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Escape Velocity Nova Wild Geese Minor Storyline Path 1 Transcribed

Return Michaleen's body to New Ireland

When you regain consciousness, the area around you is covered with blood. Some of it is pooled in places, but all of it indicates that the bodies of the fallen have been removed. You lift your head, and you see Michaleen. He lies slumped against the wall, in a pool of blood. You crawl to his side, but you are too late. He is dead. His face is a mass of bruising, and he has been badly beaten before the end. A note has been stuck to his chest with a dagger...


The only reason we did not kill you is because you were not worth the effort. Do not bother trying to take this to the proper authorities. They weren't too fazed with the idea of Houge dying. You would do well to forget this ever happened. Go about your business. It is the healthier option.


A sick rage fills you. Just recently the man before you was a living breathing person, whose very presence made you happy. Now he has died, and the men responsible have mocked the thought of you avenging him. You gently lift Michaleen's body and head back to your ship.

Michaleen's dying wish was that you return to New Ireland and inform his people that he had fallen. You will return, and then come seeking your revenge. It is with great sadness that you lift off and set course for New Ireland, sending a message ahead of you passing on the news...
Mission Log Entry
Return Michaleen's body to New Ireland to fulfil his dying wish.
Dropping Cargo
Your landing on New Ireland sees you escorted by a squadron of Thunderheads, the fighter of choice for the Wild Geese. As soon as you set down, an imposing figure covered in wild tattoos walks towards your hatch. You cycle the lock and head down to meet him. He steps aboard the <PSN> with a remarkable grace for such a large man.

"Hello <PN>, it is a shame we couldn't have met under happier circumstances," he says, introducing himself. "My name in Eamon Flannigan. I am the Commander of the Wild Geese, and Michaleen's uncle. My sister hasn't stopped crying since your message arrived. Michaleen must be avenged. It was me who sent him into the nest of vipers in the first place."

Flannigan's thick brogue is full of barely held emotions. You get the impression that the man is barely able to function in his grief.

"Would you take me to the body?" he asks respectfully. "I must prepare it for burial. The practice may seem bizarre to you, but it has been the way of my people since the dawning of time, back on Sol, back before man took to the stars."

You nod and take Flannigan through to the medical bay, and quietly take your leave as the man begins to grieve. As you sit and wait, you swear to avenge Michaleen again. It is a matter of utmost importance.

Michaleen's funeral is a somber affair. In a strange place called a cemetery, Michaleen's coffin is lowered into the ground. A man sits and plays a strange pipe instrument, and for the first time you hear music made by something that is not electronic. A mist rolls in, and it appears that the mourners are suspended in time, and that the moment has been frozen by some power beyond the control of man, so that it may accept the soul of the departed man with due reverence. It is something that you will never forget, and the memory will always make you cry.

The next day you meet with Flannigan in his office. For the commander of a mercenary unit you are surprised that he has no personal body guards, but as you enter his office, you see him training with some other men in a side area. As you watch, you see ten men rush him, only to be repulsed by him. He moves in a way that you have seen no other man ever move. He weaves around them as if he controlled their movements as well as his own, and that each step taken was part of some elaborate (and painful) dance. By the time you begin to piece together what your eyes are telling you, the man has moved on further. It is amazing to behold.

Within moments he has defeated the men. You expect them to be smashed...broken...bloody; yet they stand, slowly for some, but they are not injured beyond possible bruises.

"Better, gentlemen, much better. Now go and practice among yourselves. I have business to attend to." He turns and walks towards you. "I can see you are impressed," Flannigan waves behind his head at the practice mat, "The skills of a mercenary are varied. Some situations require force, others non-force. It is something I learned during my time with the Aurorans. The House Heraan use a specific style of Martial Arts, which they call the Heron Style. I am a master, but I have started teaching my men here a variation of it. It is an amazing system."

You nod in agreement, and ask what the principal basis is.

"In learning Heron style, you are taught to read and direct the 'Weave' of combat," he replies quietly. "Subconsciously, all of us fight to a pattern and rhythm. Heron Style teaches us to detect it and control it. It isn't so much that you defeat your opponent, but he defeats himself, if you force the "weave" to do so. It is hard to explain, but once felt, and mastered, it makes all combat easier, from one on one, to mammoth battles between hundreds of ships. There is one teacher Karlaekar, to whom the most promising students are sent. It is said he imprints the ability to read and control the 'weave' on the student subconsciously. This makes their 'weave' unreadable, and therefore very dangerous."

You nod, even though most of what Flannigan has said escapes your understanding.

