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From Wild Geese Path 1

Talk with Rebels

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Meet with Your Uncle Olaf

From Wild Geese Path 2

Return With McGowan's Rejection

As you sit, drink in hand, wondering what it is about McGowan that bothers you, an expectant hush falls over the bar and you look around to see McGowan, and a number of his bully-boys, have walked into the bar. Noting you sitting near the rear, they make their way over.

As soon as McGowan sits down, his bully-boys set upon you. You desperately try to defend yourself, but there are simply too many of them for you to do anything effective. Possibly only two or three minutes later, the beating abates and one of the thugs lifts you off the floor to face McGowan.

"I have decided not to accept Mr. Flannigan's proposal," he says, unperturbed by your condition. "Please be so kind as to pass on to him my irritation at his paltry offer. As for you, I am warning you never to return to this place whilst I am alive. I don't know what it is, but there is something offensive about you, and I will not tolerate your presence any more than I have to."

With that, he gets up and starts walking out of the bar. The man holding you up drops you to the ground and you remain there, unmoving for some time before levering yourself up.

Not a single person in the bar makes eye contact with you as you leave this establishment.

Mission Log Entry
Return to New Ireland in the Tuatha system with the news of McGowan's rejection of the truce.
Dropping Cargo
When you land you are met by Flannigan, Tara Collins and the brothers Sean and Ryan O'Driscol. You shake your head at their implied question. After wordlessly gripping each other's arms in greeting, Tara, Sean and Ryan head off to their ships with grim faces. You cannot help but wonder why Michaleen is not present, and you raise your eyebrows in anxious curiosity. Flannigan shakes his head.

"We are in something of a fix," he begins quietly, and you chuckle at his understatement. "The Bureau hit us hard while we were concentrating on McGowan and his damn 'guild of free traders'. We all barely escaped alive, and the fault is partly mine. I knew that McGowan had an agreement with the Bureau, but I didn't know they were quite this cozy. I don't have a lot of time to explain all the ins and outs of the situation, but the end result is that I'm going to declare war on both McGowan's so-called 'guild' and on that damned Bureau. Unfortunately for us, we have absolutely no way of winning on our own.

"Michaleen personally kept the Bureau's thugs bottled up in one corner of the space port for the better part of ten minutes," Flannigan says proudly, with tears in his eyes, "so that we could get everybody away. He died well and hard."

You close your eyes in remembrance of a man with the quick wit and even quicker smile who greeted you as a brother. After a moment of gut-wrenching reverie, you open your eyes, ready to do whatever has to be done to avenge all that has been done to the Wild Geese and the people they protect.

Flannigan draws you away from the crowds in the spaceport.

"That's why I'm glad you returned as quickly as you did," he explains, nodding in appreciation. "Meet me in the bar in one hour, and I shall have something for you."

Talk with Rebels

As you sit waiting, drink in hand, tears come to your eyes more than once as you think of the times you and Michaleen had together. The other patrons see your obvious distress and give you a respectful space in which to grieve.

Eventually Flannigan walks in and makes his way over.

"I too will miss the boy," he says in his deep voice. "He was foolhardy and inclined to let his mouth talk without engaging his brain, but there were none finer to have at your back in battle."

He looks directly at you for a moment and you share a moment of silence for your friend. Finally Flannigan shakes himself, and adopts a more business-like manner.

"You," he says, tapping you on the shoulder for emphasis, "have more experience with dealing with people outside the Wild Geese than anyone here bar myself. And because I have a few other things I need to be taking care of, once again you'll be our representative.

"I have a contact inside the Rebellion," he informs you quietly, "and I need you to go and talk to him to find out more about McGowan's movements. What do you say?"

"Okay then," Eamon begins tersely. "I want you head to up to the station 'Rebel II' in the Koria system and meet with a guy who I know as Geoff Daniels. All I really know is that he is a spook that is fairly high up in the rebel intelligence network, and I very much doubt that his real name is anything resembling Geoff.

