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The Wraith Child is an alien ship in Escape Velocity Nova.

"A Wraith child is a playful being, full of life and spirit. As with all Wraithkind, they love to frolic in the blackness of space, and they have an instinctive understanding of hyperspace. Their method of propulsion is a much more refined version of the same etheric wave technology that drives most Polaris vessels. Children of the Wraith will not stray far from their parents, and those same parents will fiercely defend their young from anyone cruel enough to attack such beautiful creatures." ― Wraith Child description

Gameplay Analysis

"The weakest of the Wraith, they have no cloaking ability. However, their parents seem to be rather protective, so you would be ill-advised to attack one if it seems like no other ships are in the system." ― EVula Survival Guide

Unfortunately, the inquisitiveness of Wraith children indirectly sparked the fighting between the Wraith and Polaris when a gaggle of Wraith investigated a Polaran scout. The scout misinterpreted their curiosity as hostile behavior and opened fire, slaughtering them. Since then, the two races have attacked each other on sight. However, if you are not flying a Polaran ship they will usually not attack unless provoked.

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