"So, tell me what happened when you and Michaleen arrived in Sol. Don't leave anything out." You tell Flannigan what happened. By the time you have finished, he has gone white with rage.

"Bastards," he says under his breath. "I know that Mic wasn't entirely blameless. But I sent him into that situation. I needed information on McGowan's organization. I needed to see what sort of man he was. I guess now I know. I made a terrible error in judgement. But so has McGowan. His man Pennant will die, and so will his Sol operations."

You ask Flannigan if there is anything that you can do to help, as you want to avenge Michaleen as well. He tells you to wait for him in the Bar. He will let you know in a little while.

Destroy McGowan's Drug Factory

You are sitting quietly in a corner booth in the bar, when a man walks in and walks straight up to you. "<PN>?" he asks you in a lilting voice. You nod, noticing that the man is very heavily armed, carrying a sawn-off shot-blaster, two heavy blaster pistols and a laser rapier.

"I'm Flynn Brereton. Eamon should be along soon, as should be the others." Others? You wonder just what is going on, when another two men saunter towards you. They are identical, with a shock of red hair, and are both very large. They nod a greeting to Flynn, and sit down. Again you notice the newcomers are heavily armed.

"I'm Sean O'Driscol," one of them says "This here's me brother Ryan." The other grunts, and waves for two ales. No sooner do the drinks arrive than a slim, athletic woman approaches. She sits, and begins to polish a throwing dagger. You introduce yourself, and she smiles shyly at you.

"I'm Tara. Tara Collins. I'm pleased to meet you."

"Don't mind her, <PN>," says Flynn. "I've been told that she talks more eventually, though I've known her three years meself, and nary an errant word does she say to me." Tara shoots a wilting look at Flynn, before returning to her blade. You are about to ask what is going on when Eamon Flannigan stalks into the bar, followed by three others.

"Ah, <PN>, I see you have already met the others," he begins almost brusquely. "These with me make up the rest of the Wild Rovers. The Rovers are the closest thing the Wild Geese have to Special Forces. The eight people you see here are the most resourceful individuals on all New Ireland. They are used primarily as spies, but are also capable of demolitions work, assassination, anything really. Now, I've called them all here to outline the plan against Pennant and the Sol Sector branch of McGowan's organization."

Eamon goes over the background of the situation, of how Michaleen was tasked to infiltrate the organization and assess its strengths and weaknesses; how he got into trouble when he owed the criminals a lot of money, and how the organization killed Michaleen. The Rovers are quiet throughout the meeting, silently drinking their drinks and listening to Flannigan. You get the impression that at any other time they would be a lot of fun, but that the current situation calls for a certain level of professionalism.

Flannigan concludes his briefing with an outline of the plan to come. The Rovers would separate and enter the Sol system. Each two man team would be responsible for the destruction of a different sphere of McGowan's organization. By the time each team had finished their tasks they would return to New Ireland.

"O' course, we're a man down. Or rather, we were 'til you arrived," he says as he claps a hearty hand over your shoulder.

You tell Flannigan that you would be honored to take part in this operation, and that you owed Michaleen that much.

"In that case," he continues smoothly, "I want you to go to Mairim in the Hannaford System. Flynn will go with you, and he will be in command of a team of our special operations commandos. When you get there you will need to locate the wreck of a freighter called 'South of the Border'. It crashed nearly 80 years ago on the icy steppes. McGowan has made the wreck habitable again, and has been using it as a Tobacco and Hammerhead processing facility. It is a handy arrangement for McGowan. Mairim is close enough to Sol that it doesn't take too long to ship the product back. However, since Mairim doesn't have any official government, McGowan has been able to have a steady influx of income without having any police trouble. I want you two to go and fix the situation. All of the workers there are convicted criminals that McGowan has been able to secure as part of a governmental work contract. It is a good indication that the Federation cares little for the state of its criminal justice system. Terminate them. Teach them the folly of dealing in destructive drugs. After that, meet me back here for the next phase of the operation.

"One final thing," he mutters, looking straight at you, "as the new member of our team, if at any time things get too out of hand for us to survive here, look up my friend, Professor F Cook, on Misfire in the Trishka system, and I won't be far away."

Mission Log Entry
Go with Flynn to Mairim and destroy McGowan's drug factory in the wreck of the 'South of the Border'.
Loading Cargo
After avoiding the orbital patrols you and Flynn quickly move through the facility smashing and killing everything you come across. Flynn is just a whirling dervish of destruction and whenever you find yourself getting pinned down he somehow manages to pull off the impossible and pull you out of trouble.

After the better part of an hour of fighting your way through the crashed ship, everything is quiet and Flynn plants his charges and the two of you take off as soon as possible to avoid any further entanglements with pirate goons.