"Regardless," he shrugs diffidently, "he seems to be a decent person, and if we ask him to help us out by pointing us in the direction of someone who may be able to help us in finding out more about McGowan and his pirate 'guild' I'm fairly sure he will help us.

"Once you have found out what you need to know," Flannigan finishes seriously, "either return here or follow up on whatever leads you are given. I'll leave it up to you."

With that he claps you on the shoulder and heads off out of the establishment. You cannot feel as though it may be a fair while before you see him again...

"I understand," Flannigan nods quietly. "After what McGowan did to you, nobody would want to represent us on a diplomatic mission again. I wish you well <PN>."
Mission Log Entry
Go to <RST> in the <RSY> system to meet the rebel intelligence operative known as 'Geoff Daniels' to see if he can help you to learn more about McGowan and his organization.
Dropping Cargo
You are met by a man of medium height, medium build and short, neat light brown hair. He introduces himself as Geoff Daniels.

"Eamon sent word that you were coming," he begins pleasantly, "what can we do for you in your time of need?"

You begin relating the recent history of the Wild Geese and their operations against McGowan and his 'guild', but Geoff holds up his hand and interrupts you.

"I am a member of Rebel Intelligence," he remarks with quiet humor, "I am pretty much up to date on recent galactic events. I know of your situation and I am also fairly well aware of how you got there. What I don't know is what you want."

You have the good grace to blush, and you take a moment to compose yourself before asking him if he has any leads that you might follow to learn more about McGowan and his pirates so as to avenge some of the wrongs done against the Wild Geese and the people of New Ireland. You add that you do not expect him to give away anything that might jeopardize the security of his network, but even the smallest hint would be appreciated.

He looks at you blandly for a moment, before nodding his head slowly.

"We have a number of sources amongst the Associated Guild of Free Traders," he informs you, "but, in the interests of our security I don't think I can tell you any more than that."

At hearing this your heart sinks.

"However," he says more positively, and you lean forward expectantly, "if I were you, I would be looking for a man who runs an illegal ship outfitting operation on Viking in the Tichel system. I have a feeling he may be exactly what you are looking for..."

With that 'Geoff' turns on his heel and walks away. For a moment you cannot help but feel that maybe he is talking about your Uncle Olaf whom you haven't seen for a few years now...

Meet with Your Uncle Olaf

Mission Log Entry
Head to <RST> in the <RSY> system to meet with your Uncle Olaf.
As soon as you finish your post-flight routine you decide to head to the bar to see if anyone is waiting for you there.

Pick Up Cargo From Sol

You duck into the small spaceport bar, and wait a moment for your eyes to adjust. The 'Hallowed Owl' hasn't changed since your Academy holidays. A little more rust, a little more stench; pretty much the same!

A man with immense shoulders and flowing gray locks sits at a table off to the side of the bar- your uncle Olaf. You can barely contain your joy at seeing him after ten years, and by the tears welling in his eyes you can see that he's similarly affected.

"Well, young'un! You've grown out of all proportion," he says, eyeing you up and down with avuncular approval. "Grub must be good at that Academy. But small talk can wait. There's little time, and much to do." He looks you straight in the eye, and asks, "Do you think you're ready?"

As you nod in response to his question, he looks so proud as to almost burst.

"You're a credit to your blood, young'un, d'ye know? If Morgan was here he'd..." Uncle Olaf trails off as he becomes lost in memory.

"Well. You're here now; what am I to do with you? I suppose I'd better give you something to keep you occupied until I can make some better plans. Are ye up to taking care of some business for me? It's nothing arduous, just a shuttle run to the Sol system to pick up a cargo of data crystal replacements. Ye'll handle it for your old uncle?" he asks with that silly, beatific smile you remember from so long ago.

"Of course, Uncle," you reply.

He smiles again, and hugs your shoulders. "Good for you, Bonnie," he laughs, using the pet-name from your childhood. "Now, how's about a drink?"

With that, you become pleasantly lost in talk until you have leave to start the cargo run.

