Autumn Petal

Autumn Petal being projected from a Javelin.

The Vell-os are a race of telepaths. They, and any other Federation citizens showing signs of telepathic ability, are currently enslaved by the Bureau. Their telepathic ships and weapons have proven to be very effective for military use for the Federation against the Aurorans, and they have also proven to be very effective at locating individuals, such as traitors and Mu'hari spies. Furthermore, the Vell-os are responsible for ascertaining guilt in court cases (although, at present, the Bureau has usurped the process by determining the outcome in advance).

Timeline Edit

-1800 NC (circa 980 AD) - Several powerful telepathic humans, led by an Indian prince named Vell-os, leave Earth using psi powers.

230 NC - The first encounter between the Vell-os and the Colonial Council.

242 NC - The Vell-os become members of the Colonial Council.

420 NC - Even though the rest of the Colonial Council refuses to fund Kerell Polaris's expedition to the galactic north-east, the Vell-os provide support for him.

552 NC - The Vell-os withdraw from the Colonial Council in protest of a declaration of war against the Polaris.

553 NC - A group of Vell-os stops a military fleet sent by the Colonial Council into Polaran space.

555 NC - The Colonial Council attacks the Vell-os in an attempt to force them into becoming members of the Council again.

605 NC - The Vell-os surrender to the Colonial Council in order to prevent more bloodshed. All Vell-os are enslaved by the Council. Krypt is created.

Vell-os Psionic Starships Edit

Vell-os ships are unique in that they are psychic creations, perfectly formed for efficient hyperspace travel.