Dropping Cargo
You land on New Ireland with the memory of your assault on the 'South of the Border' still fresh in your mind. You and the Wild Geese team moved through the derelict like the wraiths of death itself. The workers tried to repulse you with small arms fire from numerous blasters, and the sentinel gun emplacements slowed you down for a while, but nothing could stop Flynn. His heavy repeating blaster spat an unending stream of destruction, and soon enough it was time for the up close fighting. In battle, Flynn became a wild killing machine, hacking and slashing without fear. Men fell before him like wheat before the scythe, and many turned and tried to flee. Flynn pulled his pistol and he and his team wreaked a bloody vengeance upon their massed ranks, and it was over in less than an hour. You looked out of a porthole and watched the survivors flee across the icy steppes, safe in the knowledge that the extreme cold would soon end their lives.
You remember standing guard while Flynn quickly set a number of microfusion charges before both of you returned to the <PSN>. As you passed over the site, Flynn depressed the detonator, and the entire wreck disappeared in a ball of white light, rapidly expanding to a sphere of flaming debris. The hulk was simply vaporized.

You and Flynn report the details of your assault to Flannigan, who grins happily at the result.

"That should upset our friend McGowan somewhat," he says a little cheekily. "He just lost a sizeable portion of his drug production capability. It took him almost a year to set up the site, and it took the two of you and a strike team an hour or so to utterly destroy it. Wait for me in the bar, I'll have something else for you to do in a few hours."

Deliver Explosives to Ryll

You are sitting waiting for Flannigan, and Flynn has been telling you all about his recent adventures. You do a lot of flying, but Flynn has been from one end of the universe to the other so many times that he would have easily eclipsed your journeys. All of his missions involve some sort of espionage, from destroying installations, to planting bugs and wires in crucial places. You are beginning to get a grasp of how large the Wild Geese's intelligence network is, and you ask Flynn how the Geese maintain such a high level of security and awareness in what is a constantly changing galaxy.

"That's simple," he says, sipping his pint. "We Geese come from a long line of usurpers. Our ancestors fought in so many wars after being forced into exile for their political ideologies, that we have almost evolved into the unit we are now. Where some people tell their wains about 'The Three Little Bugbears' or 'The Princess Bride', we get told stories about 'Michael Collins and the Flying Columns' or the battles of 'Rory of the Glen'. Guerilla tactics are like mother's milk to us. Intelligence and counter-intelligence are easy if you have been trained in them since you have been able to listen."

You are still musing over this information when Flannigan arrives. He quickly walks up to you and pulls you to a booth.

"Now we are going to play a little game. McGowan has placed orders with a number of smaller operators for drugs. In a few hours, we'll have a shipment for you to deliver. Only thing is, your containers aren't going to be filled with Hammerhead, or Fly, or Goofjuice. They are going to be packed with explosives. Since the orders are being filled by so many groups, it has been easy for our spies to discover what the passwords and delivery schedules are. Do you want to make some evil men go boom?"

"Good for you. Here is the deal. We'll load the containers onto your ship. You have to take them to <DST> in the <DSY> system. McGowan has a distribution center there. When you arrive, tell the dock-workers that the containers are for Marguerite Harris. They will ask when you want them delivered, and you MUST respond with 'Before six tomorrow, and make it snappy'. If you don't, they will assume you are a plant, and more likely than not try to kill you. Even if you escape, you'll still have a hold full of explosives to get rid of. So make sure you have it right. Get the shipment there ASAP, as I'll need to make McGowan sweat in order to take my plans to the next phase.

"Also," he adds with a quiet grin, "you might want to avoid Federation patrols, as I don't think they appreciate people who ship large amounts of explosives from place to place. Any questions?"

You tell Flannigan that you have it, and head for your ship.

Mission Log Entry
Take the 'drugs' to <DST> in the <DSY> system. Deliver them to the dock-workers there, and make sure you use the correct key phrase. Once finished, return to <RST> in the <RSY> system.
Dropping Cargo
You land on Ryll to find the docks a swarm of activity. You wonder how the corrupt dock-workers know which ships to approach, but you guess that Flannigan and the Geese have made sure that the shipping Scripts have been organized to match.

A number of burly dock-workers approach you, and with a poker face you tell them that the containers are to be delivered to Marguerite Harris. When asked by what time the goods must be delivered, you tell the foreman "Before six tomorrow, and make it snappy". The foreman grins, and hands you a chip for 30,000 credits.

"There you go," he says, smiling. "A little bonus from the boss for a prompt delivery." You smile, more at the irony of the situation, but the dim-witted foreman does not notice the difference.