"You disappoint me young'un," Olaf's voice is naught but a whisper. "I thought there was more to the cut o' yer jib than that."

You have just a moment to see a tear form before the big man turns and stalks away from you.

Mission Log Entry
Pick up the cargo to Earth in the Sol system and return to meet Olaf on Viking.
Loading Cargo
You break quite a sweat as you load the cargo into the hold of your ship. As you work, you cannot help but wonder what your uncle has been up to for the last 10 years...
Dropping Cargo
Dock-workers quickly off-load the data crystals. You get the impression that Olaf is pretty well known around Federation docks. You imagine it must be something to do with his work for the Sol Dock-worker's Union during the strike of '22. Apparently Olaf was targeted by the Bureau for upholding workers rights, and most of the guys remember him with affection.
Olaf greets you as you land. "Good to see you my brave Bonnie, how was yer trip?" You tell Olaf that your trip was fine, and that the dock-workers fast-tracked all of the data crystals through the off-loading process for you.

Olaf doesn't look surprised. "Most o' those fellas used to crew ships at one time or another. Most of 'em were good crew as well. The Bureau kicked a lot of arse after yer father's death, and a lot o' fellas that wouldn't be told what to do found 'emselves without a crewer's ticket. Now most o' them fellas are uneducated, and only knew how to crew. So when the stinkin' Bureau revoked their tickets, it was illegal to put them into any ship, from shuttle to Leviathan. Most of 'em lost the only livelihood they had, so I pulled a lot of strings through some contacts and got 'em jobs on the docks. The Bureau tried ta remove vital parts of my anatomy fer that li'l stunt, but the lads stood firm and showed how a Dock can close down pretty quick. Soon enough the situation settled down. Come to the bar and we'll spend some o' yer hard-earned."

He throws his arm around your shoulders and you head off to 'Club Scrun' for a couple of cold ones.

Take Cargo to Misfire

"Now that I've given ye a li'l test, and found out that ye can sail that pretty li'l ship o' yers around the universe, I need you to take some more supplies to Misfire in the <DSY> system and then return here. I've been stockpiling some supplies and stuff o'er the years, and soon enough I think we'll have enough cash for ye to buy a better ship and start doing some real work t'wards yer destiny. I know that the day o' reckoning seems far off, but while ye wez learnin' to sail and lead and navigate, I wez puttin' inta place all the mechanisms fer ye to retake what wez rightfully yers in the first place."

You feel a lump rise in your throat. You heard from Uncle Olaf often enough during your years at the academy, but he would never tell you exactly what he was doing. Now you know, and feel a swell of pride and affection for the big man before you.

The stock turns out to be a number of Data Cubes. It all looks to be pretty bland stuff, educational films and the like. You find a copy of "Jaws 557 - Sharks in Space" and chuckle to yourself. The shark still looked fake. Olaf returns with a loader and the two of you begin to push cargo.
Mission Log Entry
Take the Holo Cubes to <DST> in the <DSY> system, and then return to <RST> in the <RSY> system. The education of millions depends on them.
Dropping Cargo
An officious looking woman named Ms. Hilary Crosby-Roberts meets you as the dock workers begin to off-load the Holo Cubes. She stares down her long, pointy nose at your dirty coveralls, and quickly pushes a non existent hair back into place in the wire-brush growth on her head. You get the impression that Ms Crosby-Roberts doesn't come down here too often, nor anywhere where dirt might exist. She quickly thanks you for making the delivery, and passes you a chip for 30,000 credits. You whistle under your breath. She must have REALLY needed those Holo Cubes.
You return to <RST> without too many problems. The occasional pirate skims past you, but despite your beloved <PSN> probably being on their list to watch closely you manage to keep them from finding out what's in your cargo holds.

Piracy was once the random attacking of many smaller ships by loosely organized fleets. Now with McGowan running things, it has gotten out of control. You don't hold out much hope that one day the Federation will spend much effort trying to capture the man, especially with his links to the Bureau. Unfortunately, until someone does something about him, most shipping lanes will be at his mercy.

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