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Wraith Cannon on a Striker

"Wraithii are tiny capsules of polarons contained in a mar-graviton field. A Wraith Cannon fires these capsules via simple biomechanics, and the capsules burst on impact, releasing a powerful kinetic force. These guns are mounted as standard on the Dragon, and can be retrofitted to most ships on the market. The Nil'kemorya keep a careful eye on these weapons, however, and only the most favored of outsiders are ever allowed to buy them."

The Wraith Cannon is a weapon that uses Wraithii as ammunition.

It has a large magazine capable of storing 600 shots and occupies a remarkably small amount of space. The weapon has a high rate of fire and inflicts quite a bit of damage every shot.


Nova pict 6024

Wraithii and a Striker

"The polarons for Wraithii are harvested by deep-space mining scoops run by the Tre'pira. These polarons are then shipped to P'aedt facilities for encapsulation in the mar-graviton field that will hold them until they impact at a speed of greater than 20 kilometers an hour. Needless to say, the final packets are handled with kid gloves. It is a testament to the Tre'pira and the P'aedt that no accidents with Wraithii have ever occurred."


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These outfits are available for purchase after completing parts of the Polaris Storyline, Rebellion Storyline or GLi-Tech side missions.

This is an excellent mid-range weapon. Pilots without access to either Heavy Blaster Turrets or Fusion Pulse Batteries should equip these just in case long and/or short range combat isn’t working.

It is possible in the Rebel string to purchase up to 1,800 Wraithii by purchasing all three versions of Wraithii, which can then be fired from either the Federation, Rebel, or Polaris Wraith Cannons.

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