You head back to your ship to get some rest and watch the news. A couple of hours later, the broadcast you are watching is interrupted for a special report. You watch in grim satisfaction as a news reporter makes a telecast from the front of a burning warehouse. Great gouts of black, oily smoke billow from the building, and the Reporter has to shout to be heard over the roar of the flames. Switching off the holo-receiver, you head for the stars and ultimately, New Ireland.

"We saw your handiwork on the news," Flannigan smiles as he meets you at the hatch. "I especially liked the bit when the authorities tried to take the credit for the destruction of a large shipment of drugs, and breaking the smuggling ring. Funny thing about crooked cops. If something too big happens, they take down everybody, get promotions and medals, and sleep well at night knowing that they have heaps of cash and have still done their jobs." Flannigan shakes his head, and you wonder just how the police and security forces were tipped off.

"Go and get some rest in a real bed," he finishes with a warm smile, "and take some time to wind down. The next stage of the operation is going to be tricky, so I'll need some time to set it up."

Free Eiric

A couple of days later, you are quietly enjoying the company of some of the Rovers in the bar, and discussing the types of operations you have been doing. It seems that McGowan may be starting to suspect the Geese, and you have noted that the number of unexpected ships passing through Tuatha has increased. Apparently, too, the Geese in Spacedock Six have been getting harassed by more interdictions than normal.

Flannigan walks in and orders a drink, and you head over to see if he has any information for you.

"Hello <PN>, How have you been?" Flannigan asks you, lifting his glass in greeting.

You and Flannigan are exchanging pleasantries when Tara Collins rushes into the Bar. She hands Flannigan a data-cube, and he quickly loads it into his wrist-comp and scans its contents. Flannigan jumps to his feet, and indicates that you should follow him into the corridor.

"<PN>, I have been waiting for this to happen," he states, suddenly business-like. "With all the problems we have been creating for McGowan, many of his regular sources of information are beginning to doubt McGowan's strength. Some of our operatives have been able to discover the position of McGowan's main prison ship. The sadist likes to capture those who may well prove to be opposed to his pirate organization. There is one individual who is currently languishing in McGowan's prison ship, the 'Desperation' that we are particularly interested in talking to. His name is Eiric, and he is attempting to create a union of free traders to combat the position of McGowan's organization. Or at least he was, until he was captured by McGowan, and put into the 'Desperation'. We now know where the dread ship is, and want you to go and raid her, freeing the prisoners and in particular Eiric. Are you interested?"

"I'm so glad you have decided to take on this mission," he slaps you on the shoulder with a grin. "I could task some Geese to do it, but we are glad of the anonymity that your 'privateer' position gives us. You have proven to be more than trustworthy, and we are very pleased with the progress we have made with you on our side."

You feel the hot flush of a blush rushing into your face at Flannigan's praise.

"You'll find the 'Desperation' in the NGC-1894 system and you'll have to take care of her escorts before you can disable her and board. Once you do, take the prisoners aboard your ship, and bring them back here. Sound simple, huh? I can assure you it that it won't be. The 'Desperation' is notoriously well guarded. But with your skill you should be able to do it."

"I'm sorry that you feel that way <PN>, I thought you were braver than that. Oh well, this sort of life isn't for everyone..."
Mission Log Entry
Travel to the NGC-1894 system to find and disable McGowan's primary prison ship, the Desperation. Then board it and transfer all the prisoners onto your ship before returning to <RST> in the <RSY> system.
You cannot believe your eyes. When you land on New Ireland, you can barely believe what has happened to it. Only a few weeks ago this world was a green, lush planet full of the beauties of both man and nature, now it is little more than a smoldering ruin of a world.

Eiric, who during the course of your journey has gained your respect for what he has been trying to do to break McGowan's stranglehold on what was originally intended to be an organization to protect everyday traders from the depredations of Bureaucratic idiocy, steps forward and quietly puts his hand on your shoulder in support.

"Perhaps we had better be searching for your colleagues elsewhere," suggests Eiric in gruff yet tactful voice. You nod, remembering what Eamon said about looking up his friend Professor F Cook before turning back to your ship and telling everyone to get back inside with more than a few unshed tears glimmering in your eyes.

Head to Misfire

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Mission Log Entry
Head to <RST> in the <RSY> system because you remember that Eamon once told you to look up his friend Professor F Cook (who works at the University of Misfire) if things ever went astray.
When you land you are met by Flannigan, Tara Collins and the brothers Sean and Ryan O'Driscol. After wordlessly gripping each other's arms in greeting, Tara, Sean and Ryan start helping the former prisoners off your ship. You cannot help but wonder what happened to Flynn, and you raise your eyebrows in anxious curiosity. Flannigan shakes his head.

