleet Adventures
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