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The civilian Viper is a civilian ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"With the rapid development of space flight, it was inevitable that sports (particularly racing) would come to fruition sooner rather than later. Power Sled racing stood up to the challenge. A few intrepid hot-rodders noticed that one particular sled, the Viper, took very well to a bit of extra weight in the form of armor and armament. With a little engine tweaking, these modified Vipers, designated F-23, were selected by the Federation as the mainstay of their fighter wings. This model is a civilian shell by Comara Racing." ― Buying a Viper
"The young woman piloting this banana-yellow Viper would look more at home as a grease monkey at a race track than as a fighter pilot. "Actually," she says, "I was a PowerSled pilot for a while, but escort duty pays more." She seems somewhat uncertain about this, and continues to tune her aft plasma relay." ― Hiring a Viper
The Viper is a small fighter, and is arguably the weakest combat ship in the game. It mounts light protection, relying more on speed and agility. Regardless, Vipers are considered good frameworks for development, as several military variants exist.

Power Sled racing originally developed this as a racing sled for the Galactic Racing Network. However, it didn’t take space farers long to begin tweaking it as a means of travel. It is now used as the mainstream short-range fighter for the Federation, Rebels and Pirates

Gameplay Analysis

"The Viper is a fairly common sight, in one version or another, in Nova. This the original version. The reason that there have been so many modifications to the other ones is because the original sucks. Good for it's price, but you'd be better off saving your money for something else." ― EVula Survival Guide
Fear the Civvie Viper! - Ambrosia Boards thread where JoshTigerheart shows that a Viper can be quite formidable.

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