"He personally kept the Bureau's thugs bottled up in one corner of the space port for the better part of ten minutes," Flannigan says proudly, with tears in his eyes, "so that we could get everybody away. He died well and hard."

You close your eyes in remembrance of a man with the quick wit and even quicker smile who greeted you as a {G "brother" "sister"}. After a moment of gut-wrenching reverie, you open your eyes, ready to do whatever has to be done to avenge all that has been done to the Wild Geese and the people they protect.

Flannigan draws you away from the crowds in the spaceport

"We are in something of a fix," he begins quietly, and you chuckle at his understatement. "The Bureau hit us hard while we were concentrating on McGowan and his damn 'guild of free traders'. We barely escaped alive, all of us, and the fault is partly mine. I knew that McGowan had an agreement with the Bureau, but I didn't know they were quite this cozy. I don't have a lot of time to explain all the ins and outs of the situation, but the end result is that I'm going to declare war on both McGowan's so-called 'guild' and on that damned Bureau. Unfortunately for us we have absolutely no way of winning on our own.

"That's why I'm glad you found us as quickly as you did," he explains, nodding in appreciation, "I need someone to open talks with those who we will need as allies. We basically have the Rebels that occupy some of the space to the galactic north of the Federation and the Aurorans to the south."

He looks directly at you.

"You," he says, tapping you on the chest for emphasis, "have more experience with dealing with people outside the Wild Geese than anyone here bar myself. And seeing as I have a few other things I need to be taking care of, you'll be our representative.

"I have a contact inside the Rebellion," he informs you all quietly, "and, as you probably already know I have many contacts among the Aurorans. I'll leave it up to you.

"Do you want to go meet the Rebels, or the Aurorans?"

"Okay then," Eamon begins tersely. "I want you head to up to the Rebel II station in the Koria system and meet with a guy who I know as Geoff Daniels. All I really know is that he is a spook that is fairly high up in the rebel intelligence network, and I very much doubt that his real name is anything resembling Geoff.

"Regardless," he shrugs diffidently, "he seems to be a decent person, and if we ask him to help us out by pointing us in the direction of someone who may be able to help us in finding out more about McGowan and his pirate 'guild' I'm fairly sure he will help us.

"Once you have found out what you need to know," Flannigan finishes seriously, "either return here or follow up on whatever leads you are given. I'll leave it up to you."

With that he claps you on the shoulder and turns back into the crowd heading off in the same direction that Tara, Sean and Ryan took your passengers. You cannot help but feel as though it may be a fair while before you see any of them again...

"No worries," Flannigan nods quietly, "I was kind of hoping you would volunteer to head down to the Aurorans, as I want you to meet some of my battle brothers. Meet me in the bar here in a few weeks after I have had a chance to send word to them, and we'll talk about what I want you to do..."
Mission Log Entry
Go to <RST> in the <RSY> system to meet the rebel intelligence operative known as 'Geoff Daniels' to see if he can help you to learn more about McGowan and his organization.
Dropping Cargo
You are met by a man of medium height, medium build and short, neat light brown hair. He introduces himself as Geoff Daniels.

"Eamon sent word that you were coming," he begins pleasantly, "what can we do for you in your time of need?"

You begin relating the recent history of the Wild Geese and their operations against McGowan and his 'guild', but Geoff holds up his hand and interrupts you.

"I am a member of Rebel Intelligence," he remarks with quiet humor, "I am pretty much up to date on recent galactic events. I know of your situation and I am also fairly well aware of how you got there. What I don't know is what you want."

You have the good grace to blush, and you take a moment to compose yourself before asking him if he has any leads that you might follow to learn more about McGowan and his pirates so as to avenge some of the wrongs done against the Wild Geese and the people of New Ireland. You add that you do not expect him to give away anything that might jeopardize the security of his network, but even the smallest hint would be appreciated.

He looks at you blandly for a moment, before nodding his head slowly.

"We have a number of sources amongst the Associated Guild of Free Traders," he informs you, "but, in the interests of our security I don't think I can tell you any more than that."

At hearing this your heart sinks.

"However," he says more positively, and you lean forward expectantly, "if I were you, I would be looking for a man who runs an illegal ship outfitting operation on Viking in the Tichel system. I have a feeling he may be exactly what you are looking for..."

With that 'Geoff' turns on his heel and walks away. For a moment you cannot help but feel that maybe he is talking about your Uncle Olaf whom you haven't seen for a few years now...

Association/Auroran Split

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