Valkyrie Pirate Rebel

The civilian Valkyrie is a civilian ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"Those in the know (particularly "Hypergate Monthly") have described the Valkyrie as 'the last of the great gas guzzlers.' This trim ship employs ancient liquid-fuelled reaction rockets instead of Thorium-based nuclear engines. For all her ancient design, however, the Valkyrie still looks and moves like a top-of-the-line in-system sports racer. Like the evergreen Porsche Starscreamer before her, the Valkyrie never quite seems to go out of style." ― Buying a Valkyrie
""You've got the cargo; I've got the speed," is the boast of this young rev-head. His Valkyrie is a souped-up version of the ones you saw booting around ten years ago. Still, it's been well-maintained, and it probably performs nearly as well as this young hotshot pretends." ― Hiring a Valkyrie
The popular Porsche Valkyrie, also known as the Valk, is a favorite of many traders, and of Jack Folstam, Night Master of the Bounty Hunters. It is often referred to as "the last of the great gas-guzzlers" due to its dependency on chemical rockets, rather than ion drive, for sublight propulsion. The Rebel Valkyrie replaces the chemical rockets with ion drives, giving it a slight speed and manoeuvrability advantage over the standard ship. The Pirate Upgrade has four engines, compared to the stock ships three, also giving it a slight speed and manoeuvrability advantage over the standard ship. 

Gameplay Analysis

"An overall great ship to have, the Valkyrie is perfect for almost any role it needs to play. It's cargo capacity is large enough to allow you to run a few cargo missions at the same time, but it's defenses (and offenses) are good enough to allow you to win in the occasional fight (my girlfriend completed the Auroran storyline in a Valk)." ― EVula Survival Guide
There are also two used versions of the craft available at various shipyards. One can be bought for just 200,000 credits, but has been abused and uncared for resulting in noticeable decreases in speed, manoeuvrability, armour, and shielding so that the saving is hardly worth it. The other secondhand version is in as good a condition as the day it rolled of the production line, and due to the careful upgrades that its captain spent his money on, the ships performance, armour and weaponry is increased. However, so is the price, almost twice that of a new class B Valk.

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