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A Total Conversion is a plug-in that replaces the stock scenario with an entirely new one. Total Conversions are often huge and sport new ships, graphics, sounds, weapons, missions, outfits and more. In other words, a total conversion plug-in is an entirely new scenario. While there are many Total Conversions for Escape Velocity and EV Override, EV Nova has very few. The reason for this is that the Nova engine is much more complicated and a total conversion that equals the size of Nova's scenario takes a very long time to make. (And TC authors only rarely aimed to make a TC smaller than Nova.) Most Total Conversion projects become vaporware (meaning it is never completed), while others do not even get that far.

How to install a TC[]


Copy and paste your EV Nova folder somewhere like a dedicated Games folder, rename it and read the TC's read-me and follow its instructions. Some TCs will want you to totally delete Nova's files and start anew, such as the EVC and EVO TCs. These TCs use the Plug-ins folder for scenario specific plugins. Other TCs go in the Plug-ins folder, voiding Nova's data as needed, such as early versions of Polycon. Create shortcuts to the new installation.


Version 1.1 of EV Nova introduced a new TC system. Your EV Nova folder is now located in user/Library/Application Support. Within that folder, you have your Plug-ins folder and Pilots folder. Some people will also have their Pilotlog and Debuglog in there.

Say you want to play White Dwarf. Make a folder called White Dwarf in your EV Nova folder in Application Support. Within that folder, create a Nova Files folder, a Plug-ins folder and a Pilots folder (the latter two are automatically created if they're not present at launch) and also the pilotlog and debuglog for this TC in particular. Now to play White Dwarf, when you launch Nova, immediately hold the Shift button. A window will pop up, and all you have to do is select the White Dwarf folder in the EV Nova folder under Application Support.

You can install as many TCs as you please with this system. This version is designed for simplicity, in that you can quickly and easily switch between them rather than only installing one and having the trouble of manually switching files around when you want to play another.

List of TCs[]

Completed Major Total Conversions[]

  1. Polycon by AnubisTTP
  2. Ashen Galaxy by grayshirtninja
  3. Colosseum by JoshTigerheart
  4. Escape Velocity Classic by Guy
  5. Escape Velocity Override by Guy
  6. White Dwarf by DrFiveMinusMinus

Major Expansion mods[]

Although not TCs, these are extensive Plug-ins that are usually incompatible with other mods due to using all the remaining resource slots and unlock entirely new playthroughs not present in the original game.

  1. ARPIA2 by Pace
  2. Brave New Void by DrFiveMinusMinus

Completed Minor Total Conversions[]

  1. EVN Paintball by Nil'kimas
  2. Miners by Arion
  3. Teacup TC by Edwards

Released Incomplete Total Conversions[]

  1. Acheron by Crusader Alpha
  2. Starfleet Adventures by Uncle Twitchy, Dr. Trowel, Pace and others [1]

Vaporware Total Conversions[]

  1. Delphi by Sol
  2. Aftermath
  3. APOPHIS by Yoda Almighty
  4. EV Noir by Hamster
  5. EVN: United Galactic Federation by StarSword
  6. EVN: Eon by King of Manticores
  7. EVN: Phoenix by Lunar Productions
  8. EVN: Starcraft by 0101181920
  9. Firefly by Lindley
  10. Frozen Heart 2 by Martin Turner
  11. Genesis
  12. KFL by rmx256
  13. Open Source TC
  14. Retribution
  15. Sephil Saga by CWS Software
  16. Space Opera by Angelwell Productions
  17. Stargate Nova by Lostpinky and Scienceguy8
  18. STN: The Final Frontier
  19. A-Ram-Kar (ARK)
  20. Star Wars Nova
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